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Batchelors Slimasoup, Chicken Noodle and Vegetable

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Brand: Batchelors / Type: Soups

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    4 Reviews
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      29.12.2009 14:47
      Very helpful



      Quick lunch time snack

      Chicken noodle soup has always been a favourite of mine and as I generally have a cup a soup for my lunch in work I decided to try the Batchelor's Chicken noodle and vegetable slim a soup.

      The soup comes in a box with distinctive logos and colours for Batchelors, the box contains individual portions, 4 sachets in each box. It is very easy to make up the soup, as long as you have access to boiled water you could make them up anywhere! Open the sachet, pour contents into a suitable mug and add boiled water, the instructions advise 190mls of water but to be honest I have never measured the amount of water and I have had no problems. Once the water is added stir the contents and allow to settle for a couple of moments, once it has reached your preferred temperature, drink. Sometimes I add a small amount of cold water before I drink as I have found the soup does retain the heat and it is very painful to burn the roof of your mouth.

      When I have had chicken noodle soup in the past the noodles have always been long, a bit like short spaghetti, the noodles in this soup are little round ones and they soften up really well when the water is added. I haven't found much in the way of chicken and there are a few coloured pieces in the mixture that I assume are the vegetables, there are definitely sweet corn as these float to the top. Overall there is not much taste but it is not unpleasant, just a bit powdery. I find that the dried mixture does blend very well and if it is stirred for a little while there is not too much residue at the bottom of the cup when finished.

      For me cup a soup, or slim a soup as this is, is all about the convenience, I generally only have them for lunch when I am at work. I don't like to drink too much coffee or tea during the day and I do like a hot drink at lunchtime so I find the cup a soup varieties to be very convenient. The slim a soup only has 56kcals per serving so for anyone watching their weight it is a decent product.

      Quick and easy to make, convenient hot drink, available in most supermarkets and something I will continue to use and enjoy.


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        21.05.2009 17:58



        Good flavour, consistency and lots of nice bits of noodle!

        Batchelor's Slimasoups come in a number of flavours, but this (and the broccoli and cauliflower) is definitely my favourite. Bathchelors soups definitely beat their supermarket own-brands in terms of consistency when mixed up with hot water - the tesco ones I've found to be way to gelatinous, and the sainsbury's ones don't seem to dissolve properly, so I always opt for this brand even though it's a bit more expensive. I love the chicken noodle and vegetable one because you get lots of nice pasta bits in it (wait a few minutes for them to get properly soft though), as well as bits of sweetcorn and carrot. These are a great mid-morning filler, easy to make in the office, and for under 60 calories, they keep me going until lunch without wanting biscuits (less filling for double the calories!). I also like the quickness factor - they're an instant warmer in the winter, and if you drop bits of ryvita into them, you get a nice soup and carb hit for under 100 calories! I quite often mix a tiny drop of milk into them too, just to add an extra bit of creaminess (and cool them down when I'm too impatient to wait!)


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        30.10.2008 18:36
        Very helpful
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        Another slight disappointment from batchelors but still okay

        Having tried the powdered Batchelors Slimasoup Minestrone and not liked it, but similarly having tried the Asda Own Brand Chicken and veg soup and liked it, I thought I would see if I was a fan of Batchelors Chicken noodle and veg. The soup come sin powdered form and, as it is slimasoup, it has a very low calorific content, under 60 calories for the cup. Each packet will make one cup of soup, and with the weather turning towards an early winter, I am on a quest to find a soup that warms me and tastes great.

        The smell on adding the boiling water to this is quite nice. I'm still a little unsure of the whole powdered chicken in a soup concept, but the less I think about it the better, I feel. Do the smell and the taste match. Well, kind of. The soup does warm me through immediately, and makes me smile with it, and there is a certain substance to the consistency of it, but it's the taste that kind of lets it down. It tasted a little too manufactured and was almost void of flavour other than this. The flavours were so subtle that they were barely there, which unfortunately reminded me of the Minestrone soup also by Batchelors that I had found to be a disappointment.

        However, it's not all bad with this soup. I did like it enough because of the warmth, and the taste kind of grew on me as I realised that the only reason I was unsure about it was perhaps because it didn't taste quite like the one I had liked from Asda.

        So, as a result, I do recommend this soup, although don't expect anything great from it. The soup comes in a pack of 4, each one making a whole cup.


