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Askeys Treat! Milk Chocolate Sauce

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Brand: Askeys / Type: Sauces

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    14 Reviews
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      25.06.2011 18:57
      Very helpful



      Makes any desert really tasty.

      Askeys Treat.

      Milk Chocolate flavour desert sauce.

      R.R..P £1.69p. currently available in Icelands store for a mere £1.00.

      omes in a Blue hard plastic bottle with a pull open push shut clip down lid. Underneath is a nozzle so that you can squirt the chocolate flavoured sauce out straight onto ice-cream.

      This Sauce is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.

      Showing a splodge of chocolate sauce on the front of the bottle, and a little yellow star with a smile on its face.

      It tells you on the back of the bottle that you can magically transform all your favourite deserts into even tastier treats just with a simple squirt of this chocolate sauce.

      They also do sell a crackin topping which sets to a chunky chocolate right before your eyes. We prefer this sauce because it runs down the sides of any ice-cream cornet. It is great to have in a banna sundae, simply cut a banna in half and put into a bowl, add a few spoonfulls of fruit cocktail in the middle, then a few scoops of soft ice-cream, we prefer dairy ice cream as the taste is lovely, then cover with this Treat Sauce , they come in a few different flavours, such as raspberry, strawberry, and the chocolate sauce which is our preferred favourite.

      Store in a cool dry place, do not refridgerate for obvious reasons.

      Ingredients :

      Invert sugar.
      Syrup, Milk.
      Chocolate crumb.
      Cocoa Mass. Hydrogenated oil.
      Dried Glucose.
      and Cocoa Powder.

      Nutrition Information:
      Energy:per 100 grams : 1567kj 377kcals.
      Protein: : 0.9grams.
      Carbohydrates : 65grams.
      Fat : 12g.
      As recommended by nutrition professionals for average adults at a healthy weight.

      The bottle contains 325grams, and a little goes a long long way, this bottle seems to last for ages.

      I really like the taste of this sauce, and it makes any desert have that extra something. I buy cornet cones, and scoop icecream onto them add a squirt of this sauce and then a sprinkle of 100 and 1000s, and a few chopped nuts to make an indoor version of the ice creams that you buy from the ice-cream man that comes around in his van, and I save a fraction of the cost at the same time.

      We like the taste of this chocolate sauce and my grandchildren are great fans too.

      Lasts for ages, and stores well.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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      10.05.2010 13:56
      Very helpful



      Not for real chocoholics like myself!!

      Askey yourself; what's missing from my ice cream?

      ...And the answer is, Askey's Treat! Milk chocolate flavour desert sauce.

      ***Background info***

      Askey's is a brand that was acquired by The Silver Spoon Company in 2004 (they're the sugar people). Although, they have been in the ice cream market since 1910, so they know exactly what they are doing! The company have a wide variety of sauces, cones and wafers. Basically, anything that goes with ice cream. SPRINKLES. mmm.

      ***What is it?***

      Treat! is a dessert sauce. It comes in five different flavours
      - Dark chocolate
      - Milk chocolate
      - Strawberry
      - Raspberry
      - Toffee

      I opted for the milk chocolate- you can never really go wrong with that, although I'd love to know what people think of the other flavours.

      The sauce itself comes in a bottle which kind of resembles an hour glass figure. Something I am sure I won't be having after consuming vast amounts of ice cream! It is 325g so lasts quite a while. I've had mine in the cupboard for a few months.

      ***What should I do with it?***

      Just squirt a little onto your favourite desserts and puddings. Personally, I choose to put it on ice cream or pancakes. You could put it on fruit, rice pudding, chocolate cake. The idea is to be really creative and try things out. I suggest not over-doing it though as the taste is quite sickly after a while.

      One downside is that it's not like eating chocolate sauce that you get in restaurants. It's more like a sweet than actual chocolate. You know, things that are chocolate flavour are never as good as actual melted chocolate goodness.


      It's chocolate- it's not going to be healthy. In fact, it's the opposite. If you want a healthier option then pop some frozen berries on your ice cream.


      For me, this is an occassional Treat! when I'm feeling the need to eat loads of sugary goodness! But honestly, I'd probably prefer to have something healthier like frozen fruit or honey on my ice cream and pancakes.


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      05.05.2010 22:40
      Very helpful



      A good dessert accompaniment.

      Askeys Treat! Milk Chocolate Sauce is a milk chocolate flavoured dessert sauce. It is made by the Silver Spoon company and is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.

      I recently had this sauce at my brothers house on top of a chocolate ice cream cone. It is advertised as 'magically transforming' all desserts including, ice cream, pancakes, rice pudding and fruit but I have only ever liked this on ice cream as I believe that it does not taste very nice on the above mentioned puddings as it tends to go extremely runny on hot foods and I do not understand why fruit would require a chocolate flavouring.

      The bottle is shaped with two curves, one on either side to ensure that it is easy to grip with the hand. This, in turn, makes it relatively simple to squeeze. When purchased, you must unscrew the cap and peel off the protective seal before it can be used. I found it extremely difficult to open the cap for the first time and had to ask someone else to do it for me, however, now that it has been opened before, it is easy to open.

      Unlike many squeezey bottled foods, Askeys Treat! is simple to pour over your dessert. When being served one does not have to squeeze hard only to have too much splurge out everywhere. It is definitely simpler to use if you are eating from a bowl as opposed to a cone as it does tend to drip at quite a speed.

      Now to the taste. Askey's Treat! has a good consistency once in the mouth. It tastes more sugary sweet than it does chocolatey but obviously still has a chocolate flavour. I like this but could not eat too much as it would make me feel quite sick meaning that it is good as a small topping on the dessert.

      Nutritional Information: (Per 100g) Served in a 325g container.
      Energy - 1580kj
      Protein - 1.1g
      Carbohydrates - 66.8g
      Fat - 11.5g

      Overall a good dessert accompaniment and, as correctly distinguished, a treat.


