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Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup

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Brand: Baxters / Soups

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    9 Reviews
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      22.08.2012 09:29
      Very helpful



      A store cupboard essential for me

      I don't generally like to use pre-prepared food, preferring to make things from scratch using fresh ingredients whenever possible. Since I started making my own soups a few years ago and discovered just how easy they actually are to make, homemade soup has been a regular in our weekly menu, especially in the colder months. But, as nobody's perfect, I always keep a few tins of soup in the cupboard for those times when I just want something quick to prepare, am feeling ill or just can't be bothered to peel loads of vegetables! Alongside my staples of Heinz cream of chicken and mulligatawny soups are always a couple of cans of this Baxters vegetarian spicy parsnip soup.

      The soup comes in a (recyclable) can with a ring pull top, which is a bonus for me as I recycle my cans in one of two ways. If they don't have a ring pull top they go in the blue recycling box but if they do have a ring pull top I peel the label off, give it a good scrubbing out and then use it for planting my herbs in for kitchen windowsill, so I do like to get cans that have the ring pulls on. The labelling has an enticing picture of a bowl of the soup on the front garnished in a way I always want my soup to look but can never be bothered going that extra mile to make it happen! It also has heating instructions and nutritional information. The can contains 400ml of soup which is two servings (or one if you're a very hungry caterpillar!).

      According to the information on the label the ingredients in this soup are water, parsnips (slightly alarmingly only 28% of the contents are parnsips, personally I would expect that figure to be a lot higher in a "parsnip" soup!), carrots, onions, cream, salt, spices and a few other things. Overall the ingredients aren't too worrying and each serving only contains 108 calories, which is quite good if you're having it for a light lunch, means you can have that chunk of bread to go with it without feeling too guilty! Having said that, if I were making a parsnip soup myself I know that the only ingredients would be parsnips, onion, stock, spices and cream so the fact that this contains yeast extract, modified cornflour, butterfat and wheatflour on top of all those cements my belief that it really is better to cook things yourself and know exactly what is going into them.

      Another issue that further confirms this is the amount of salt in this soup. One serving contains 1.2g of salt which seems high to me considering that the recommended daily allowance for an adult is only 6 grams. According to the NHS website a food product is only considered to be high in salt if it contains more than 1.5g per 100g so this soup should be ok but out of interest I've just weighed out 1.2 grams of salt and it is A LOT! There is no way I would add that much salt to a bowl of homemade soup.

      To prepare this soup you can either heat it in the microwave or warm it gently on a stove, making sure that you don't let it come to the boil as this can impair the flavours. I always do mine in a pan on the stove, for reasons you'll see soon. Once it's heated through you can serve it according to your preference. If we're having this for lunch then I tend to just serve it as it is with some nice cheddar and mustard bread to go with it. If I'm using it as part of dinner when I can't really be bothered with lots of preparation or cooking time then I pair it with a supermarket bag of casserole vegetables, the pre-prepared, pre-chopped ones (hanging my head in shame!). I steam those up separately and then when they're done I add them to the heated soup and voila, a delicious, mainly nutritious, warming meal for a chilly autumn evening.

      The soup itself is absolutely delicious. It's a lovely golden yellow colour, much like the picture on the front of the tin and the smell that comes from it as it's warming through is divine, nice and spicy and mouthwatering. Taste-wise, it really does taste exactly how you would expect a spicy parsnip soup to taste. You can definitely taste the parsnip and the spices come through nice and gently and not too overpowering and it's all blended together to make a creamy, thick - but not overly thick or chunky - soup. For autumn or winter I can't recommend it highly enough, although it's probably too strong and flavourful to replace my trusted chicken soup for when I'm feeling poorly!

      This soup, as it is made by the well know Baxters company, can be found in most supermarkets and usually sells for between £1.10 and £1.15 although it is often on offer, which is when I tend to stock up. I've found it on buy 2 for £2 and even a bogof a couple of times, so it's worth either shopping around or waiting until it's on offer in your usual supermarket.

      Other useful information includes that, whilst it is suitable for vegetarians, it is not suitable for vegans or people with wheat allergies and any leftovers can be kept in the fridge for up to two days, not that we've ever had any leftover in our house, but some of you may have more restraint and willpower than we do!