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          03.07.2008 21:07
          Very helpful



          A nice low fat snack.

          As an avid dieter I am always looking for products that are low in fat but high in satisfaction. Also due to time restrictions on my breaks at work, (I only get 15 minutes), I need something that is quick, delicious and reasonably filling that can literally be thrown down my throat without the time consuming chewing!

          The product I will now review is "Bachelors' slim a soup, chicken noodle and vegetable".

          ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

          Each box of cup a soups contains four paper packets of soup, these are housed within a cardboard box that in my opinion is far to big for the contents within.
          I feel a tiny rant coming on........... I really don't mind recycling, in fact I quite like the feeling I get when seeing the now half empty dustbin being taken out once a week, I do feel the food manufacturers should perhaps rethink some of there packaging, I wouldn't need to recycle as much if they did there bit straight off!...... ok 'ickle rant over with!
          The box is colourful and eye catching, with the "mug" of soup taking centre stage, surrounded by all the ingredients in the soup, the product name and brand name is featured at the top of the box and at the bottom the fat content (1%), the calorie content (60 kcals) and the statement that these soups contain NO artificial colours or preservatives.

          ~~~~~~ THE SOUP IN IT'S DRY STATE ~~~~~~

          As mentioned earlier the soups come in a single portion within a paper sleeve. You just have to rip the top part of the sleeve of, which is exceptionally easy to do, you literally tip the contents of the sachet into a mug.
          Once tipped into the mug you will notice the soup is very similar in colour to custard, there are also loads of different "flecks" of things nestled amongst the powder, these do not become distinguishable until the hot water is added and the vegetables become reconstituted, also visible before the water is added are the tiny circular pieces of noodle that will eventually become the "substantial" part of the soup.
          There is not soup powder in each sachet, after emptying into a mug for the first time I was doubtful of the consistency of the soup, thinking that maybe this was how it was classed as a diet product as it might not thicken up past a dishwater consistency, thankfully I was wrong, but more of that later.

          ~~~~~~ HOW TO PREPARE ~~~~~~

          The instructions simply state - Empty a sachet into a cup or mug, add boiling water and stir well, wait a few moments and enjoy!

          I would advise you wait a few minutes as there are corn kernels as part of the vegetable content and if your lucky yours may soften, mine never have so I do scoop them off with a spoon before consuming!

          ~~~~~~ TASTE ~~~~~~

          Ok, so this is of course the most important part, there's nothing worse than going for the "diet" version, only to find it tastes so revolting it makes you head straight for the biscuit tin to compensate!

          After stirring the soup and adding a spot of cold water to stop it from stripping the skin from the inside of your mouth, which I used to do regularly, did I mention I only get 15 minutes break! I then scoop the floating bullets from the surface of my soup, when I say bullets I actually mean sweet corn! Then I'm ready to go!

          The smell is strong and visible from the second the water hit's the powder in the mug, it smells delicious and of course like chicken, my work always comment on how nice it makes the rest room smell, and I have even started the trend of some of them bringing cup a soups in with them, though there's are full fat and much nicer I'm sure!
          The soup, when stirred, is nice and thick with the vegetables now distinguishable, there are leeks, red peppers, onion, peas and carrots floating on the top with the now soft and tasty noodles.
          According to the ingredients list there is also swede and spinach in there, must be more for the flavouring, as they are not visible when drinking/eating the soup.
          The soup is thick and warming, not at all powdery like some packet soups can be, it almost coats your tongue with all the different flavours happening, the chicken flavour is very apparent with the onion and leeks being the secondary flavour, surprisingly you can actually smell the onion after you have eaten them!
          The rest of the flavours meld together to make a really lovely and satisfying snack, which always keeps me full until dinnertime at night.

          ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

          Per serving, made up as directed -
          56 kcal
          1.7g protein
          9.7g carbohydrate
          2.4g of which sugars
          1.1g fat
          0.5g of which saturates

          That makes these 1 weight watcher point each, bonus I can have some bread with it as well!

          ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY~~~~~~

          I purchased these as I always do from my local Asda, as part of the "big shop!", they will set you back £1.09 a box, which as little pricey for soup, but due to my time constraints, these are ideal for my lunch!
          These are available in other flavours which include minestrone and spicy chicken, which are both delicious.

          ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

          As you may have gathered I really like these and aside from the price would actively encourage others to give them a go, for more information on this and other products available in the range visit -

          Thanks for reading x


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