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Baxters Pea & Ham

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Brand: Baxter's / Soups

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    6 Reviews
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      10.09.2010 22:22
      Very helpful
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      I wont be buying again, another cost cutting measure, perhaps?

      I am not the biggest fan of soup right now. I used to like a bowl of tomato soup or perhaps chicken which was also one of my favuorites. I then tried Baxter Pea and Ham soup and straight away I was a fan. The thick consistency of the soup was due to the large quantity of peas, there were also healthy chunks of ham in the soup and it was a very enjoyable lunchtime meal.

      The reason I said 'was' is because Baxters have since changed the recipe. The current Pea and Ham soup is apparently an 'improved recipe' but to be honest I cant see how they have improved it. I found that the ham has virtually being cast aside and instead the soup is very watery. Before, I am convinced the whole consistency of the soup was from the peas, but now the amount of liquid just waters down the whole flavour. If you used to eat this soup you will know what I mean. The soup was so rich and thick that it was questionable whether it was even a soup! Unfortunately Baxters have watered down this product and therefore I have lost interest completely in their range of soups. I havnt tasted any of their range since the 'improvements' were made, but I would imagine if they are anything like the alterations made to their Pea and Ham soup I wont be finding that appetising either.

      Overall, I am very disappointed that Baxters have 'watered down' such a tasty and hearty soup. No more enjoyment from it on cold winter days. I am yet to find a replacement, Heinz soups are also too watery.


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        20.04.2010 10:24
        Very helpful



        A great hearty soup from Baxters! ~ 5/5 stars from me!

        Baxters Pea and Ham Soup

        Well I am sorry to say that I am back on the soups again, there isn't a week that goes past, that for at least one day out of it, I am having a soup for lunch.

        Soup to me is satisfying, filling and tasty and so today I am going to tell you my thoughts on this Baxters Pea and Ham variety.

        ~~~ Packaging ~~~
        This soup comes in a can with the very familiar looking label from Baxters, with its red label having 'Baxters Favourites' written in large bold lettering across the top and the type of soup just underneath, making it easy to recognise. On the reverse of the label we are given the nutritional values, the ingredients and the cooking instructions.

        We are also given, on the reverse of the label, this statement by Audrey Baxter:-

        "To me all this soup needs is a warm loaf of crusty white bread to dip in. I love the colour and the texture of the split peas and the terrific smokey flavour from the ham. One of my favourite combinations".

        ~~~ To Cook ~~~
        Preparing this soup to eat is really very simple and can be done in either of two ways. It can be heated in the microwave by first pouring the soup into a microwavable dish and heating in the microwave on full power for 2 minutes, stop and stir then continue to heat for another 2 minutes based on a 850w oven.

        Or it can be heated through on the hob by pouring the soup into a saucepan and heating through very gently, while stirring occasionally, and being careful not to allow the soup to boil, until it is piping hot. This is my preferred method as I personally find that microwaving impairs the flavours in the soup.

        ~~~ Taste ~~~
        Once cooked this soup is very thick and creamy. It looks packed full of peas and the pieces of ham are quite a good size. The soup is full of peas, potatoes, carrots and small pieces of ham and the ham flavour is very good and strong. The pea flavour is also quite strong and there is no need to add additional seasoning as they seem to have it just right.

        ~~~ Nutrition ~~~
        For those of you who are interested in the nutritional side the typical values based on one serving which is half of the can are as follows:-

        Energy ~ 125 kcals
        Protein ~ 7.3g
        Carbs ~ 17.2g
        (of which sugars) ~ 1.7g
        Fat ~ 2.9g
        (of which sats) ~ 0.1g
        Fibre ~ 1.9g
        Sodium ~ 0.05g
        Approx. Salt ~ 1.2g

        And it contains no artificial colours or flavours.

        What it does contain is :-

        Ingredients: Water, split green peas (7%), potatoes, carrots, onions, smoked ham (3.5%), peas (3.5%), cornflour, green pea flour, smoked ham flavouring, salt, and white pepper.

        ~~~ Opinion ~~~
        I really love this soup it is actually one of my favourites and is one that I always have a tin of stocked up in my kitchen cupboards. The thick creamy soup with its lovely sweet pea flavour and that smokey ham taste go really well with a nice chunk of crusty warm bread with lashings of real butter on. At 125 calories for half the can it isn't one of the healthiest sous out there but it is certainly one of the tastiest in my opinion and I would recommend it to anyone to at least try it ....... you never know you may like it as much as I do.

        These cans of soup retail at all good supermarkets for 89p for a 415g tin, but I was lucky enough to find them in Home Bargains for £1.00 for 2 tins, so I stocked up while I had the chance!

        For more products and information visit: www.baxters.com

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          16.04.2010 09:03
          Very helpful



          A great soup from Baxters!

          Baxters Pea and Ham Soup

          After having browsed through this website and read quite a few reviews now I have noticed just how popular soup reviews are at the moment. Its probably due to the cold weather or even perhaps the lack of funds forcing people to tighten their belts and going for cheaper meals, I really don't know but, whatever the reason I thought I would like to add my thoughts on one of my favourite soups.

          This soup comes in a tin with the traditional looking label of Baxters. It has the Baxters logo written across the top saying Baxters favourites and on the back of the tin we have the cooking guidelines, the ingredients and the nutritional information.

