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Batchelors Soupfulls, Beef and Vegetable

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Brand: Batchelors / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2009 13:46
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      If you love your salt, i would recommend this soup

      Despite my constant denial, winter has come early to where I live. So I thought it was time to break out the standard warming soup for lunch as the temperature has dropped considerably (both outside and inside the pathetically heated office). Not being a big fan of tomato I searched for a meat-based soup that contained no tomato at all - and this is where Batchelors Soupfulls classic beef and vegetable comes in. It cost around £2 at Tesco.

      The packaging: A big, predominantly blue pouch containing 400g of soupy goodness. The pouch has an easy to tear top enabling easy access. It has a picture of what the soup should look like on the front. Is it accurate? Surprisingly, yes - no 'Big Mac' situations here.

      To prepare, I just ripped off the top and dumped it into a microwave safe bowl, covered (VERY important) and heated for 3 minutes. The instructions said something about stirring halfway through and leaving to stand, but since when have I paid attention to that?

      The soup: Pretty much equal portions of potato, carrots and peas awaited me, with a smattering of beef cubes and onions, in a brown thick broth that made up the minority of the bowl. The vegetables managed to keep their shape (apart from a few mushy peas, but that's not a problem!) so all in all, a very chunky, hearty looking soup. Smelled like a peppery, meaty broth.

      The taste: Ah, no tomatoes! The beef was never gristly and always tender. And actually tasted quite like beef which is a bonus as some ready-made soups seem to be made out of mystery meat. I could taste the individual flavours of the veges and beef, and the broth was seasoned with a good helping of pepper and salt. If I had to complain, and I do have to, the soup was overall too salty and you shall see why when I come to the nutritional info...

      Nutritional info: Per 400g serving - 188 kcal, 13.6g protein, 26.8 g carbs of which 5.2g sugars, 3.2g fat of which 0.8g saturates, 6.4g fibre, 1.2g sodium = 3g salt equivalent. No RDA guidelines to see how healthy the soup is, but that is why I am here! With respect to everything apart from the salt it is a very healthy, unfortunately because the recommended daily intake of salt is 6g, this means that the salt has a whopping 50% of your daily salt needs. Be careful with this one if you want to watch your salt intake!

      Ingredients: 36% veges in variable proportions carrot potato peas onion, 12% beef. No added MSG, no artificial colours or preservatives. It contains wheat, barely, gluten and milk. So not suitable for celiacs, the lactose intolerant, and vegetarians (of course).

      Overall: A wholesome chunky soup that has a somewhat homemade feel to it. Generous with their veges and not so much with their beef (only 12%). Unfortunately it is too salty in taste, which is where it loses 2 stars from me. I won't be purchasing again.


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