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Baxters Potato & Leek

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Brand: Baxter's / Soups

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    6 Reviews
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      22.12.2009 17:35
      Very helpful



      Tastes slightly gone off, dairy free vegetarian soup

      Outside, the wind is howling, the snow is falling, so I figure what nicer than to have a nourishing bowl of soup? The Baxter's potato and leek soup was on special offer at my local supermarket for three tins for a £2.00, but its usual price was 89p per 415g tin. Since the local supermarket has very few dairy free tins of soup and this is dairy free, it was pretty much a given that I'd get this one eventually. The branding struck me as particularly bizarre - it offers a "hug in a bowl" - I'm not sure why on earth I'd want a hug from a piping hot bowl of soup, that sounds likely to scald.

      The tin has a ring pull make it easy and convenient to open, although I found that pulling it open was best done above a pan because it slopped everywhere. The contents were not at all evenly distributed through the tin - they had settled so that the top layer was watery and would spill everywhere at the slightest provocation and the bottom part was so jammed with potatoes that I had to scoop them out with a spoon in order to get them into the pan. This seems a bit odd given that it's supposed to be a two portion tin - I suppose you just have to make sure that you shake it up well before hand to make sure it is thoroughly mixed. Or just do what I do and have the whole tin.

      To cook it, just heat it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes. Optionally, leave it one nanosecond longer, and it coats the microwave evenly with a slimy goo that you then spend ten minutes scrubbing off. If only painting rooms were as easy as coating the microwave, eh?

      The tin shows a picture of a steaming, thick and wholesome-looking bowl of soup with large pieces of leek and potato in. The picture is right about the potatoes, but no rings of leeks were to be found. There were some greenish unidentifiable bits in though, which on balance of probability are probably leeks rather than soylent green, but I really couldn't tell from the flavour what it was supposed to be.

      The soup was primarily salty, but had a sour aftertaste to it like something that has gone bad. I found it sufficiently nasty that I checked the tin to see if it had gone out of date, but it was best before well over 18 months from now, so that isn't it. I actually couldn't identify any of the individual flavours by taste, which is odd given that I make vegetable soup using the same ingredients and it doesn't taste like that.

      From the flavour alone, I give this soup one star. However, I give it an extra star because the thickness and texture of the soup was rather nice, which is something I've never quite managed when I make it - I always get lumps if I try to use cornflour to thicken a soup. And I'll add an extra half star because it is vegetarian and dairy free. But I also take off half a star because it is just too salty, leaving two stars overall.

      The ingredients of the soup are water, potatoes, onions, leeks, carrots, cornflour, vegetable oil, salt, yeast, honey and turmeric. So it's vegetarian but not vegan thanks to the honey. Apparently it is gluten free and has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, which is good.

      Half a can contains 93kcal, 2.5g of protein, 16.8g of carbohydrates, 1.7g fat, 1.9g fibre, 0.44g sodium. So if I had the whole tin, hardly a gluttonous meal, I'd get nearly half of my daily salt intake. Throw in a couple of pieces of bread (another high sodium food), and I'm looking at blood pressure tablets in ten years time from too much salt. So maybe I should stick to making soup myself..

      In summary, it's not so bad that I'll throw the extra two tins away, but not so nice that I'd want to get it again from choice; since it's dairy free, though, I probably will do through lack of choice at the supermarket.

      Review may be cross-posted elsewhere.


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        20.12.2009 12:56
        Very helpful



        Its worth a try

        Whilst picking up a few household products in £ Stretcher yesterday I noticed these Baxters soups priced at 50p per tin and with my love of soup at the moment I grabbed a few from the available flavours.

        The whole content of the 415g tin contains 186 calories and 1.7g of fat, making this a really low fat, filling, warming snack or small meal.

        I heated my soup in the microwave for 3 minutes, although this can be heated in a saucepan on the hob until it is piping hot.

        The soup looks and smells delicious and mouth watering. There are clearly visible chunks of potato, shreds of leek and small pieces of carrot and onion. Unfortunately, the soup was a bit watery, it could have done with a bit more thickening. It was also slightly bland in flavour. I added a little pepper to perk it up a bit and it was a little better. Some palates may not need the extra seasoning though.

        Overall, I did think this soup was okay. I served it with a few croutons and would be lovely served with warm fresh bread. For the price of 50p I would buy it again, although my tin has a label on the front with '75p' and I would not pay that for it as I have found several soups that I really enjoy for less a price.


