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Batchelors Soupfulls Mediterranean Tomato and Vegatable

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Brand: Batchelors / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2009 09:54
      Very helpful



      One of the worst soups I've ever tried, avoid.

      This week I've been eating homemade ham and pea soup and it was absolutely gorgeous. However, we have now run out and we're not going to Tesco until tonight (pay day), so there's no salad or anything.

      Although I don't want to do it, I am going to eat the second of my Batchelor's Soupfulls packets. I didn't enjoy the first one (which I've already reviewed - Chicken and Mushroom) due to its saltiness, and I'm not optimistic that this one's going to be any better. However, the Mediterranean Vegetables and Tomato Soupfull is in my drawer at work and it would be stupid not to at least try it.

      ---What's a Soupfull?---

      As I said in my Chicken and Mushroom Soupfull review:
      "Soupfulls are made by Batchelors. They are supposed to be more of a meal than your usual tinned soup. However, the packaging (a kind of pouch) means that they are still relatively long lasting - mine's best before October '09, so I'd estimate (from when I might have bought it) they last about 11 months - plenty of time to eat! According to the packet Soupfulls are "a delicious range of filling and wholesome soups that are sure to satisfy". "

      The pouch weighs 400g and is a portion for one which is good since it's only meant to serve one - 400g tinned soup normally says it serves two.

      ---How to cook the Soupfull---

      Like most soups this can be heated up in the microwave or on the hob. Like most soups it probably tastes slightly better being heated on the hob. However, I am at work, and don't have that luxury, so the microwave it is!

      The Soupfull can NOT be heated up in its pouch as it's not microwave safe. Open the pouch (it's very easy and mess-free to open), pour it into a microwaveable container (it all comes out easily) heat on full for 2 minutes, stir, then heat for another minute. Simple!

      ---The Nutritional Stuff - Mediterranean Vegetables and Tomato ---

      Well, there's a lot of salt in it (2.2g) although slightly less than the horrible Chicken and Mushroom variety. It only has 136 calories in which is not a lot at all (much less than C & M), just 0.4g fat. From a diet perspective it actually looks really good!

      The ingredients are various vegetables (50%) mainly potatoes, red peppers and carrots, water, chopped tomatoes (11%), Tomato Puree (9%) and then the usual flavourings and whatnots.

      For those with allergies it contains wheat, barley, gluten and milk. It doesn't say it's suitable for vegetarians so I guess it's not?

      ---The Eating Experience---

      Well, I've heated it up. The soup looks pretty colourful with the red pepper and the green of the courgettes.

      I can't describe the smell, it's weird. My first spoonful has a nice chunk of potato, and that is nice. But the sauce is strange, very strange.

      Like with the chicken flavour, the best bit of it is the potato chunks. None of the chunks (potato or vegetable) really taste of anything at all, the sauce is too overpowering. The sauce is really like a dirty tomato flavour. The salt is pretty strong tasting as well.

      At first I thought this was better than the chicken and mushroom flavour, but I was wrong, it's just as bad, even worse. It seems to get worse which each mouthful.

      I have eaten almost half of it and can't go on. I'm now going to pour it down the toilet, and go and buy some other food.


      I think this cost 2 for £2 in a special offer at Tesco, but they seem to retail between £1.08 and £2.05 per Soupfull which is a lot (I mean, you can buy fresh homemade soup from the local sandwich shop for £1.20 - perhaps I should start doing this). Since writing this and going to Tesco I saw it was on sale for £1.35.

      Since I had to go and buy myself a cheese pasty this Soupfull actually ended up being very unhealthy despite the low calories.

      One of the worst soups I've ever tried, avoid. Please note, this weekend I will be making batches of proper soup to freeze!


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