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        16.03.2010 17:11
        Very helpful



        Chocolate Sauce!

        What is it about choclate sauce that I find unbelieveably irrisistable. I wonder if its the fact that its chocolate that you dont have to chew or just a nice and simple to use ingredient to use to give your desserts that extra special taste.

        This Askeys Treat Milk Chocolate Sauce isnt just plain chocolate sauce, but milk chocolate, which makes it even better. Each 325g bottle costs between 80p - £1.50, depending on where you shop and what offers are on... and whatsmore it lasts forever.

        However, as the lid of this sauce is on the top when you are near the end of the bottle, it makes it a little hard to get the product out especially with it being a sticky product.

        The sauce is quite thick but comes out nicely during at least the first half of the bottle. The lid really should have been at the bottom of this product to make it easier getting it out near the end, but then again it means you have to work for this sauce.

        This milk chocolate sauce has a really nice taste to it and as it is milk chocolate it gives a really nice sweet taste rather than a slightly dark taste that some sauces can give. I find that this sauce goes with alot of different foods... somethings I find enhanced with this particular sauce are: pancakes, ice creams, waffles and a whole choice of other sweet foods.

        I love using this sauce and the nutritional values arent actually so bad considering it is a chocolate sauce!

        Per 100g/ml
        Energy 375.1kcal
        Protein 1.1g
        Carbohydrate 66.8g
        Fat 11.5g

        Overall this is a really good chocolate sauce to add that extra sweet touch to it. With this being milk chocolate too, I find that it tastes alot better than other chocolate sauces I have tried and also goes better with more foods.

        Other flavours in Askeys Treat include: Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry and Toffee. I am looking forward to trying the toffee flavour after enjoying this one so much! Yum!


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        08.02.2010 22:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Wicked Chocolate Sauce That Goes Nice With Everything You Put It On!

        It's pancake day coming up and one thing I'll deffo make sure we've got is a bottle of this Askeys Milk Chocolate Treat Sauce because it goes proper nice with everything you put it on.

        The taste is rich and strong, it's majorly chocolatey with a mega rich flavour that I can't get enough of. It's not sickly at all and the milk chocolate taste is wickedly fresh. I wouldn't say it's a creamy chocolate sauce but it's not a sticky one like you get off the ice cream man and has got a proper chocolate flavour instead of just a sugary fake chocolate taste.

        It goes wicked with ice cream and gives vanilla ice cream a delish flavour, the sauce sinks into the ice cream a bit and gives it a completely different taste. I love that it's got a bit of a dark chocolate flavour, even though it's deffo milk chocolate the taste is strong like dark and that makes it loads yummier.

        The only problem I've got is that the sauce is a bit hard to get out of the bottle sometimes. You can squeeze and squeeze and even though you know there is shedloads of the sauce left in the bottle hardly any will come out and you've got to give the bottle a mad shake to get a bit out. You can't even stand it upside down in the fridge because the bottle is dead wide and it won't stand up properly without falling over.

        Over all though this sauce makes anything you put it on taste wicked. I've had it on cakes, ice cream and my little sister even makes sandwiches out of it even though it doesn't spread very good and puts loads of holes in the bread.

        If you're having it with pancakes you'll be majorly surprised because pancakes are savoury but just a flick of this chocolate sauce will give them a wickedly sweet taste that is loads better than having boring sugar and lemon on them.

        Recommended by this major chocolate lover!!!


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          06.02.2010 20:50
          Very helpful



          See My Review Please

          Askeys Treat! Milk Chocolate Sauce:

          I have been buying this for years now and to be honest I think it deserves to have a review written on it because it is a brilliant product. I tend to have this every so often because it lasts for ages and I also like to eat healthily and in proportion too. There are many different flavours of this which include strawberry and toffee which are lovely too. I do think this has disadvantages as well as advantage because I am yet to meet a perfect product which is slightly disappointing.

          This milk chocolate sauce comes in a plastic 35g bottle with a plastic cap at the top to make it more effecient and easy to use. The bottle is identical to the one in the above picture and I reckon if you only use this once every so often it can last almost a year and it does have a very long sell by date. Some people like to keep this in the fridge so it is nice and cold and others like to keep this at room temperature. There is a lot of information located on the bottle which is very useful and this is very popular.

          Per 100g there is:

          375.1g energy
          1.1g protein
          66.8g carbohydrates
          11.5g fat

          The advantages of this sauce:

          *Very chocolatey and yummy
          *Not too bad calorie wise
          *Free from artificial colours
          *Free from preservatives
          *Tastes great on ice cream, strawberries and grapes!

          The only disadvantage with this is that it can leak and in the fridge it is very hard to get off when it dries and it can become a pain. This is a very nice sauce though and I would recommend this to many other DooYoo'ers!

          Good product which one little downfall.

          Thanks for reading.



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            13.01.2010 13:22
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            The best chocolate sauce there is

            Ever since I was a child, I have used chocolate sauce as a garnish to ice cream, to liven up the taste a bit, even when I'm eating chocolate ice cream itself! It is very addictive, and given the squeezy bottle it comes in, quite fun for kids to play with, too, although you might want to supervise your kids as I would often pour WAY too much into my bowl!

            Treat is maybe the best-known brand of chocolate sauce, and it's the one that I always buy. It comes in a 325g bottle, so you do get quite a lot of chocolate, and even for someone who eats a lot of ice cream like I do, a bottle lasts me 1-2 months easily.

            None of us expect chocolate sauce to be healthy or aiming to be good for you, but I was actually quite surprised when looking at the nutritional information for this sauce. Not only is it free from preservatives and additives, but there's "only" 33g of fat in the entire bottle which, given that it'll take you ages to use, really isn't that bad given how much sauce there actually is in the bottle. From tasting it, you'd probably expect double, or maybe triple that amount of fat!