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        14.07.2009 10:57
        Very helpful



        Possibly Baxter's Nicest Soup

        When I decided to have this for my tea last night I checked out the 3 previous reviews on dooyoo to see what their opinions were & found that there was a bit of divergence. Anyway, for what it's worth here's my opinion on Baxter's Leak & Potato Soup.


        The soup comes in a can which can be opened by means of a ringpull at the top. People who prefer to use a can opener are advised to turn the can upside down. The label which is predominantly orange in colour contains a picture of a bowl of soup along with the usual cooking instructions, ingredients & nutritional information. The Baxter name appears as white text on a red background & there's a "By Appointment TO HM The Queen" at the top of the label.

        You can find more information on Baxter's products at: www.baxters.com

        Nutritional Information: per half can {per 100g in brackets}:

        Kj: 391 {188kJ}
        Calories: 93 kcal {44 kcal}
        Protein: 2.5g {1.2g}
        Carbohydrate: 16.8g {8.1g}
        of which sugars: 2.9g {1.4g}
        Fat: 1.7g {0.8g}
        of which saturates: 0.2g {0.1g}
        Fibre: 1.9g {0.9g}
        Sodium: 0.44g {0.21g}
        - salt equivalent: 1.0g {0.5g}


        Water, Potatoes (34%), Onions, Leeks (8%), Carrots, Cornflower, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Yeast Extract, Honey, Turmeric.

        Allergy advice:

        This soup is gluten free

        Heating Guidelines:

        Conventional: Empty into suacepan & heat until piping hot. Do not boil

        Microwave (based on category b 650 watt oven): Empty into a non metallic container, cover & heat for 3 minutes on full power. Stir, then heat for a further 1 - 2 minutes. Check that porduct is piping hot before serving.

        Storage: Empty contents into a suitable container & store refrigerated below 5C. Consume within 2 days.


        Baxter's soups retail around the 75p mark depending on which supermarket you shop at. As with most grocery products you can sometimes find them on special offer.


        This doesn't look like the most appetising soup in the world when you open the can. The colour is a sort of murky, dull yellow which doesn't create the best first impression. Normally I'd add some pepper to this soup but as I'm reviewing it for dooyoo I'll resist the temptation in order to give an accuarate assessment. Once the soup is cooked I place the bowl on a tray & look at it. It's still the same murky colour & I can see bits of vegatable floating just underneath the surface. I put my spoon in & get two generous chunks of potato along with some small pieces of carrot. The taste is actually quite pleasant, although it doesn't actually have an overpowering taste of anything in particular. Marymoose said in her review that the taste was overwhelmingly salty but I didn't find it so. I don't add salt to any cooking or to any of my meals (HP sauce is my main weakness) so if something was overly flavoured with salt I'd be certain to pick up on it. (We'll have to disagree on this one marymoose!)

        A second spoon goes in. More potato & carrot this time along with some leak which adds a nice contrast to the potato in terms of texture. I quickly finish of the rest of the soup & full reasonably satisfied ~ & that's without doing my usual trick of eating several slices of bread along with the soup. Overall, it's a warming soup (as stated on the tin) & the fact that it's generously packed with potato makes you feel fuller than you would do with "thinner" soups.


        There seems to be a bit of divergence on dooyoo about his soup & I think that's probably down to the strength of the flavours in the soup, or lack thereof. If you're the sort of person who likes their soup to have a strong taste, be that spicy or not, then this probably isn't the soup for you. You'll think it's bland or tasteless. If, on the other hand, you're not a person who likes things with particularly strong flavours, or you're not bothered either way then you should give this soup a try as it's really quite pleasant. As stated above I usually add a little pepper (as I do with all soups) with "livens" it up a little. This one is also, in my opinion, better than the Heinz version. It score highly on the low fat / low sugar front.


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          23.03.2009 10:16
          Very helpful



          Avoid unless you enjoy this sort of thing!

          ---Friday's lunch---

          Well another day and another soup. Hubby and I do like to make our own soups (which makes eating tinned soup even more of a disappointment), but there just hasn't been a chance lately. So, today I'm left to rummage through my desk drawer at work, and I have come across Baxters Potato and Leek soup.

          Baxters soups are generally pretty good, so fingers crossed I won't be disappointed. If I am then I'll have to go and buy a sausage roll.

          ---The Tin---

          The tin is an orangey reddy colour with a picture of a reasonably appetizing looking bowl of soup. It states that there are no artificial colous, flavours or preservatives.

          The soup is described as 'comforting' and best served with 'chunky buttered brown bread'.

          The tin weighs 415g, and has a ring pull top which is always convenient - although I notice it says on it that if you'd prefer to use a tin opener you can turn the tin upside down!!!

