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Baxters Lentil & Vegetable

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Brand: Baxter's / Soups

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2009 13:24
      Very helpful



      Another soup, another day...

      Another day, and another tinned soup...

      Before I get any more comments about how homemade soup is better than tinned rubbish, I COMPLETELY agree. Hubby and myself do make a lot of soup (and yes, homemade is by far the best in every possible way - well, except that it can be messy as our blender is cracked), but lately we haven't for various reasons.

      Anyway, it's lunchtime yet again, and I have another Baxters soup in my drawer....of all the tinned soup I think that Baxters might well be the best (although I should say that in hindsight after eating the soup I'm starting to question if I have actually ever liked any tinned soups or if there was something wrong with me before).

      My main gripe with all tinned soup is the huge amounts of salt which they put in it, I see no reason for this really, and it means that often my soup ends up being poured down the toilet (although I have been told I mustn't do this as it will block the drains - although personally I can't see how it's different from being sick - it makes the same noise) as I can't finish it.

      Today's soup is Baxters Healthy Choice Lentil and Vegetable soup - lets hope it's a good one.

      ---The Tin---

      The tin weighs in at 415g which is pretty standard, and has a convenient ring pull. It's supposed to serve 2 as these tins always say, but I always heat a whole tin (even if I don't finish it - for whatever reason).

      The tin is the usual browny orangey colour of Baxters soup tins, and has a picture of an appetizing looking bowl of soup with a sprig of parsley on it - damn, I should have brought some parsley from home! As ever, Audrey Baxter's signature is on the tin, and the soup is described as being "packed with a huge assortment of vegetables & lentils & simmered in a tasty vegetable stock, this soup is satisfying, low in fat and utterly delicious."

      ---Ingredients/Nutritional Info---

      Suitable for vegetarians and less than 1% fat, let's take a closer look at the nutritional info...

      Main ingredient is water (duh!), followed by carrots, onions, red lentils (4.5%), potatoes.....lots of other veg (total is 38% vegetables) and other bits and bobs. Full list can be found here - http://www.baxters.com/products/lentil-and-vegetable.html

      Nutritional info can also be found there in more detail - but to quickly cover, since I'm going for a whole tin I'll have to double the amounts. 170 calories per tin according to the tin (or 174 if you're following what it says on the website), 8.8g protein, 1.2g fat, and scarily as ever 3g salt - this is half of the recommended daily maximum amount. So, on the one hand I don't really want it to be that nice as I'll eat the whole tine.

      Contains wheat, gluten and celery, so watch out if you have allergies/intolerances - of course you should be doing that anyway without me telling you!


      As ever the soup can be heated on the hob which would probably be best, but I'm at work, so microwave it is. Heat for 2/3 minutes, stir and heat for another 1/2 minutes.

      ---The Soup itself---

      Pouring the soup into my microwavable container and it seems pretty thick with lots of chunks in it.

      The smell isn't wonderful...the first mouthful and the taste of salt is completely overpowering.

      There are lots of bits in it, I can make out the peas, carrots, potatoes, onions, sweetcorn . It's a fairly colourful soup. The chunks taste better than they do in the most awful soups I've ever tried, but only VERY marginally. Can't make out any lentils....

      The sauce has that odd dirty taste which I'm now coming to associate with bad tinned soups. It's just not right at all. In fact it tastes almost identical to the potato and leek soup I reviewed last week.

      I've managed to get almost a quarter of the way through the soup, but I think that's the most I can manage. On the positive side this means I won't be having nearly half of my recommended salt intake. On the negative side it'll have to go down the loo, and hey if it attracts rats in the sewer then more fool them - I can't put it in my bin as there's no bin bag! I'm not left particularly hungry as I think it's put me off lunch....but the salt has left me very thirsty.


      I have no idea how much I paid for this tin. It was too much though. I would imagine somewhere around the 65p mark.

      I really am coming towards the end of my tinned soup eating days now....it just can't go on.


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        04.03.2009 12:12
        Very helpful



        A very good all around soup that most people will enjoy (NOT gluten free though)

        At 174 calories per whole can this is yet another glowing success story from the highly commendable Audrey Baxter range of soups.

        This soup has real flavour, nice texture, will fill you up and also make you feel good about yourself because you know you've put something in your body that has healthy ingredients. It is what's known as a "winter warmer" because it will warm your body up and provide nutrition and energy that's needed on a cold day.

        The ingedients are:
        Water, Carrots, Onions, Red Lentils (4.5%), Potatoes, Cauliflower, Leeks, Peas, Green Beans, Sweetcorn, Cornflour, Wheatflour, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, Concentrated Tomato Paste, Honey, Garlic Puree, Sugar, Dried Onion, Celery Seed, Vegetable Oil, Herb and Spice Extracts, White Pepper, Parsley. Vegetables 38%.

        Other nutritional information:
        0.2% fat
        2.3% protein
        0,8g salt per whole tin
        No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
        Contains wheat, gluten and celery
        Suitable for vegetarians

        I have typically been paying between 70p at 89p per can dependant on the retailer I visit. There can be quite bi differences in price on Baxters soups for the same flavour between supermarkets that are in the same two so its worth finding the cheapest retailer and stocking up as the cans typically have a long shelf life.

        This in my humble soup eating experience opinion is a fine soup that will do your body some good if eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet.

        This review is also posted on www.ciao.co.uk
        under my user name bella6789


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        23.10.2007 20:03



        one of the best canned soups and value for money on the market


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    • Product Details

      Packed with a huge assortment of vegetables & lentils & simmered in a tasty vegetable stock, this soup is satisfying, low in fat & utterly delicious.

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