            What I love to do is get a few scoops of ice cream in my bowl, and allow it to melt a little for maybe two or three minutes. Then I grab the sauce (which has been left upside down for a few minutes by now) and pour a nice load of it all over the ice cream. Then I begin stirring it all together to form a chocolatey paste. My girlfriend hates it when I do this though, and assures me that I'm disgusting!


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              10.12.2009 20:09
              Very helpful



              A Treat you will want every day

              Askeys Treat
              Treat Yourself

              Along comes the summer and what do we all do? Don on our sunglasses, take a dip in the pool and of course, help yourself to large lumps of lovely icecream. Though if you are like me then you will feel that firstly - ice cream is good throughout the year, not just the summer, and secondly - icecream is incomplete without some lovely sticky sauce spread all over it.

              TREAT YOURSELF

              Treat flavoured dessert sauce is by Askeys though actually reins from the company of 'Silver Soon', why it has decided on a name change I do not know, though perhaps knowing this you may be happier buying the product. The were founded in London in 1910 and before they were owned by Silver Spoon, they were actually owned by Kelloggs! A little piece of random information for you there!


              The sauce comes in a hands 'hour glass' shaped squeeze bottle to enable you to hopefully get the last of the sauce out at the end (though the sauce is so thick that it is difficult to get a large lot of the sauce at the end without scraping the inside with a thin spoon). It stands around 8" tall with a flip up plastic lid which even with the sauce running through it, it never gets stuck so is easy for both adults and children alike to get to a helping of this lovely sauce. The only bad thing about the packaging is where the lid does flip up, there is a very thin piece of plastic holding the lid together and would be easy to snap off - and then off course you will need to eat all the sauce very soon as without a lid it will start to go funny - not that I would complain!

              The packaging decoration is quite eye catching with a blue background and brown lid and sauce effect on the front with very playful writing in white and brown. It stood out from the other sauces on the shelf when I was looking.

              On the back you will find the ingredients and nutritional information printed very clearly. This is as follows;

              Ingredients: Invert sugar syrup, milk chocolate crumb [milk, sugar, cocoa mass], hydrogenated vegetable oil, dried glucose syrup, fat reduced cocoa powder. CONTAINS MILK.
              Nutritional information, per 100g;
              Energy 1580kj/375.1kcal
              Protein 1.1g
              Carbohydrate 66.8g
              Fat 11.5g

              TASTE TEST

              Of course, the packaging isn't really what you have brought this item for at all so let me introduce you to its wonderful taste.

              Just to mention before hand, this sauce is not only designed to go on top of icecream, though on other deserts also, such as pancakes. I have personally never tried it on pancakes as I am more of a syrup and sugar pancake topping person, though the taste alone is still the same.
              I will also admit that I am a bit of a chocoholic so of course, I have to have my chocolate sauce with chocolate icecream, though have also had it with vanilla. Once the icecream is smiling at me from inside my deep bowl, I squeeze the sauce over it. You do need a firm squeeze to get a large amount out as it only trickles out otherwise. The colour was hardly recognizable on the chocolate icecream I had as it is exactly the colour of a milk chocolate bar and the texture is very thick - possibly not one for people who find thick chocolate sickly!

              Some sauces do not taste how they are supposed to at all, though I can guarantee that you wont be disappointed with this one as it tastes exactly like smooth and sweet milk chocolate, though it can be a little rich to some people - my husband isn't a great fan of chocolate (he is an unusual person!) and found it a little sickly (all the more for me!). The aftertaste to it is also really lovely and lingers on the tongue for quite a while after the icecream has all gone and I must say - the milky-ness of it is beautifully more-ish (so stay away from dentists after this!). It literally melts in your mouth!

              This sauce is abosolute heaven to taste and even with chocolate icecream it doesn't cause sickliness (at least not to me), though be careful - it isn't ideal for the waistline (see above)


              For something so delicious I would have expected a higher price, though I picked this one up at Tescos for a mere 98p! For that price I stock up, and not just with the chocolate flavour. Treat also comes in Toffee and Strawberry so you have a whole feast of treats.

              This is readily available in most supermarkets all for around the same price (give or take a few pence) so the price is definitely right!

              FINAL WORD

              This sauce is a real treat both with price and taste. The sauce is smooth though with plenty of life to jazz up that desert and the bottle lasts quite a while unless you plan on pouring streams into your bowl. It is also a very versatile sauce and can be used on most deserts from iccecream to pancakes and more and even in the homemade milkshakes if you feel like it!

              So would I recommend this? Certainly! At this price, you simply cant go wrong.

              OTHER INFO
              Made by The Silver Spoon Company
              Oundle Road
              PE2 9QU


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                19.10.2009 11:52
                Very helpful



                Liven up your plain old vanilla ice-cream a chocolatey kick

                I started buying sauce to liven up desserts last year as I'm not a huge fan of plain vanilla ice-cream. Instead of buying fancy ice-creams that can be quite costly, I buy Walls Light Soft Scoop, which is very yummy, and liven it up with some grated chocolate or Askeys sauce.

                Askeys, dating back to 1910, is part of the Silver Spoon Company. It's a brand I trust to deliver good quality products, and they're very popular for both home and business/professional dessert products.

                The Askeys range includes: Crackin' sauces, which I haven't tried but sound very nice, as they go on your dessert like sauce but then harden. Cornet and wafers, the ice-cream classics, and their Treat Sauces.

                The Treat sauces are available in 5 flavours: Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, Toffee and Milk Chocolate. This review is for the latter, as I have a sweet tooth and so something chocolately always puts a smile on my face.

                Milk chocolate Treat sauce is sold in a 325g plastic bottle with a lift lid (which stays on when you lift it) and costs around 91p (Tesco & Asda). It can be usually found in the grocery section of most supermarkets and many convenience stores amongst other desert items, such as wafers, jellies etc. As it's a popular brand, they're quite easy to come across, especially the chocolate flavour.

                The sauce contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, which is always good to know. Per 100g, this contains 375.1 calories and 11.g fat, which is quite high, but it most people will probably just want a drizzle over their ice-cream. I, on the other hand, like quite a lot to liven up what I otherwise find to be quite boring vanilla ice-cream.

