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Baxters Healthy Choice Carrot, Onion & Chick Pea

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Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2008 14:39
      Very helpful



      For a tinned soup it's not half bad!


      Today was one of those days where the lettuce had gone limp and I had to throw it out, and due to hangovers we hadn't made any proper soup at the weekend. Since hubby and I spent far too much money last month I didn't want to splash out on a gorgeous baguette, so before I set off for work I searched the cupboards for an edible looking soup, and cut myself a thick slice of bread.

      The soup I came across was Baxter's Healthy Choice Carrot, Onion and Chick Pea soup, so I threw it in my bag to have for lunch.

      The soup is described on the Baxter's website and on the tin as "mouth-wateringly tasty and decidedly healthy, this is a soup bursting with natural flavours. A potent mix that tantalises taste buds whilst providing a source of fibre to help maintain a healthy digestive system"

      Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? As a rule I'm not a tinned soup fan as we usually make our own, so my expectations are never that high!

      ---Buying the Tin---

      I have no idea how much I specifically paid for this tin (more price details at the end), or why I bought this one rather than another one. But I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with Baxters soups, and the word "Healthy" possibly did sway me slightly! It was a time I was picking up random soups exactly for days like these!

      What's actually in the soup?

      From reading the tin I can tell you that the soup contains Water, Carrots (20%), Onions (8%), Potatoes, Chick Peas (4%) and various other bits and bobs. It is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, but it does contain wheat and gluten, so not suitable for people with those allergies/intolerances.

      The tin is 415g and serves 2 people, at just 85 calories a portion, so not bad from a diet perspective. Since this is my lunch and I'm hungry I will be having the whole tin which will bring it up to 170 calories (then a chunk of bread too), a bit more substantial!

      The tin contains "at least a" source of a fibre, a source of protein and a source of vegetables. However, it also contains 1.3g of salt. Unlike Heinz the Baxter soups don't say on them what this is as a proportion of the daily recommended maximum intake, but I can tell you that the daily recommended maximum intake of salt is 6g. And I can also tell you that a WHOLE tin of this soup as much salt in as HALF a tin of Heinz vegetable soup - so that's very good news. So, already things are looking promising - there's nothing worse than salty soup!

      ---Cooking the soup---

      I poured my soup into a plastic container, heated on full heat for 2 minutes, stirred, and then heated for another minute. Of course it can also be heated on the hob if you happen to have one handy - cooking instructions are on the tin.

      ---Eating the soup---

      The soup smelled like vegetable soup, but not a particularly strong smell - my colleagues didn't comment on it.

      On the first mouthful I was sure that I was going to enjoy the soup. There were nice sized chunks of potatoes and carrots, and chick peas (which had a bit of bite to them rather than being soggy).

      The sauce has a slight tomatoey taste (from the tomato paste in it) and was thick enough, but not as thick as some soups. Despite there not being an awful amount of salt in, it is still just slightly too salty to taste.

      I finished the whole tin which I probably only achieve half of the time with tinned soup (often the whole thing ends up flushed down the toilet), and felt pleasantly satisfied. It does leave a slight aftertaste, but nothing unpleasant, and nothing which can't be sorted out with the piece of cake I'm about to have (so much for healthy!)


      If you so desire you can purchase this soup online from the Baxter's website for 84p a tin.


      Also in the Healthy soup range are such delights as Chicken and Vegetable, Spicy Tomato and Rice with Sweetcorn and Minestrone with Wholemeal Pasta.

      I'd give this soup a very healthy 7 ½ out of 10! Now, onto an afternoon's work!


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    • Product Details

      A blend of vegetables that will keep you healthy and warm over the cold months.

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