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Batchelors Cup-a-Soup

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75 Reviews

Type: Savoury Sauces

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    75 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 13:19
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good buy only when on offer

      I try very hard to prepare meals from scratch for myself and the family. This way I know what's in it, how it has been cooked and can adjust the overall flavour to suit the needs and taste of those who are eating it. Not normally one for convenience food during the week, I bought this from my local ASDA when it was on promotion for 50p. I bought different flavours but the one in this review is cream of vegetable with croutons.

      Why did I buy it?

      I find I have little time during the day to eat. When I saw this I thought this could be ideal to have as a light fast lunch, that wouldn't take long to prepare and drink/eat, but it was also on offer and at a price I felt comfortable in paying.

      How is it packaged?

      The soup is housed in a small cardboard box. The brand is is mentioned in the top left corner ( Batchelors ) and the product name is in the middle of the packaging along with the flavour. This information is on a picture of a boiling kettle at the top, and at the bottom a cup of soup. On the front of the packaging it mentions it contains 4 sachets of soup along with basic nutritional information.

      On the back and side it tells you how to make, nutritional information and ingredients.

      In each box it contains 4 sachets. The sachets are white in colour with a green 'Cup a Soup ' logo running all the way round the of the sachet. At the bottom it tells you the flavour. To open the sachets it needs to be torn at the top to dispense.


      Water, Vegetables (11%) (Yellow Split Peas, Carrot, Leek, Onion, Peas, Swede), Maize Starch, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Croutons (1.4%) (Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Yeast, Rosemary Extract), Potato Starch, Salt, Parsley, Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotides), Potassium Chloride, Milk Protein, Garlic, Yeast Extract (contains Barley), Flavouring, Acidity Regulators (Tricalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate), Sugar, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Turmeric, Natural Flavouring, Black Pepper Extract

      Suitable for vegetarians.

      Basic nutritional information per made up serving

      Carbohydrates 17.3g of which are sugar 3.6g
      Fat 6.0g of which are saturates 3.2g
      Fibre 2.7g
      Sodium 0.5g

      How to make

      Empty sachet in cup/mug. Add 230ml of boiling water. Stir well.

      Personally, I leave this for 5 minutes to allow it to cool down to a temperature that means its not too hot, but also gives it time to thicken.

      Before mixing

      The soup itself is in a powder form, and fills an average sized mug up to one quarter of it. The mix is a pale yellow colour and not that much different in fineness to flour. What you do see are flecks or green running throughout it, small tiny orange pieces and dots of white. At this stage it does have a slight vegetable smell to it, along with a powdery smell also. Not strong, but it's there.

      After the addition of water

      The colour of the soup goes from a pale yellow to a pale creamy colour. At first the consistency is quite runny. But after stirring and going away for a few minutes and then returning, the soup thickens up nicely. You can see the majority of the contents floating to the surface-croutons and bits of carrot. The smell is probably less obvious now than before making it.

      How does it taste?

      It takes a while for this to cool down, but when it does, the first thing that you get from the soup is a creaminess to it. The consistency in the mouth isn't as thick as it first appeared, but enough for it to not be runny or water like. The soup itself is very smooth in texture, with the croutons providing a nice contrast by being crunchy, and the carrots having a slightly chewy texture to them. I do taste alittle vegetable in this soup (taking the actually bits out of the equation), but it's not that obvious and you can taste some salt that has been added into it.

      What do I think?

      For what I originally paid for, for these soups I feel it was a fair price, but anything above what I paid I think is expensive for what it is.

      I find the packaging in regards to the sachets handy if I needed to eat on the run and had access to hot water, as these could be slipped into a bag to be prepared later.

      Very easy to make and takes the same amount of time as you would to make a cup of tea, if not a touch more.

      You get a decent amount of soup per sachet, but personally this wouldn't count as a full meal but part as one. It would need to be served with something like crackers, some buttered bread or a salad.

      I would've liked this to be a touch thicker, but that can easily be done if I placed in less water. More of a vegetable taste is needed for it to be memorable and I felt the seasoning needed a lift. Despite the high salt content it tasted like it needed a touch more, along with some pepper and herbs.

      Having the actual pieces in this made the soup alittle more substantial and less bland, if it was just a completely smooth soup. I would've liked more croutons just to give it more bite.

      The amount of salt seems very high for such a small amount of food, and some of the ingredients on the list on the box look like they belong in a science experiment. I would much prefer this to contain less rubbish and more proper ingredients.

      I don't feel this is a comparable substitute for proper homemade soup, but for a quick, non thinking snack its ideal.

