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Baxter's Italian Tomato with Basil Soup

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Brand: Baxter's / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2009 22:08
      Very helpful



      Give it a try!

      On a recent trip to Asda I decided to stock up on a few tins of soup that I hadn't tried before and so I bought a selection from Baxters Healthy Choice and Vegetarian range. One such variety from the Vegetarian range was the Italian tomato with basil. Today was the first time I'd tried this soup but it certainly won't be the last.

      The soup comes in a 415g tin with the standard ring pull top. For those that, for whatever reason, prefer to open the tin in the more conventional way using a tin opener, the label advertises the tin can be turned upside down and opened that way. I personally don't find the tin particularly attractive, largely because the label is predominantly green and I don't know why but I don't really find it an appealing colour! However, once I've got past the colouring of the label and focus on the image portrayed then my interest is suddenly grabbed. The soup looks appealing pictured in a nice, clean white bowl with a garnish on top. It looks particularly appealing due to the fact that the garnish contains what appears to be parmesan cheese shavings. If anybody has read my other soup reviews, they will know I love adding cheese to soups (in all honesty, I love adding cheese to anything!). As this was the first time I'd tried this soup I can't officially recommend adding cheese, though I'm sure it is a great serving suggestion!

      The label advertises that the soup contains less than 2% fat and is suitable for vegetarians (as you'd expect from a soup in the vegetarian range!). It also has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. For those with allergies or intolerances, the label points out that the soup contains milk, wheat, gluten and celery.

      The vital statistics as far as the nutritional information is concerned shows that per half a can (I like the fact that it says per half can and not per serving as for me there is no way half a can is enough) there are 100 kcals, 4.4g protein, 16.4g carbohydrates of which 6.8g sugars, 1.9g fat of which 0.4g saturates, 1.7g fibre, 0.6g sodium and approximately 1.5g salt.

      Now onto the soup itself. On opening the tin you are met with a quite strong but very pleasant smell of basil. Before I'd even heated it I had a colleague comment on how nice it smelled. On pouring the soup into a bowl I was pleased with how thick it was - I often feel as though I'm having more of a meal if it's a thicker soup. Having got the soup ready to be heated, it would be fair to say it had passed the sight and smell test!

      The soup can be heated in the microwave in about 3-5 minutes or gently on the hob in a little over 5 minutes. I always prefer to heat soup on a hob but this is not an option at work and I'm happy to say the taste was still as good as I'd hoped.

      My first thoughts on tasting the soup were that it was not too tomatoey nor did it taste too much of basil but was in fact, just right. I do find basil quite an overpowering taste and did have concerns that I would find the soup a bit sickly but this was far from the case. What I also noticed when eating the soup was a nice hint of onion (one of the main ingredients with tomatoes, carrots and red lentils). This combined nicely with the tomato and basil contributing to a very nice taste. After I'd finished the soup I was left with a nice aftertaste that left me wishing I still had a bit left.

      The soup cost about 71p which is approximately 10p cheaper than Baxters standard range and is very good value for money.

      All in all this was a very good soup with a great taste from a nice blend of flavours. I recommend this soup and will be buying it again.


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