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Baxters Haggis Broth

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Brand: Baxter's / Soups

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2009 19:32
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      With this soup Baxters are in danger of ruining their excellent reputation!

      I love Haggis, the rich flavour and hearty meal it provides is second to none and I have always wished we English had nabbed it as our national dish before the Scots' got in! In Morrisons today I was thrilled to see a soup from Baxters called Haggis Broth, apologies if this has been around for years but I'm not a big buyer of tinned soups so don't tend to notice what is or isn't available.

      I couldn't wait, as soon as I had put my shopping away I poured the broth into a saucepan and set about heating it up while cooking a part-baked baguette in the oven. I was slightly surprised to see the soup was a very wishy washy colour and almost looked like Irish Stew rather than the rich brown soup I had been expecting. I could see plenty of carrot slices and chunks of potato along with small clumps of what had to be the haggis and a few slivers of onion, it looked to be rather blander than I thought it would and the smell rising from the soup was insipid to say the least.

      The first mouthful was so disappointing and really the experience of eating it got worse as the bowl wore on. It's not such a disgusting soup that I had to empty the bowl down the drain and have something else, but it's just not the soup I had been expecting or hoping for. The measly 6% haggis in the soup isn't very apparent in the flavour, instead Baxters have emptied what seems like every spice pot they can find into the tin. Haggis is naturally warm in flavour and this is fine when eating a hearty haggis, neeps and tatties because it makes it taste authentic and delicious. With this soup the spiciness seems much too forced and it comes across as rather too peppery which gets more and more overpowering as I got through the (large) bowl I had prepared for myself.

      The carrots are cooked nicely, they are soft and perfect looking but thankfully do not have the consistency of the tinned carrots that they resemble in appearance. The have soaked up some of the flavours in the broth but still retain their own unique flavour, unlike most tinned soups who seem to use carrots for colour rather than flavour. I enjoyed the potatoes too, cut large enough to be a proper mouthful and with a very nice texture which is soft and fluffy while eating even though the spud looks to be undercooked while in the bowl.

      I wasn't impressed with this at all, even less impressed than I am usually by tinned soups unfortunately. It is a tasteless broth to which has been added far too many spices and pepper, the haggis flavour was damped down and I was disappointed by this as it was the promise of a real haggis flavour that led me to buy the soup in the first place. I'm quite happy with the fact that 29% of this soup is vegetables but not so happy with the saltiness in the broth itself which made my otherwise delicious baguette go all salty and soggy when I dipped it in.

      From a nutritional point of view Haggis Broth isn't too bad, half a tin contains 93 calories and 3.1g of fat which is good if you can stick to half a tin but I'm greedy and like a full tin of soup in a big bowl so this obviously bumps these figures up! I actually only ate around a quarter of this tin because with every mouth full the soup seemed to get spicier and more peppery which quickly overpowered all the other flavours. It cost somewhere in the region of 89p which is expensive for such a tasteless broth, hardly worthy of the usually excellent Baxters range.


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      One mouthful & I'm transported to the Highlands wherever I am! This very special soup captures the very essence of Scotland, & I love it!

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