      Would I buy this again?

      Yes-but only at the price I paid. I bought this based on price and convenience. The overall taste could be better, but it's reasonably pleasant and does the job of being a nice stomach stop gap for me. Its also readily available in great for busy people like me.


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        09.09.2013 18:39
        Very helpful



        Good for a quick snack in the office.

        The pounds seem to have piled on recently so I'm back on a diet. I'm going to try the 5.2 fasting diet - ie two days per week when my calorie intake has to be reduced down to 500 calories. Friends of mine have done well with this diet (which is supposed to have lots of other health benefits) and as its one my hubby said he might be able to do (he too has a bit of a paunch), we thought we'd give it a go. Hence today's cupasoup for lunch.

        Batchelors cupasoup

        I actually bought a couple of packs of the Waitrose love life version of this Bachelor classic at the weekend but rummaging in my cupboard I found I had one sachet of Batchelors potato and leek cupasoup, probably from my last diet.

        Batchelors claim that their Cup a Soup is the nation's favourite instant soup.. It has 29 different flavours ranging from the very British broccoli and stilton to Indian mulligatawny. You can also get variety packs which give a choice of flavours.

        My pack of potato and leek came with 4 sachets and the package clearly states no artificial colours or preservatives. The allergy advice says that it contains milk, barley and gluten and that it is producted in a factory that handles wheat flour. Good to know that it also contains some potato (21%) and leak (10%)!

        Cooking instructions

        Well directions for use really. You empty the sachet into a cup or mug, add 230ml of boiling water and stir well. I've found it works best to add half the amount of water first and stir that in well before adding the second half. I don't measure it, I simply pour whatever needs to give me a full mug - I suspect this is actually slightly more than 230ml. You did need to stir well though and I keep my spoon ready to give it another stir when I'm half way through drinking it.

        The taste test

        Actually not bad. It's definitely not as good as 'real' soup but I don't think you can expect that of a soup that comes in a powdered form. It's a very pale colour but you can see flecks of leek and I think I would pick out as potato and leek in a blind test. It is slightly powdery but the texture is not unpleasant.

        Nutritional value

        The potato and leek soup has 115 calories per serving - about double my new love life soups but to be fair it doesn't claim to be for slimmers. The pack also claims that the soup is low in fat and sugar. Each portion contains 3.7g of sugars (4% of recommended daily intake), 4.5 g of fats of which 2.4 are saturates (6% and 13% of recommended intake respectively. The one downside is the salt content and before I checked this out, I could taste the salt. This comes in at 1.33 g or a hefty 23%.


        A box costs £1.15 so pretty good value. They don't taste bad and are certainly ideal for making in the office. They do not make a gourmet meal but they have their place in the storecupboard. However, because of the high salt content, I'm afraid it's just a 3.


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        01.06.2012 15:02
        Very helpful



        Useful to have in your desk at work/kitchen cupboard!

        It was lunchtime and since it's been AGES since I wrote a review, I thought I'd review Batchelors Cup a Soups. Cup-a-Soups (the packets don't have hyphens in the name, but I think it looks better, and Microsoft Word agrees) seem to have been around for ages, and I think they're much better than they used to be. My parents swear by them and will usually have Cup-a-Soups for lunch with bread, and other things. I tend to keep a variety in my draw at work to have for lunch when I don't fancy spending money. I used to keep tins of soup in my desk at work (along with lots of tins of fish, for "just in case" - in case of what, I don't know!) but after a while stopped since I don't like them and I was just torturing myself for no apparent reason. Cup-a-Soups while not coming anywhere near close to proper homemade soup (which I make a lot in winter), or those fresh soups (such as those made by Covent Garden) which are the next best thing, are a LOT better (in my opinion) than any tinned stuff which just leave a horrible taste in my mouth.

        There are other makes of packet soups (essentially dried powder which you add water to) but I've never found any which come close to Batchelors, I had to force myself to eat the last ones I bought (which I think were a supermarket's own), simply because I don't like to waste things.

        ---The flavours---
        They come in a wide variety of flavours, including the usual Chicken, Vegetable, Minestrone, Tomato, Oxtail and Leek and Potato. There's more interesting varieties such a chicken with noodles and the ones with croutons. I like the ones with croutons - there's vegetable, chicken and vegetable, mushroom, and asparagus (and others I'm sure). They're slightly more substantial than the ones without (and have slightly more calories), so it's not absolutely necessary to have bread with them as well, although it's nicer if you do get a nice fresh roll to have with it!