          ---Nutritional Info---

          Not a lot of ingredients in this soup - water, potatoes (34%), Onions, Leeks (8%), Carrots, Cornflour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Yeast Extract, Honey and Tumeric.

          It is vegetarian friendly, and gluten free. Excellent stuff!

          As ever a tin of soup is expected to serve two people, so for half a can there are 93 calories, 1.7g fat (0.2g of which saturates), and 1g salt. Full details can be found here - http://www.baxters.com/products/potato-and-leek.html


          As usual when reviewing soups I'm at work, so microwave is my only heating option - hob would no doubt be better.

          I empty the tin into a microwavable container, cover and heat for 3 minutes, stir, and heat for another 1-2 minutes.

          ---The Soup itself---

          On opening it's a bit thinner than expected in consistency. The chunks are stuck to the bottom of the tin and it takes quite a shake to get them out.

          Having heated it I have to say it doesn't smell very nice. It looks ok, quite yellowy in colour, with bits of carrot and green things.

          The overwhelming taste is of salt really.

          The potato chunks are the only redeeming feature really. There are lots of chunks.

          Actually, on third mouthful of potato I have to say I've changed my mind, the chunks aren't actually nice at all. Can't make out any leek, it's really just horrible.

          I can't really describe the taste, it's kind of dirty.

          No, that's it - I'm done! I haven't even managed a quarter of the soup, it's absolutely vile.


          I have no idea how much I paid for this tin, but it was too much. It seems to be available for around the 65p mark.

          Info about all of the Baxters soups can be found at www.baxters.com

          I certainly wouldn't recommend. I'd rather have no lunch than this.....thankfully today I have homemade turkey soup!


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            04.03.2009 12:39
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Only okay if you are a particular lover of Potato & Leek flavoured soups in general.

            Anyone who has read my Baxters soup reviews will know that I eat so much of the stuff that if you cut me open most of my major organs would have Baxters written on them and if I had an MRI scan it would show various flavours of Baxters soups coursing through my veins.

            However........ Potato & Leek is not one of the flavours that would be showing.

            This really is a stodgy tasteless mess of a soup that is in my opinion just not that pleasant to eat. I accept that by their very nature Leek and Potato are not the two most naturally flavoured vegetables which is why in general cooking they often have flavour added using butter, onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

            So in many ways any soup maker, even the great Audrey Baxter, is going to have great difficulty trying to make a very tasty Leek and Potato soup but at the same time keeping it healthy and keeping the calorie count within a low and healthy range.

            Again I congratulate the food technology people up there in Scotland for using fine ingredients and for steering clear of unhealthy ingredients but I do have to be honest and say that this flavour is not often to be found in my soup bowl.

            This review is also posted on www.ciao.co.uk
            under my user name bella6789


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              29.09.2008 07:29
              Very helpful



              very tasty.

              There is nothing better than a bowl of soup on a winter's day or when you have been feeling a little bit under the weather, to just curl up with a nice warm bowl of hot soup, Baxter's soups were on offer this week 4 tins for £2.00 in ASDA I have to say I usually buy Heinz soups, but I thought I would give these a try. Normally Baxter's traditional soups retail at 75p a 415g tin.

              I am really impressed this is truly a real soup, thick and creamy with lots of big chunks of potato and leek ,carrots & onions, served with a big slice of crusty French bread and butter it went down a treat.

              Baxter's potato and leek soup is from the favourites range which includes 17 traditional recipes, all packed with natural ingredients. Baxter's soups have been making soups since 1929, quite some time so they must know what the basics of a good tasty soup are. Today they are one of the top United kingdoms premium canned soup manufacturers.

              * ingredients

              Water, Potatoes, Onions, Leeks, Carrots, Cornflower, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Yeast Extract, Honey, Turmeric.
              Baxter's potato and leek soup has only got 93kcal per half a tin and less than 1% fat, so it is good for any one watching there weight.


              The soup comes in a 415g tin, the label is mainly red in colour with the Baxter's logo and the royal crest of approval on the top, there is a tempting looking bowl of soup in the picture sat on a tartan cloth, and the signature of Audrey Baxter.(great granddaughter of George Baxter who started the business in 1868)

              Overall I really enjoyed this soup, and I am looking forward to trying a few different flavours. I am certainly going to stock up while these are on offer. A real tasty hearty soup.


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            • Product Details

              I've always found this a really comforting soup. Made with a mix of potatoes, leeks, carrots & onions, this warming, hearty soup is like a 'hug in a bowl'. I like it best with chunky buttered brown bread.

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