                The product is easy to use. The first time you use it, you'll need to unscrew the cap and remove the silver foil before screwing the cap back on. Then, turn it upside down and squeeze out your desired amount of your dessert. You needn't squeeze too hard when the bottle is full as it comes out smooth and thick, giving a good covering.

                The taste is lovely; a rich, sweet chocolate taste that is of good quality rather than bitter or tacky (unlike the choccies you get in some xmas calendars). The chocolate flavour is lovely, and the consistency is just right; very thick and smooth without being gloopy or too heavy.

                It's a great product to keep in your cupboard for whenever you fancy it. It should be kept in a cool place, but should not be refrigerated.

                It's easy to squeeze out, tastes delicious and has a lovely, thick and smooth consistency. At under £1 a bottle, this is a fab way to liven up your dessert at a good price. Definitely recommended :o)


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                  17.10.2009 09:59
                  Very helpful



                  Dessert topping or sex aid, whichever sounds more fun to you

                  Ice cream is one of those essential food groups, a dessert treat we just can't do without. It comes in every flavour imaginable, from Ben & Jerrie's Cookie Dough, to Heston Blumenthal's Bacon and Eggs. And yet still we suffer from the terrible compulsion to smother our frozen dessert in sauce.

                  Truly this sauce must be a thing of awesomeness, in order to pair it with our beloved ice cream. So, a hushed breath of quiet awe please for...

                  Askeys 'Treat' Milk Chocolate Flavour Dessert Sauce!!!
                  Straight away, you can tell this product is sexy. The bottle's got the hourglass figure of a 50's pin-up, and if the blue packaging with brown chocolate swirls looks a bit drab and 80's, that's OK, because Askeys is owned by Silver Spoon, who aren't exactly noted for sexy products and at least they're trying...

                  A standard bottle of this stuff is a staggeringly arbitrary 325g, and you'll pay around a quid for it, depending where you shop. On my current rate of consumption, I reckon my bottle will last about a month, so that's pretty good value really.

                  Treat Taste Test!
                  I have some ice cream somewhere in the freezer, but let's be as objective as possible, and squirt some on my finger first of all...


                  OK, so my hand looks like I've run out of toilet paper. Anything else?

                  The sauce pours out of the bottle at a controllable rate with fairly light pressure, it's not a fight to get the product out, but neither was I suddenly buried beneath a splurge of chocolate sauce. It's pleasingly viscous and pretty much stays where you pour it, which is definitely an advantage for any product which is probably going to be applied by small children at some stage. It's brown, proper chocolatey brown, and smells exactly like milk chocolate. All very good and encouraging so far, I think you'll agree.

                  Tasting it, I was a bit taken aback, it's velvety and chocolatey and all the rest of it, tasting like pretty high quality milk chocolate, melted Dairy Milk would be my closest analogy. But it's so much more intense, like chocolate concentrate, and very sweet. A real taste sensation, but perhaps one best enjoyed as an accompaniment rather than on its own. Which is, I grumpily concede, the whole point of it.

                  Poured over some ice cream, the milk chocolate sauce continues to do admirable service. I paired it with mint choc chip ice-cream and it seemed to be a bit of a winning combination. It's worth mentioning at this point that Askeys do a range of flavours of this stuff, including a Dark Chocolate one which I infinitely prefer. I prefer dark chcoolate in general. So I hope you appreciate me suffering for your consumer education here.
                  Like a good wine, pairing an ice cream sauce with ice cream enables the two flavours to complement and enhance each other. The chocolate becomes even more velvety smooth next to the cold ice crystals, while the perky mint flavour is racketed up a notch in contrast to the rich chocolate tones. I am in raptures, there is a party in my mouth and almost everyone is invited. Unless they're diabetic...


                  Ah yes, because, you see, this stuff is a very sugary treat indeed. The ingredients are as follows:

                  Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Chocolate Crumb (Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Mass), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder.

                  So, with three ingredients being composed mostly of sugar, this isn't ever going to be a healthy treat. And I'm not sure what Milk Chocolate Crumb is either, but it sounds awkwardly like something they've swept up from the floor of the Cadbury's factory. Ah well. As well as a risky product for diabetics, it's also not safe for the lactose-intolerant, but is free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. So that's nice.

                  Uses for Treat!
                  So you've bought some chocolate sauce... but what do you do with it now? Well, here's a few ideas...

                  * In chilli con carne. I use quite a bit of chocolate in cooking, especially Mexican dishes, chilli con carne being the most obvious, although I also have a dish using turkey fillets which benefits from a few squares of Green & Blacks. Experimentation on this week's batch of chilli con carne (I cook this a lot) showed that not only did Treat! do the job, but it did so without the hassle of having to melt the chocolate first. Gosh, I sound lazy now.

                  * In the bedroom. A thick chocolate sauce in a convenient squeezy bottle? Now, is there anyone over the age of 18 who didn't immediately think that this might have a few more interesting applications than mere dessert decoration? Suffice it to say that even I didn't mind the milk chocolate flavour when the sauce was decorating interesting parts of my lover. Enjoy this tip and use it well... but don't blame me if you run out of clean sheets!

                  * On toast. I tried squirting a few thin lines of the stuff over the piece of toast I'd already spread with Nutella and the result was... interesting. Not an experience I'm sure I'd repeat, but variety is indeed the spice of life...

                  * In cupcakes. A bit of a messy one this, but I piped a few squirts of sauce into one cupcake of a batch I'd baked. It made an awful mess when I ate the cake, but it did also taste like pure sin. Have a napkin handy.

                  And if all else fails you can squirt a dollop of it on top of a few scoops of ice-cream.

                  We want to get on with our lives now!
                  Oh, OK. Treat! costs from 90p to £1 in most supermarkets and makes ice-cream taste nice. I prefer the dark chocolate flavour myself, but that is just a personal preference and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this stuff again if they were out of my favourite. Enjoy.