        They generally come in packets containing 4 sachets, although I think variety packs contain 5 (2 each of 2 flavours, and 1 of the other).

        ---How to make---
        Empty sachet into a cup or mug, add 230ml of boiling water, stir well, wait a few moments, sit back and enjoy! I should note that colleagues always mention that it smells nice!

        ---What's in them?---
        Obviously the different soups have slightly different ingredients. They boast to be low in fat, low in sugar, with no artificial colours, and no preservatives.

        They include water, glucose and a whole host of other things. If you want to know more I'd suggest you look on the back of the packs. I should point out that they contain barley, gluten, milk, and celery, and wheat in the ones with croutons.

        Unsurprisingly the salt content is the bit where these aren't so good for you, each containing around 1.4g salt, or around about 25% of your average daily recommended allowance. So, this is something to consider if the rest of your diet contains a lot of salt, or if you have high blood pressure.

        Calorie wise, to give some examples, the Cream of Asparagus (with croutons) has 138 calories, the Cream of mushroom (with croutons) has 123 calories and the Potato and Leek (without croutons) has 115 calories. They do a variety of Slim-a-Soups which have fewer calories (roughly half as many I believe), but I haven't particularly enjoyed these when I've had them as they lack the flavour (perhaps half the flavour!)

        ---The taste and stuff---
        For packet soups these do have a fairly thick texture, and there are a variety of bits in them depending on the flavour (unsurprisingly little mushroom bits in the mushroom soup!) As long as you stir them well, there shouldn't be any stuff left at the bottom of your mug. Obviously due to the salt content, there is a salty flavour. However, I wouldn't say that this is overpowering since my parents don't eat or like much salt at all, and they still like these! And I don't think it's a nasty salty taste like I find tinned soups have.

        ---Final words---
        I enjoy my Batchelors Cup-a-Soups - not the most exciting lunch option, but convenient to have sitting in my desk at work (I'll very occasionally have one at home). The chicken and vegetable with croutons is currently my favourite flavour, and I must get some more as have run out! Proceeds from this review will go towards more Cup-a-Soups!

        They currently cost £1.09 in Tesco for a pack of 4 (so just over 27p), but at this moment in time are buy two packs for £1.50 which works out very reasonably (just under 19p) for what they are - make sure you stock up when you see special offers!

        Find out more about Batchelors products here - www.premierfoods.co.uk/our-brands/grocery/batchelors/


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          01.04.2012 04:39
          Very helpful



          once in a while fine but you will soon crave a proper soup in time

          ahhh batchelors cup a soups. a whole days GDA of salt in a mug (ok slight exaggeration but not far off)...
          I have mixed opinions about batchelors cup a soups. I find some can be really tasty and comforting but others quite rank and strange smelling,
          My fave cup a soup by far is either the golden vegetable or the ministrone.

          Basically its not hard to prepare you get out a mug boil the kettle empty the contents of the little packet into your mug pour on hot water sit back with your feet up and enjoy,
          What i have realised with cup a soups is a precise amount of water is needed to create the perfect cup, a little to much water and your left with a salty cup of hot water with a few odd bits floating around, or too little water and your left with a gloopy soup that makes you gag. so depending on the size of your mug and the amount of water, will determine what sort of results you will get.

          Cup a soups are now avaliable in many different flavours from chicken (that i think smells off and awful) to potato and leek and cream of asparagus (which i think is quite yummy)
          These soups should be consumed in moderation as the salt content really is quite high all along this range which i think is a shame as if it wasnt for this i would consume them more often because with a slice of bread make a quick and easy snack. But i gather if they reduced the salt content then there would hardly be any taste at all,
          Batchelors cup a soups also come in a range that contain crutons !
          At the end of the day these are not a subsitute for a real wholesome soup. They are just quick and simple, but i would rather make my own soup OR a nice can of quality soup over these any day.


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          09.12.2011 14:51
          Very helpful



          see review x

          I just love sometimes on a night to settle down with a hot cup of something other than my usual coffee, so when these were on special offer for £1.09 buy one get one free, I decided to buy some.

          These are really easy to make, you just switch on the kettle, open the sachet of cup a soup, put into the cup, pour in the boiling hot water and stir. That's it you are ready to drink it.

          The soup I find is not like your normal soup, the taste of it is pretty bland, with just a slight taste of the tomato soup. I find that if I add a small sprinkle of pepper into the soup it does make it have a little bit more kick to the taste, but do not over do the pepper other wise it will ruin the taste.