          The nutrition for 1 serving (1/2 can) is as follows:
          Energy - 125cals
          Protein - 7.3g
          Carbs - 17.2g
          Fat - 2.9g
          Fibre - 1.9g
          Salt - 1.2g

          This soup looks very thick and creamy, with a strong taste of sweet peas. The soup is thick with the peas, potatoes, carrots and ham. The ham flavour is quite strong too so you get a great mix of the two flavours of the peas and the ham. I have this served up with toasted bread and it fills me up for a lunch or a snack although I have to say I do have the whole tin and not just 1/2 the tin as recommended as one serving.

          This is a good soup that I would deffinatley be buying and eating again.

          It says on the tin that this costs 89p to buy but I bought two tins of this this in Home Bargains for only £1.00 so a real bargain and a very cheap lunch.

          A great soup but look out for it on offer!


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            07.04.2010 16:53
            Very helpful



            A quick meal for all the family!!

            Although I work from home and theoretically have all day to sort out the tea, it really isn't all that easy. Maybe it is because I am extremely busy most of the time. Maybe it is because I have to collect the kids from school and sort them out. Maybe it is because I am disorganisned. It could be a multitude of all of them. However quite often I find myself in a position at Five O Clock, when the kids ask the same question. 'Hey Dad, what's for tea'. Knowing my wife will also be coming through the door very shortly too, always rings alarm bells. For this reason I often have some 'quickies' at hand, and what can be quicker than hot soup with nice runny toast. So whilst in Home and Bargain recently I noticed a young lad putting out some tins of soup. They were all Baxters and priced at 89p but they were selling them cheaper. I think the price was about 50p. Anyway I took the opportunity to throw some tins in the trolley.

            Last night that occasion happened. My wife had gone out with some friends after work (or so she says :-) and the kids were after something to eat. I went to the cupboard and gave them a choice of a few types of soup. My choice was Pea and Ham. I must admit their faces all turned up at the thought, but I was actually looking forward to it. So out came 4 pans - for 4 different types of soup. I didn't need a tin opener as they all had ring pull tops (so much easier). In the meantime the toast was in the toaster and tea was ready within 5 minutes. They all got tucked in and I was happy to get tucked into mine too. So what was it like. Well it was piping hot as you'd expect and green, I guess you'd expect that too. However it really was quite delicious. It was also very thick and although a lot of peas and ham quickly fell to the bottom, it still left a great taste throughout the bowl. I would say there was a lot more peas than ham though, ham was a bit on the rare side (3.5% according to the tin) but the split peas you could really get the flavour of, and they really were delicious. The tin of soup and toast really filled me up and was a great meal.

            A tin of Soup has less than 2% fat and is gluten free.

            Nutrition per 1/2 can

            Energy 125kcal
            Protein 7.3g
            Carbohydrate 17.2g
            of which sugars 1.7g
            Fat 2.9g
            o which saturates 0.1g
            Fibre 1.9g
            Sodium 0.50g
            Approx Salt 1.2g


            Split Green Peas (7%)
            Smoked Ham (3.5%) (Contains Pork, Water, Salt)
            Peas (3.5%)
            Cornflour, Green Pea Flour, Smoked Ham Flavouring
            White Pepper

            I recommend this 'budget' soup to the house!!!


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              28.03.2010 17:24
              Very helpful



              A very tasty soup

              Yesterday i decided I'd be 'healthy' (just for the day of course) and had Baxters Pea and Ham soup for dinner (and two slices of bread for dipping)

              and I have to recommend the soup it was very pleasant; a perfect balance of Pea to smokey Ham in flavour, the soup is very mild though which I liked but some will probably find a bit bland, I needed to add a bit of salt to get it too my liking but I'm generally a bit naughty in that regard. The look and consistence isnt the best though; when I opened it the soup kind of glooped out as it was very thick and it looked a bit like baby food, but after heating it for a while it wasnt as thick.

              The soup has little lumps of ham in it which are rather skimped on (only about 5 in the whole tin) but I cant comment on if it is always like this, but I did want more.

              A very nice soup but could do with a bit more ham in it.

              Nutriotnally the product has;
              250 calories in the 415 gram tin.
              14.6g protein
              34. g of carbohdrates
              5.8g of fat
              Free from gluten
              Contains Soya\Soybeans
              Free from artificial colours
              Free from artificial flavours

              The product cost me 85p from Sainsburys


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                22.07.2008 20:48
                Very helpful



                Tasty and filling

                Baxters Pea & Ham Soup.

                Had this soup the other day. My wifes not too well at the moment and she felt like a change (thankfully the soup and not me). Warms up in ten minutes, (remember never let soup boil).

                We had it with a crusty cob each, no butter, the cobs soak it up better dry and you don't get the oil slick across your bowl. Plus of course it's healthier.

                The colour & the texture of the split green peas and the terrific smokey ham is very satisfying.

                Water, Split Green Peas (7%),
                Potatoes, Carrots, Onions,
                Smoked Ham (3.5%) (Contains Pork, Water, Salt),
                Peas (3.5%),
                Green Pea Flour,
                Yeast Extract,
                Lactose from milk,
                Bacon Fat,
                Dried Ham,
                Spice Extracts,
                White Pepper.

                Per Half Can:
                Energy - 103kcal
                Carbs - 17.2g
                Protein - 6.2g
                Fats - 1.0g
                Sat Fats - 0.2g
                Salt - 1.2g
                Fibre - 1.9g
                Sodium - 0.5g

                Try it, you won't be disappointed.



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              • Product Details

                To me all this soup needs is a warm loaf of crusty white bread to dip in. I love the colour & the texture of the split green peas & the terrific smokey flavour from the ham. One of my favourite flavour combinations!

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