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                    14.10.2009 18:53
                    Very helpful



                    A delicious chocolate sauce


                    Do you remember being a child and going to visit your grandma who would always have a lovely tub of Cornish vanilla ice-cream waiting for your arrival in her freezer? That is one of my memories of spending time with my Nan, she and I shared a love of Ice-cream, any flavour, any make and at any time of the year, not just at summer time. Not only that but she would also have a stock of hundreds and thousands and an array of sauces to accompany my favourite treat. Even now when I am not feeling too good, have had an off day or am slightly upset and run down, I go home, look in the freezer and always find a tub of ice-cream, usually vanilla admittedly to cheer me up and reminisce and I always keep a selection of sauces available in the cupboard.

                    Who are Askeys?

                    Askeys was a company who were created by Laurens Tedeschi who established a small business in Kensal Road, London back in 1910. A brief look into the companys history has told me that it was infact Tedeschi who introduced the the ice cream cornet to this country, which until I began to write this review I was not aware of.

                    My favourite brand of sauce is 'Askeys' is made by Silver Spoon, a company which a few people might be familar with because they now own Crusha Milkshakes amongst their range alongside Askeys, but rather than chage the Askeys name to one of their own, they left it as it was.

                    The Askeys Range

                    The Treat range is available in five different flavours Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry and Toffee - I like them all but milk chocolate happens to be my favourite. When you first come to use the bottle of Chocolate sauce, the first thing you need to do is remove the foil which is underneath the cap, otherwise you will be squeezing away and nothing will come out, once you have removed it, then slightly squeeze the bottle and within a few seconds you will have covered your ice-cream in the chocolate sauce. The colour of the sauce is just as you imagine it to be, that of a milk chocolate bar such as a galaxy or Wispa but texture wise it is quite thick, on the plus side for me this is a good point because I am forever tipping bowls over, so by the time I have realised what I have done, the sauce hasn't yet gathered up enough pace to slip out of the bowl onto my lovely clean floor.

                    The Design

                    The plastic bottle which I think most people of my generation would recognise 'hour glass' shaped which allows you to grab it round its waist and hold it securely. The bottle itself is blue in colour and on the plastic covered wrapping is the Askeys logo and a brown covering which denotes this particular flavour is chocolate and below the word 'treat' are the words 'creates a little magic'! which naturally you do when you slightly squeeze the bottle and squirt the chocolate sauce over your ice-cream.

                    Askeys as a brand sell other products with their range such as the occasion range which sells items like Brandy Snaps, The Family range which sells the ice-cream cones and wafer's for your ice cream and finally my second favourite Crackin range which is similar to the Treat range in that it is a sauce for your ice cream, but this one sets hard on top of your ice cream as soon as it touches it, which to me is just brilliant.

                    The Taste, Texture and other chocolatey goodness

                    When it comes to the taste, if you have a sweet tooth then you can compare it to heaven because my other half thinks it is too sweet, I think it is perfect and it satisfies my need for sugar and it is definitely a chocolatey flavour, if you love chocolate then you wont be disappointed especially because it contains Cocoa, so it really is a sauce made of real chocolate and not something resembling chocolate (beware of imitations) and it has no added preservative or artificial sweeteners, so the love taste and sensation you are feeling within your mouth making it water is pure chocolate goodness. The aftertaste is also really nice, it isn't at all bitter or too sickly, it tastes as if you have just finished a bar of your favourite chocolate.

                    The downside

                    However and here is the downside, as much as I love it, I couldn't eat it everyday because I would become the size of a house. The nutritional information which can be found in smallish print on the back of the bottle states that it contains 375 calories, 11.5g of fat, 66.8g of Carbohydrates and only 1.1g of Protein. So the name 'Treat' is quite an apt name for this sauce because that is all it ever has to be for me - a Treat! The label to my knowledge doesn't state whether or not it is suitable for any Vegetarians and nor is there an indication of whether or not it contains nuts so you would need to check if you have an allergy.

                    Finally in my opinion

                    Now obviously you don't just have to use this sauce on ice cream, it is just my preferred choice of usage, I am told by others that you can use it on your rice pudding, but I prefer honey, you can have it on pancakes, but I prefer Nutella and I am sure there are other little uses for it if you think long and hard about it. For me it will only ever be used a treat on ice cream.

                    The sauce is easily available from most supermarkets and in my local Tesco it can be found amongst all of the home cooking section where you are likely to find your cake mixes and flour. It does retail at around 91p but there is currently an offer on buying two for £1.50 which is an absolute bargain and you should take advantage of the offer and from your bottle you can expect, depending on how often you use it and how much sauce you use, to get at least 10 servings from it.

                    So all I can advise you all to do is to go out and buy some and try it if you have never in your life tasted it.


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                      14.10.2009 15:02
                      Very helpful



                      Go on ... TREAT yourself !!!

                      ~~~INTRODUCTION ~~~

                      A few nights ago I put my son to bed and was in the process of tidying the living room (which looked distubingly like a war zone) when I heard a familiar jingly sound which had me frantically scrabbling around for any loose change I could find. It was, of course, the Ice Cream Van and despite the fact that we had a couple of tubs of luxury ice cream in the freezer nothing (in my opinion) can beat a cone full of soft and whippy ice cream. With several coins successfully located I headed outside ...

                      Now, it may not have been the end to a long, hot summer's day but the ice cream van already had a queue of eager customers. As i took my place in the line I noticed an old man walking past nibbling on a 99 ... my mouth was aleady watering. To my horror, however, I realised that I was behind a group of youths who were in the process of buying sweets. It was a long, drawn out process too. A process that seemed to involve a number of complex financial decisions and far too many "f " words. It was also accompanied by a cocophony of Timbaland, Tinchy Stryder and classic happy hardcore tunes courtesy of their mobile phones. Eventually, however, the youths had stocked up on what looked to me like a lifetimes supply of E numbers and went their "merry" way ,(I wondered cynically if they were off to purchase fireworks ... jeez, I'm turning into my dad). Anyway, it was finally my turn !!!