          Even though this is only a cup a soup, I find that if I am a little peckish a slice of bread with it does go nicely, however you can see the difference in soups when you dip the bread in, the cup a soup is a lot more watery than your normal soup, which is why the taste is not as great and distinctive.

          I do like to have a cup a soup now and again, but if I am honest I would not pay £1.09 just for one box, as you do only get 4 sachets in each box. The tastelessness of the soup I find lowers its value. I would say to try them when they are on special offer, but I would recommend putting a little pepper in as I find it is a lot better with this added.


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            13.11.2011 23:05
            Very helpful



            Great Snack

            I love Cup a Soup but there is always something nicer about them during winter! They are perfect to have as a snack when hungry but not wanting a proper meal, I also find them perfect to take to work for dinner time with some crackers it makes a nice and easy meal, although I don't think this would be enough to have every day. Each box contains 4 or 5 sachets.

            There are so many flavours of Cup a Soup, flavours include:
            - Beef and Tomato
            - Chicken
            - Chicken and Leek
            - Cream of Asparagus
            - Cream of Vegetable
            - Golden Vegetable
            - Potato and Leek
            - Tomato
            - Chicken and Vegetable
            - Cream of Mushroom
            - Minestrone
            - Tomato and Vegetable
            - Chicken Noodle
            There are so many flavours now but not all flavours are found at every shop, although in supermarkets there is generally a good choice.

            ....How to Make....
            These are so simple and easy to make, I think that is part of the reason I love them. All you have to do is empty the sachet into a mug, fill it with boiling water, stir and enjoy!

            ....One Problem....
            The only negative thing I can say about Cup a Soup is that with some no matter how many times I stir it there is lumps of powder in the bottom of the mug, I don't undertstand why this happens so I have to keep the spoon with me and stir it regularly!

            ....Prices and Avaialbiltiy.....
            - Asda - £1.08 each or 2 for £1.50
            -Tesco - 98p or for £1.50
            - Morrisons
            (These prices are at the time of writing this review and although they may change in price the change does not change too much)

            A quick and easy snack and great for dinner to have with something such as crackers . Nice and warm for in the winter when you need that extra something to warm you up


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              13.11.2011 20:24
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              a great mug of hot soup in seconds

              I do not drink tea and coffee and during the summer month's not having a hot drink does not really bother me in any way but during winter I do like to have a nice warming drink. The hot drinks I usually have are hot chocolate and cup-a-soup. I usually take the cup-a-soup to work and have one to accompany my lunch. I usually buy bachelors cup-a-soup as they offer a large variety of flavours and are good quality.

              The cup-a-soups come in a box usually containing 5 servings. I have recently been purchasing the bachelors cup-a-soups from Asda at the moment as they have been on special offer for just £0.50 per box. This is great value as they usually retail for over £1.00 per box.

              The individual sachets of soup are foil lined which keeps the soup inside nice and fresh. To make the soup you simple tear the top off the sachet, tip the contents into a mug, fill with hot water and stir. This makes a nice mug of fairly thick tasty soup.

              One of the nicest things about these soups is the vast amount of flavours they come in, so there is just about a flavour to suit everyone. Some of the flavours available at the moment are:
              - Cream of Mushroom with Croutons
              - High Veg a Soup Country Vegetable
              - Golden Vegetable
              - High Veg a Soup Mediterranean Tomato & Vegetable
              - Minestrone with Croutons
              - Mulligatawny
              - Tomato
              - Thai
              - Cream of Asparagus with Croutons
              - Chicken
              - Chicken & Vegetable with Croutons
              My personal favouites are the Chicken and Vegetable with Croutons and Cream of Mushroom with Croutons. This is mainly because I love the thickness of these flavours and the added crunch texture of the little croutons that sit floating on top of the soup when it is made.

              Each cup a soup contains around 90-140 calories although this does vary dependent upon the flavour. But you can also buy slim-a-soup which is a lower calorie version.

              I love these little soups, all of the flavours I have tried are very tasty, good quality and so easy to make. It is great that you can get a hot mug of soup so quickly, simply by boiling the kettle. Personally I love these as they are fantastic for me to take to work for a hot soup to accompany my lunch on a cold day.

              I have just always wondered why they are called cup-a-soup and not mug-a-soup as everyone I know tends to make them in a mug not a cup!


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                12.10.2011 18:09
                Very helpful



                A nice warming snack

                Having been constantly on the search for tasty food with a relatively low calorie count for most of my life Cup a soups have been a regular visitor in my store cupboard.

