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Asda Tomato Ketchup

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2 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 11:36
      Very helpful



      Nice change from the norm

      Much to my mam's annoyance my saving money quest stumbles on, so on my weekly shop I had my eyes out for more bargains and compromises and it was when I spotted this bottle of tomato ketchup at 62p for 340g I instantly grabbed it from the shelf and popped it in the trolley to which my mam was not a happy bunny insisting on a bottle of heinz ketchup instead.
      After a near bust up in the sauce aisle I finally got my way to at least give it a try on the understanding that if we didn't like it we go back to heinz and never try it ever again, seemed like a fair deal.

      The Packaging~~~~~~
      The bottle I purchased is very different from the one pictured above. It comes in a thick glass bottle with a rather thick neck and a white screw lid that was quite easy to remove. The label on the front was a deep red that to me was quite eye catching and warm above in a black strip the asda logo with the chosen by you and underneath it simply reads tomato ketchup complete with a rather lonely looking shiny tomato below that. The label gives it a more expensive look than it actually is and I didn't feel embarrassed picking it up and putting it in my trolley.

      The Taste Test~~~~~~
      Now what better way to test out tomato ketchup than with a couple of giant hot dogs complete with onions. Opening the bottle after giving it a good shake I noticed the smell was very tangy and strong but not overpowering but when I poured it out it was very runny and I almost drown my hot dogs in the sauce although it did have a nice consistency to it when it was out of the bottle.
      The actual taste was again tangy but sweet and it was quite nice, no heinz but tasty none the less and it didn't make me screw my face up in disgust, I have to say as well even my mam enjoyed it after the initial turn of her nose she relented.
      Also as a plus side there was no stray sauce down the side of the bottle that normally solidifies and goes yuck and the lid was easily put back on with no stickiness, on a plus side I've used half a bottle already and I only bought it on friday. I cannot really find a bad word to say about it and I don't see any downsides to the product apart from it's a bit runny.

      The Final Word~~~~~~
      Like I said it's no heinz but it's a good alternative when the need is there, I would definately recommend it as a bit of a change and I'm going to be buying another bottle when this one runs out, it also goes great with vegetarian chicken nuggets.

      Please note*
      Contains Milk, but suitable for vegetarians.


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      06.08.2009 23:59
      Very helpful



      Not great but it does offer good value for your pennies!

      For as far back as my memory will allow me to go we've always had Heinz tomato ketchup in my home. My Mother has never bought anything any different part from a Branston one and we were so not keen on it we went back to Heinz quick smart! I thought with that a lesson had been learnt...but no last week this turned up in our cupboard and I was gutted!

      The Packaging:

      340g see-through glass jar with a twist on/off lid off cap to the top of it and a green striped label round it's middle. On the front of that label I'm told it's Asda Tomato Ketchup, the size is stated (as I've listed already), I'm told it is free from artificial colours and flavours and that it is suitable for Vegetarians. Other information on the label (round the sides and towards the back), ingredients and allergy advice is given along with nutritional advice and storage instructions, contact details for Asda are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. It's an ok and functional bottle but does have an air of cheap about it.

      The Ketchup:

      Dark red and when you open it it smells very heavily of sweet tomatoes and vinegar. To me it's smells a bit too rich to be honest and it tastes that way too which I'll come on to in a moment if I may!

      Consistency wise it's not bad at all to be fair to it. It runs easily out of the bottle but does have a good thickness to it. Though the taste for me is a bit too vinegary and sweet and just simply not to my taste at all. I personally can tell it's a cheap option and it's a bit 'blobby' and gunky for me. It's ok and it isn't vile or anything but it really is an economy option in the taste stakes!

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains milk.
      May contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.

      Nutritional Information Per 15g/Tablespoon:

      Energy: 15 Kcal
      Protein: 0.2g
      Carbohydrate: 3.5g
      of which sugars: 2.9g
      Fat: Trace
      of which saturates: Trace
      Fibre: 02g
      Sodium: 0.06g
      equivalent as salt: 0.2g

      Only available in Asda Stores priced 57p a bottle and it's also available in a squeezy tube priced 82p a bottle.


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