                      Ice Cream Man: Hello, what can I get you ?
                      Gray: Could I have two large cones of whippy ice cream please ?
                      Ice Cream Man: Would you like a flake ?
                      Gray: No thanks, just the ice cream please.
                      Ice Cream Man: Nuts ?
                      Gray: No thanks ...
                      Ice Cream Man: Sprinkles ?
                      Gray: No ...
                      Ice Cream Man: Sauce ?
                      Gray: Just the ice cream would be fine.
                      Ice Cream Man: You sure ?
                      Gray: Yes
                      Ice Cream Man: Okay then, that'll be £1.50 please.
                      Gray: There you go ...
                      Ice Cream Man: Thank you
                      Gray: Thanks
                      Ice Cream Man: Take care now
                      Gray: Thanks ... you too !

                      Crikey he was a pushy salesman wasn't he ? However, despite the fact that the ice cream he sold was absolutely delicious his tempting offers of various types of toppings simply couldn't compete with what I had waiting for me when I got back to my house ... and that hidden away inside my cupboard were four bottles of Askeys Treat Dessert Sauce !!!

                      ~~~ DECISIONS, DECISIONS ... ~~~

                      Usually 325g bottles of Askeys Dessert Sauce sell for just under a pound but I had bought four bottles of Askeys Dessert Sauce back in August when they were being sold at £1.50 for two in Asda. With my ice cream cone in hand I opened the cupboard to reveal four tempting flavours which were Strawberry, Raspberry, Toffee and Milk Chocolate (there is also a Dark Chocolate one which is nice but they'd sold out when we bought these ones). Anyway, must push on because my ice cream's melting ...

                      My other half went for the Toffee flavour whilst I weighed up my options. To be honest, I actually like them all but by a slight margin I prefer the Milk Chocolate flavour ... so, with my decision made, I flipped the cap and poured a very generous amount over my ice cream !


                      From the moment you open the top of the bottle you can actually smell just how wonderful this dessert sauce actually is. In my opinion, there are just too many "chocolate based" products on the market that simply fail to deliver because they have a fake manufactured chocolate smell ... not the case with Askeys though, as it smells intensely rich and chocolatey.

                      Another sure sign of quality comes from its appearance. This dessert sauce actually looks like real melted chocolate. It's deep brown in colour with a lovely velvety texture and (in my opinion) it has been made to just the right consistency as it is neither too thick nor too watery (there's nothing worse than a sauce that runs off your ice cream, down the cone and on to your arm). This sauce has a delightfully sticky texture that creates a stunningly decadent looking topping.

                      So far so good ... but the "proof is in the pudding" and once again Askeys have got the recipe for this sauce spot on. It's a sauce that anyone who is a "sweet tooth" will adore as it does taste very sweet. However, it isn't too sweet that it becomes sickly sweet as it does have a slightly bitter chocolatey undertone which you can taste when you eat it.

                      It comes in a handy 325g bottle that makes using this dessert sauce a doddle. It does say on the packaging of the bottle that I used that "this handy sqeezable bottle is ideal for little fingers" ... but be warned folks this is sticky stuff. If you want less mess then maybe give your kids a bag of flour and a hosepipe !!!

                      With vanilla ice cream this milk chocolate sauce creates a winning combination. But why stop there ? This is, after all, a dessert sauce and has so many other fantastic uses. I have been using this product for a couple of years now and it is a great item to have in your cupboard as it can either be used as an ingredient in a number of recipes or as a quick an easy topping which can enhance a number of desserts ...

                      * WONDERFUL ON WAFFLES: Like the humble whippy ice cream this is another sea side classic and there's nothing better than a freshly warm waffle with a dollop of fresh cream and a drizzle of Askeys Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce.

                      * GET CREATIVE WITH CREPES: If lemon and sugar doesn't float your boat then Askeys Dessert Sauce is a brilliant alternative for crepes and pancakes. In it's handy squeezable bottle it's easy enough to get out of the cupboard and create delicious dishes.

                      * PERFECT FOR PROFITEROLES: This is an ideal product to pour over a mountain of profiteroles. It's sticky and velvety texture not only tates great but looks stunning. I recently bought a pack of frozen profiteroles and the sauce that came with them was horrible and runny ... it was quickly replaced by a generous squirt of Askeys !!!

                      * BRILLIANT FOR BANANA SPLITS: There's something about the combination of bananas, ice cream and chocolate that just works. Askeys is great for adding to any icecream sundaes but the banana split tastes particularly nice !

                      FABULOUS FOR A FAST FONDUE: The seventies classic seems to have made a return to the high street and you can't go anywhere these days without seeing someone tucking into to fresh strawberries and marhmallows coated in chocolate sauce. Askeys is an excellent sauce which can be heated up in seconds and served in a bowl with a variety of favourite treats for dipping.

                      MAYBE MAKE A MOREISH MILKSHAKE: I have tried this sauce as a n ingredient when making my own milkshakes ... it blends exceptionally well and creates a attractively coloured drink which tastes gorgeous.

                      Of course, that was just a few ideas and am sure there are hundreds more. Why not buy a bottle yourself and try some with your own favourite desserts ?


                      *** The ingredients for Askeys Treat Milk Chocolate Flavour Dessert Sauce are as follows; Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Chocolate Crumb (Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Mass), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup and Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder.

                      *** The nutritional data (per 100g) is as follows;
                      > Calories- 375.1kcal
                      > Protein: 1.1g
                      > Carbohydrates: 66.8g
                      > Fat: 11.5g

                      *** The good news is that this product is free from artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial preservatives.

                      ~~~ THE COMPLETE ASKEYS RANGE ~~~==

                      In addition to the range of TREATS dessert sauces (Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Rspberry and Toffee) Askeys also produce a number of other similarly high quality products ...