                There are many different flavours 29 in fact, so if you like soup there should be one to suit you. The calorie content and price does vary a little between soups, my current favourite 'Special Granule Chicken Noodle' has 95 calories and costs 98p for 4 sachets , the plain chicken which is not special granule costs £1.09 for 4 sacheets and has 99 calories. I think these calorific values are pretty good for a product that isn't specifically marketed as low calorie. The soups are on a buy two for £1.50 offer at Tesco at the moment. There used to be a lower calorie 'diet' version available, but I've not been able to find it for a long time so not sure if it's still around. They were only ten or twenty calories less than the standard soup and lost a lot of the flavour. So I would rather go for the standard version anyway.

                Making a cup a soup is common sense really, pour the contents into a mug, add boiling water and stir like billyo. I used to find that no matter how careful I was to get into the 'seam' of the mug bottom I was always left with a gummy strip of moistened powder that hadn't dissolved. I wasn't at all happy about this as I wanted to squeeze all the flavour I could out of my calories. This doesn't seem to happen as much as it used to but I still go a bit stir crazy anyway. It's probably best to leave the soup sit for a minute or so to allow the dehydrated ingredients to full plump up, they do this very quickly.

                I have used cup a soups as a sort of thickened stock when making other meals when I've been bit low on store cupboard ingredients, it's pepped up casseroles, pasta dishes, and pie fillings and works very well in this capacity.

                I usually like to add extra seasoning to my soups, usually only salt and pepper, but all sorts of other dubious ingredient have found their way in over the years. Such as half a stock cube, some grated garlic and curry powder. The drinks can sometimes taste a little powdery but that has greatly improved over the years, I find it most pronounced in the tomato based soups.

                You could drink this as your lunch or tea, perhaps with some bread and or fruit, yoghurt or other 'add on'. I have often done this especially when I worked in a library where we were on our feet all day, it was nice to have something warm and tasty but very quick to prepare, so that if your feet were crying you could get your bottom onto a chair super fast. Though I must admit many of my lunchtimes were spent dashing out to do a quick shop for the family, or sort out the current crises one of my girls was having. So again cup a soup was a handy quick nutritious soup that allowed me to have something for lunch, without spending a fortune on shop bought sandwiches etc, or having to fuss with making them myself before hand. They aren't terribly filling alone, and I think they come into their own as a snack between meals, or a light meal when you are having something else more filling during the day. My husband has a bit appetite and he knows he's in the bad books when he gets one of these soups and an apple in his lunch box...Well he should prepare his own shouldn't he!?

                I still enjoy a cup a soup now I work from home, but I tend to have it as a supper time snack when I'm craving something tasty but don't want to break the calorie bank.


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                10.10.2011 21:48
                Very helpful



                Heinz wins!

                Since becoming a student, I like to keep my cupboards topped up with various tins that will see me through the weeks and even months. Having only really experimented with Heinz soup in the past, I thought I would make a change and try out the Batchelors Cup a Soup's. There were two main reasons for this. The first being that they are very reasonably priced, and this is something I am constantly conscious about when surviving on limited funds, and the second being that they come in sachets so do not take up too much cupboard space.

                These sachets are widely stocked throughout most food outlets and supermarkets, and I picked mine up from my local Nisa store. I got four sachets for £1.17 which works out just a little under 30p for each sachet, and a 30p dinner is definitely my current budget! This price therefore compares quite considerably to Heinz which costs me much more per tin.

                Being not all that adventurous when it comes to soups, I opted for the plain and simple tomato flavour, however there is a variety of flavours to match everyone's taste buds, including mushroom, asparagus, chicken, Thai and vegetable, as well as even more, so there is definitely a few to experiment with.

                To use this soup is a little different in comparison to your typical tinned soup. You have to open up the individual sachet and pour it into a mug. You then need to boil the kettle and pour the water in to the mug, stirring as you pour it in. One error which I made was that I poured all the water in at once and then stirred, and this resulted in my soup being fairly watery and not too pleasant, therefore I would recommend pouring in little amounts at a time and giving it a stir. This would also mean that you make sure all the powder at the bottom gets dissolved as I managed to have a big lump at the bottom which was not great.

                Despite being quite watery, it did taste like tomato which is always a plus, however the soup was just too bland for me. It was not as full of flavour as Heinz and definitely would not compare to it. If you are interested in trying out these soups, I urge you to test some of the other flavours as the tomato was just very bleak and not at all appetising.