                      * THE CRACKIN' ! RANGE: These unique sauces have been around for years. They're the ones that when poured over ice cream create a hard and crispy shell that can be cracked open. They are currently sold in two flavours Chocolate Chunk and Crackin' Caramel.

                      * THE FAMILY RANGE: This is probably the range that Askeys are best known for ... a selection of high quality traditional style cones, wafers and sprinkles that come fiol wrapped and can be enjoyed with any ice cream.

                      * THE OCCASIONS RANGE: This is Askeys premiere range that has been designed to provide luxury products so that anyone can create great looking desserts at home. The range includes brandy snap baskets, luxury fans and chocolate filled cafe curls.

                      ~~~ ASKEYS AND SILVER SPOON ... A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN ? ~~~

                      Askeys was a company created in 1910 when Laurens Tedeschi established a small business in Kensal Road, London. Tedeschi deserves a place in the history books being as he introduced the the ice cream cornet to the UK. Next year, Askeys will celebrate their 100th anniversary and in that time they have produced consistently high quality products.

                      *** Despite what you may have read or heard, however, it is infact a MYTH that it was Askeys who created the TREAT range of dessert topping sauces. That honour actually goes to SILVER SPOON who, in 1986, introduced four Treat Dessert Topping Sauces (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Maple Syrup).

                      Several years ago Silver Spoon bought a number of smaller companies (including Crusha Milkshakes and of course Askeys) and decided to re-launch TREAT DESSERT TOPPING SAUCES with the word ASKEYS in the product title. Although the product was made by Silver Spoon they were also aware of the marketing power of a company with a proud heritage such as Askeys !!!

                      ~~~ SUMMARY ~~~

                      Askeys Treat Milk Chocolate Flavour Dessert Sauce is one of Silver Spoon's finest products. It's a deliciously decadent rich chocolate sauce that can be added to a wide range of desserts. At it's simplest level it can be added to ice cream for a quick chocolate fix ... it can also be used to enhance almost any desssert or recipe that requires chocolate.

                      jedimastergray73 *2009*


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                        13.10.2009 11:30
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Yummy yummy yummy!!!

                        Askeys "Treat" Chocolate Flavour dessert Sauce

                        About Askeys:
                        Most of you will have heard of Askeys at some point, even if you haven't realised it.
                        Their most famous products are their sauces, which come in a range of flavours:
                        Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry & Toffee, as well as the great product "Crackin' It" which comes in Chocolate and Toffee flavours, this is a wonderful product, which sets hard when put onto a cold substance like ice cream, and crunches when you bite into it...yum!!
                        As well as their sauces, Askey's also make a range of brandy snap baskets, biscuit baskets, luxury fans & Cafe curls all great for making wonderful deserts and sprucing just a plain old ice cream up!
                        Not only do Askey's make all of the above fabulous products, but they also produce a "Family Range", which consists of ice cream cones and sprinkles, which you can use at home to make your ice creams that little bit more exciting, or even let the kids use to decorate their own desserts!

                        Askey's is by no means a new company, and in fact was founded in 1910 almost 100 years ago, in London by Lauren Tedeschi, bringing the ice cream cone to the UK. Since 1910, the company has expanded immensely, from that small shop on Kensal Road, London!

                        How do I use it?

                        Askey's Treat Chocolate Flavour dessert sauce is very simple to use, and really makes the difference to any dessert!
                        It comes in a squeezy bottle, which makes using the sauce very easy. Just simply hold the bottle over your dessert, and squeeze as much or as little over it as you like!

                        And it doesn't stop at ice cream!

                        How about making a fondue type dessert, putting the chocolate sauce in a bowl on the table and cutting up Strawberry's, marsh mellows, banana, or any other fruit or treat you love, popping them onto a small stick and then helping yourself dipping each one in the chocolate sauce! Kids will love it...and so will you adults too!

                        Or, banana split is delicious made with this sauce, all you do is cut your banana in half, surround with cream (or ice cream if you wish), and squeeze chocolate sauce all over it, and top with Askey's sprinkles!

                        Askey's chocolate sauce is also gorgeous on pancakes instead of sugar or lemon, not particularly healthy, but delicious none the less!

                        You can even put it with chicken, this is not something I have tried, but I know of people who have tried this and find it absolutely delightful (I am slightly dubious myself!) but here is the recipe for all you budding Heston Blumenthal's out there...

                        Heat oil, and cook garlic. Add chicken to this and brown off. Remove the chicken and place to one side. In the fat which is left over, cook onion, green pepper and tomato over a low heat for around 10 minutes. To this add chilli powder, mixing well.
                        Add seasonings to this, simmer covered for 30 minutes.
                        Add a good squirt of chocolate sauce, and stir. Pop the chicken back into the mixture, covering in the sauce, and then bake in an oven proof dish on high heat for an hour, or until the chicken is tender.

                        So many ideas of how to use the sauce!!!!


                        Ingredients: Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Chocolate Crumb (Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Mass), Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dried Glucose Syrup, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder.

                        Dietary Info:
                        Free From Artificial Colours
                        Free From Artificial Flavours
                        Free From Artificial Preservatives

                        Nutritional Data (per 100g)
                        Calories- 375.1kcal
                        Protein: 1.1g
                        Carbohydrates: 66.8g
                        Fat: 11.5g


                        Well of course the taste of the product is the most important thing when choosing a product to buy, if something tastes disgusting, then there is no point in buying it, even if it is cheap, or even if it is healthy. So, here goes my taste test!

                        The sauce on its own is extremely sweet, and is very much like melted sugar with chocolate flavouring, it tastes very artificial and is sticky and unpleasant, but that's when it's eaten on its own, and that is from an adult's point of view, my 13 year old brother sit's with a packet of it, squeezing it directly into his mouth!

                        When the sauce is put onto ice cream or when it is put onto something else, whatever that may be, the taste is transformed. Although still very sticky (and if you get it all over your hands or face you'll never get the stuff off!!), it tastes great and really makes a huge difference to a dessert, no matter what that dessert may be!