                One thing I do like about this soup however is that it is just convenient as you can drink it straight out of the mug, therefore making it a great lunch or snack if you are in a hurry. The convenience and the price of these sachets definitely outweigh its bland flavour, especially when you are a student, and it does mean slightly less washing up!

                Overall, give it a look if you are on a budget, but if not I would avoid completely. There are much better quality soups out there for you to try, and I was expecting better things from this. Unfortunately, I would only recommend Batchelor's Cup a Soup's for convenience purposes only, and this is the only reason I will repurchase it in the future... however I might have to opt for a nicer flavour! Thanks for reading.


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                11.08.2011 20:29
                Very helpful



                nice tasting soups in a cup

                Batchelors Cup a Soup.

                Ive taken to drinking cup a soups lately, as sometimes im busy and just fancy a snack to fill my stomach up in between waiting for my dinner.

                They are not too expensive and come in a little box with little sachets inside which i cut open with a pair of scissors and add the contents into a mug then pour previously boiled water onto them, i am stiring from the minute the hot water hits the powder and making sure that all the ingredients in the mug are properly mixed around and are properly disolved into the hot water, as there is nothing worse than drinking a cup a soup that hasnt been mixed up properly as you can get lumps in the bottom.

                They cost just over a £1.00 for a packet containg four of these easy to open sachets and they do have an extensive range of flavours for you to try.

                The one im drinking at this time is Chicken and Vegtable flavour and it is really lovely, it is not too runny like the cheaper versions of cup a soup this one does tend to be rather thick and you can smell the lovely aroma of the vegtables. I instantly notice the thickness and quality of this soup, and it has a lovely creamy chickeny taste.

                Recommended make up instructions state :

                Empty the contents of one sachet into a cup or mug.

                Add 200 mls of boiling water and stir well.

                Ingredients :
                Dried Glocose Syrup. Modified Potato Starch. Hydrogenated vegtable oil. Vegtable Oil. peas, onion, carrot, garlic, sugar, salt, wheat flour, flavourings, yeast extract, milk proteins, emulsifiers, dried chives, skimmed milk powder, flavour enhancer, citric acid colour, riboflavin, sulphite plus other ingredients.

                calories per sachet are 79. 2.8grams fat.

                The packet is recyclable.

                What did I think of the taste.

                I found that the soup was a lovely thick constituency and had a really lovely flavour, there were small pieces of vegtable in the soup which helped to enhance the flavouring overall of the soup.The chicken taste was evident.

                I have tried a few of the other varieties of flavourings and they have always been of good quality and tasted of what they were described as on the front of the packet.

                Worth the extra few pence as the quality of these cup of soups are second to none.

                Thanks for reading and rating my reviews..


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                28.06.2011 13:29
                Very helpful



                Ok for now and again

                Batchelors Cup A Soups are available in many flavours including minestrone, chicken, vegetable, tomato, potato and leek, or mushroom. You can also buy a packet which has sachets of tomato soup, vegetable soup and chicken soup all in one packet.

                Each packet usually costs around £1.10 and you get four or five sachets in a packet. Each sachet makes one cup of soup. Currently there is an offer on at Sainsbury's where you can buy two packets for £1.80.

                These are really easy to make, you just pour in a sachet into a mug, then add boiled water from the kettle, stir, wait for it to cool down a little and then drink.

                The ones i have tried are tomato and chicken so i will be reviewing those.

                Tomato soup
                When i pour the boiling water into the cup the end result is very watery- it does not have that creamy consistency which i love about Heinz tomato soup. Taste wise isn't any better. It tastes quite artificial and also very sweet which i didn't like. It had a bit of an after taste too which wasn't great.

                Each serving of the soup (so basically each mug) is 93 calories and it has 2.2grams of fat so it is a low fat option to eat at lunch instead of a sandwich, though i had to have a few slices of bread with it as it just wasn't filling enough on its own.

                Chicken soup
                This one was much better. It looked nice and creamy- just like any other chicken soup i have had in the past. The taste was pretty much the same too, in that it tasted of chicken.

                This has 103kcal and 5.5grams of fat. It is a bit more filling than the tomato one but i still needed a few slices of bread to go with it.

                These soups are a good alternative if you are sick of eating sandwiches at lunchtime or you want to eat something a bit less fattening. I liked the chicken soup but wasn't so keen on the tomato one as it lacked the creaminess that i like.


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                02.05.2011 13:21
                Very helpful



                The regular cup a soups are good; tasty and filling; this one has a super flavour!

                I like Cup a soup. I have been buying it on and off for years. I used to quite frequently buy the slim cup a soup, but in my view there isn't that much point in buying those any more; due to what I considered to be their lack of flavours and wateriness. I was out shopping again recently and I spotted this Potato & Leek flavour cup a soup. I really love this flavour soup and as it gets colder I love having soup. Mind you it hasn't actually been very cold! However, either way, I wanted to try this flavour as I couldn't remember trying this one before. I thought that some nice French bread would go well with this this; so I bought a Tiger Bread style stick from Asda (which is absolutely delicious by the way!). All you need to do is boil the kettle, empty the contents of one sachet of soup into your cup, pour on the water, stir well and that's it! One thing I would say is that it is important to stir well, so that everything gets dissolved well. The taste of this soup in my view is delicious. The soup is very thick and you can tell that there is quite a lot of potato content in it. It is the texture that is really nice. There are small bits of Leek in the soup. I dipped my Tiger bread stick into the soup, which soaks up quite a lot due to the thickness of the soup and this went really well with it. This has now become my favourite cup a soup. Unfortunately you only get 4 sachets per box! And I have 2 left now, so I will be going out to get some more soon!

                Water, Potato, Leek, Vegetable Oil, Glucose syrup, Flavourings, Yeast Extract (Contains Barley), Salt, Milk Proteins, Flavour enhancers (Monosodium Glutomate, Disodium 5- ribonucleotides), Natural flavouring, Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate), Colour (Curcumin).

                ~~Allergy Advice~~
                Contains Milk, Barley, Gluten, produced in a factory that handles Wheat flour
                In each sachet there are only 115 Kcals.

                Some Other flavour cup a soups available; Cream of Mushroom with Croutons, Golden Vegetable, Minestrone with Croutons, Mulligatawny, Thai, Chicken, Tomato.

                One of my old favourites is the Rich & Creamy Broccoli & Cauliflower but to be honest I am not sure if this is still available as a regular cup a soup as I haven't seen it on the shelves for a while.

                Cup a soups are currently on special offer at Asda at 2 boxes of 4 for only £1.50. This is well worth it in my view, so I must go back up there before the offer ends!

                This flavour cup a soup is great; highly recommended worthy of 5 Dooyoo stars in my view.


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                27.02.2011 17:41
                Very helpful



                A quick and easy-to-make soup!

                While I wouldn't say I am a huge soup fan, I do like it now and again. If I am buying soup to eat at home then I will most of the time stick to 'Brocoli and Stilton' or 'Leek and Potato'. Although when I go to a restaurant, I will most of the time try any soup as long as it's 'meat/fish free'. During these cold Winter months, I have been buying lots of soup (mainly chilled), although I was recently introduced to 'Batchelors' Cup a Soup'.

                The first flavour of soup which I tried from this range, was the 'Cream of Vegetable' one, which I absolutely loved. Today I will be reviewing that one.
                The box is very attractive and has quite a 'busy' cover with lots of different images and fonts. It is very eye catching.

                The soup comes in a sachets. In this box there are five sachets. Each sachets equals one portion of soup.
                The soup is very easy to make, and there are only three steps. First of all you need to empty the sachet into a mug, add 230ml of water and stir, and TA-DA there you have it!
                In my experience, it is very important that you stir the soup really well, otherwise the powder will gather at the bottom of the mug.

                The soup is a creamy white colour and has mini croutons as well as a few green herbs floating.The soup has quick a thick (not really thick, but thicker than usual 'made with water soups) consistency, and does not look like an 'instant' soup what-so-ever.
                The soup smells like vegetables! Yet, it has quite a sweet smell to it too, although not as sweet as the 'Golden Vegetables' soup.

                I really did enjoy this soup as it is tasty, and actually does taste of vegetables. Although, I could not pick out the exact vegetables. The soup tasted very creamy, and I loved the mini croutons, as they were delicious, and added a nice texture to the soup.
                This soup is great for a snack. I have quite a large appetite and so I sometimes have a cup of this soup before a meal to fill me up, as it is very filling and very low in calories. There is a 'suggestion' on the back of the box, which suggests using this soup as a 'sauce' for a pasta bake; making the soup as normal and adding bits of vegetables, pasta and grated cheese to make the bake. I will most definately be trying this recipe.

                This soup is great for people who are on low fat diets as it contains just 134 calories per portion. On the box, it boasts how there are no artificial colourings or preservatives which make you think that the soup is great for you. However, looking at the ingredients list, and it is a long list of 'ingredients' with very long names, and names which I cannot pronounce. I once read in a magazine that if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, then take it that is 'artificial' and 'bad for you'. Such ingredients in this soup include: ribonucleotides and diglycerides. So, I take it that this soup is bad for you!
                I did enjoy this soup, and I think that it is ok if you have it occasionally, and not all the time.