                        The chocolate sauce is very chocolaty, and the nicest chocolate sauce I have ever tasted, although I must say I prefer the toffee flavour sauce, this one is delicious!

                        The texture as I said is very thick and very sticky, so don't let the kids get hold of the bottle or it'll be everywhere!

                        I love the taste of this sauce, but I think anybody who doesn't have a particularly sweet tooth, and isn't a big sugary fan, should steer clear of this sauce, it's very sweet, and adds a lot of sweetness to whatever you put it on, wonderful if you like that kind of thing, sickly if you don't!

                        Definitely made for those of us with a sweet tooth!


                        The smell of the sauce is pleasant, it doesn't really smell how the sauce tastes, and from the smell you wouldn't think it would be as sweet as it is. The sauce just smells like chocolate in a squeezy tube. As I said the smell is pleasant, and unlike some sauces doesn't put you off the sauce through its sickly smell.


                        The packaging for Askey's chocolate sauce is perfect for the product. It comes in a curvy plastic bottle, with a flip lid at the top, the bottle is squeezy as I have already mentioned, and you simply turn the bottle upside down, and squeeze the sauce onto your dessert.

                        I do have one criticism of the bottle which the sauce comes in though, with the lid been at the top of the bottle, when the sauce starts to run out, you have to turn it upside down and smack it into something to get the sauce out, or leave it upside down for an hour so the sauce slides to the bottom, I think that it would be much better if the bottle was turned the other way, with a large lid which the bottle can be stood on, like Heinz have recently done with their tomato ketchup, and how Marmite have done. This would be much better, as with the sauce been so thick, when the bottle is running low it can take ages to get some sauce out as you have to wait for it all to come back to the lid.

                        Other than that the packaging is great, it's appealing to look at which is something important when trying to sell a product. It certainly grabs your eye from the shelves of the supermarket, with its blue packaging. The bottle comes on its own (not in a box), and it usually up with the cake decorating items in the supermarket, so very easy to find.

                        The sauce doesn't have to be refrigerated when opened, which is good as it means you can just pop it into the cupboard until you need it again!

                        The bottles come in one size of 325g, which lasts me around about 4 months, as we don't have many desserts and is mainly used when my brother is staying over. But in 325g you get plenty of sauce, which will last around 10 desserts!

                        Product Quality:

                        The quality of Askey's Chocolate Sauce is excellent, and the sauce is certainly one of the best on the market, and is definitely the best for its price. I have had nicer sauces, but they have cost me triple the price of this sauce, and is not something I would give my kids to mess with as you can with Askey's sauce!

                        The product is well known and made by a reputable company, who as I said earlier have been around for almost 100 years, so we know it is a brand we can trust.

                        The quality of the sauce is wonderful, it's thick and milky, and doesn't give you the sense that it has been cheaply made, it isn't watery like some sauces are, and sticks to your desserts rather than just sliding to the bottom of the plate/bowl.

                        Value for Money:

                        The sauce costs around £1 and can be found in most Supermarkets:

                        Tesco: 91p
                        Asda: 91p
                        Sainsbury's: 98p
                        Waitrose: 91p

                        I think this is an excellent price for this sauce, you can really make a difference to your desserts with this sauce and you can make a boring old ice cream exciting and even more tasty!!! For the amount you get (around 10 servings), this works out at just under 10p per serving, depending of course on how much you use on each serving!

                        This is an excellent product for the small price you pay for it, and there tend to be special offers in most Supermarkets at some point of 2 for £1.20 or something like that! Especially when a new sauce comes out!

                        Overall Opinion:

                        Askey's Chocolate Sauce is the best around, whether you get the milk or dark chocolate variety. It's delicious and really does make all the difference. Kids will love to mess with it, whilst adults will love the taste of it!

                        If the packaging was better, (i.e. upside down), I would have given this 10/10, as it stands I will give it 9/10, but still deserving of 5 stars!!!

                        Everybody should try this amazing dessert sauce, and try it on a range of desserts, be experimental with the sauce, it can be used for anything!!


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                          22.09.2009 20:16
                          Very helpful



                          Only 4 stars as the strawberry flavour just beats it.

                          In the summer we have a barbeque almost every weekend, well when the weather is nice enough and after every barbeque we always have ice cream. Mainly just a bowl of ice cream but sometimes on a cone. However ice cream on its own can be a little boring and I am always on the lookout for something to accessorise my ice cream. I usually have Askeys Treat Strawberry Sauce, I really love this and in the past have tried Askeys Treat Toffee Sauce, which I did not like. So when I saw Askey Treat Milk Chocolate Sauce on offer in the supermarket I thought I just had to try it.

                          The Milk Chocolate sauce is exactly what it sounds like a chocolate sauce to be used on desserts. Now I only really use it on ice cream with lots of hundreds and thousands but it can also be used on pancakes, rice pudding, fruit and much more.

                          It comes in a 325g bottle and the sauce squeezes out of the top of the bottle. The Treat sauce costs around £1 and can be bought from most supermarkets, when I bought it there was an offer on of 2 bottles for £1.50 so I got one chocolate and one strawberry.

                          A 325g bottle may not look very big but it lasts ages and ages.

                          When it comes ot taste I prefer the strawberry flavour but I think that is just personal preference, the chocolate sauce tastes very chocolatey and is as nice as an other chocolate sauce I have ever tried. It is perfect to put on ice cream.

                          The nutritional information states that there is 375 calories and 11.5g per 100g, but that is a third of the bottle and you wouldn't come close to having that amount in one sitting.

                          When it comes to sauce to put on ice cream it has to be Treat I have tried other varieties such as Lyons and they are no where near as nice. It has to be Treat Sauce and the Milk Chocolate variety is probably my second favourite flavour. My children on the other hand refuse to have ice cream without their favourite choclate sauce, a real favourite in our house.


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