                I think I paid around £1.60 for this packet.

                Thanks for reading!
                February 27th 2011
                xdonzx (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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                07.10.2010 02:01
                Very helpful



                A great snack or addition to a meal

                I buy Cup a Soups simply because I'm lazy!! Why bother using a tin opener, dirtying a pan and a bowl, when you can rip open a sachet, pour the contents into a mug and stick the kettle on???? Hmm I find the latter option so much more convienient!

                I don't stick to any particular flavour but I do tend to opt for either the Chicken or the Chicken & Veg.

                Seeing as in front of me I have a Chicken one I will base my review around this.

                Cup a Soups come in a little cardboard box which contains 4 sachets, on the front of the box is the logo and the makers name - Batchelors, and the flavour. There's also a picture of a mug of steaming soup surrounded by slices of chicken. This pack also has a yellow tab in the corner stating 89p RRP. The back of the box contains simple usage instructions ~

                Empty a sachet into a mug or cup
                Add 230ml of boiling water
                Stir well, wait a few moments and then enjoy

                There's also nutritional info and ingredients.

                These soups are tasty convinent snacks which are low in fat and sugar, and there's only 102 calories per serving!

                I also use this mixed with pasta and pieces of chicken for a low fat tasty meal. I find it adds a delicious creaminess to the dish and it's devoured in seconds!
                I find the taste of these is different to tinned chicken soup, which I actually dislike, but these seem lighter in flavour but still have a nice creaminess to them.



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                  03.08.2010 00:35
                  Very helpful



                  A great snack

                  I have been a fan of these for a long time. They serve multiple purposes. They're good if you're stuck for ideas for what to eat on your lunchbreak at work and don't have much money. They're a quick snack for supper or if you fancy having something to eat but aren't hungry, or if you need a pick-me-up.

                  They've got quite a quirky marketing team, a recent ad campaign referred to the snacks as 'a hug in a mug.' My eye was caught in the supermarket by the new boxes.

                  Under 'Batchelors' - the name of the manufacturer- are various joke titles. There's a different one on each box. On the one I'm reviewing, Cream of Asparagus, it says 'He forgot our anniversary again-a-soup. I guess it depends on the type of person you are but I quite like it. It adds warmth to it and makes me feel like they appreciate their customers. They're running a competition at www.cupasoupmoments.co.uk currently, until the 31st December 2010 where you tell them your 'cup-a-soup moment' and get the chance of it being used on their boxes. Annnyway...


                  Cream of Asparagus Cup-A-Soup

                  Price: Around 91p for the box

                  Box comes with 4 sachets. It's really easy to make, here are the instructions as given on the box:

                  1. Empty a sachet into a cup or mug
                  2. Add 230 ml of boiling water
                  3. Stir well, wait a few moments
                  4. Sit back and enjoy...

                  It's even simpler than that, there's no need to measure the water, just fill the water up to near the top if it's a small mug, 3/4 of the way if it's a larger mug. But you do have to give it a good stir as it can clump at the bottom.

                  Nutritional Information

                  Per 100g as served

                  Energy 227kj/54kcal
                  Protein 0.4g
                  Carbohydrates 7.3g
                  of which sugars 1.5g
                  Fat 2.6g
                  Of which saturates 1.6g
                  Fibre 0.6g
                  Sodium 0.22g
                  Salt equivalent 0.55g

                  Main ingredients:

                  Water, asparagus (5%), Maize starch, glucose syrup, Vegetable oil, croutons

                  Allergy advice: Contains wheat, barley, gluten, milk, celery

                  -My opinion-

                  I should say that the nutritional information is a bit confusing because it's got 'as served' and 'as prepared'. I assume that the above is the correct information for one sachet that's been made up and served.

                  All in all it's not bad healthwise.

                  I thought it tasted lovely, it clearly tasted of asparagus. It comes with croutons which were really good. However I think it might be better without croutons as sometimes I like to dip bread into my cup-a-soups. So maybe they should provide a crouton-less option. Apart from that it was great. The soup had just the right texture, it was a pleasant, light green colour. You're never going to get a taste as good as a properly-made soup but for 91p per box you can't really go wrong. It stayed hot for as long as it needed to and the taste and texture was constant throughout.

                  As usual I'm a very satisfied customer. Thank you Batchelors!


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