      I would definitely recommend this soup if you're after something warming and full of flavour but my recommendation would include a warning over the unnecessarily long ingredients list and the salt content. Whilst this soup is low in fat the salt more than makes up for this which means, for me, this soup will remain in my cupboard to have as an occasional treat on those days that I want something quick but don't want the hassle of the preparation, but on a day-to-day basis I still prefer to make my own soups and know what has gone into them. So for taste I would give this soup 5 stars but those two slight issues force me to knock a star off.


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        31.03.2010 21:10
        Very helpful



        Make your own mind up

        Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup

        Description: Manufacturer: Baxters / Soups


        I love soup and due to the excesses of the festive season, am trying to eat healthy lunches to try and watch my calorie content. I prefer to make my own soups but don't always have time, so find that tinned soups can be a convenient lunch to keep in my locker at work for when I want something warming and tasty.

        a 415g tin will cost around £0.70 but can often be found on offer. You can find the Baxters soup range in most supermarkets. The tins are white and green with the Baxters logo on the front.

        The soup is easy to prepare, it can be heated on the hob or in the microwave for around two and a half minutes. It is a pleasant golden colour and smells quite tasty too.

        The taste of the soup is a little blander than I had hoped for. It is quite smooth and a little thinner than I had expected. The parsnip taste is quite sweet and these mixed with the cream give it a lovely creamy taste but despite the combination of parsnips and cream being nice, there isn't enough spice to prevent the flavour from becoming boring after half a bowl. I would have liked some chilli in the soup to give it a little bit of a kick and make it more warming.

        I did find the soup to be quite filling when eaten with a chunk of decent bread. Having said that, it wasn't as thick as a lot of soups and a half a can serving without bread probably would have left me hungry sooner than usual which isn't ideal if you are trying to avoid snacking.

        This soup is nice enough but not as good as I would have liked it to be which is a shame because good spicy parsnip soup is a favourite of mine. If I was eating it again, I would probably sprinkle some chilli flakes into it to spice it up and make it more interesting or simply make my own instead!

        Nutritional information is as follows (taken from the Baxters website);

        Typical values Per 100g Per ½ Can Serving

        Energy 217kJ/52kcal 451kJ/108kcal
        Protein 1.2g 2.5g
        Carbohydrate 6.1g 12.7g
        of which sugars 2.9g 6.0g
        Fat 2.5g 5.2g
        of which saturates 1.0g 2.1g
        Fibre 1.5g 3.1g
        Sodium 0.25g 0.52g
        Approx Salt 0.6g 1.2g

        Ingredients are as follows (taken from the Baxters website);

        Water, Parsnips (28%), Carrots, Onions, Double Cream, Skimmed Milk Powder, Butterfat, Wheatflour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Modified Cornflour, Stabiliser (Polyphosphates), Yeast Extract, Spices


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        31.03.2010 10:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Baxters Spicy Parsnip Soup

        Baxters is an international food company but still like to keep their family company image. They began when a gentleman called George Baxter opened a grocery shop in 1868 in Scotland. One of my favourite soups in their range is the Spicy Parsnip variety.

        A parsnip is a root vegetable related to the carrot and are generally considered an essential part of Christmas dinner but I say they are not just for Christmas and can be enjoyed all year round. According to an article I read, a parsnip is richer in vitamins and minerals than its close relative, the carrot. It is particularly rich in potassium with 600 mg per 100 g. The parsnip is also a good source of dietary fiber.

        I would describe this Baxters Parsnip soup as a very thick and hearty soup. It is not smooth, you can tell it has lots of vegetables in it and has been blended down. It is a lovely creamy colour, almost like the colour of cream of chicken soup and the taste is great. It is not too spicy, I would describe it as having more of a hint of spice. It is also quite buttery and sweet and you can definitely taste a bit of onion in it too. This soup comes from their vegetarian range which is handy if you don't eat meat as it gives you another option of flavoured soup.

        The soup comes in a distinctive green tin with the Baxters logo at the top. On the tin is an inscription from Audrey Baxter regarding the soup, "I use this recipe to lift a dull day. Tender sweet parsnips, onions and mild spices are subtly blended with fresh cream making this a delicious and uplifting soup."

        The soup is very easy to make, just like any other soup really. You add it to a saucepan and heat gently until hot. There are also microwave instructions if you want to cook it that way.

        Each tin contains 415g. According to the label each half can contains 108 calories so if you do eat a whole can (I find a whole can is just about a right portion for one person) then that is only 216 calories for a meal which is pretty healthy. It also has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so all in all definitely one I would recommend.


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          26.03.2010 23:13
          Very helpful



          This is a warming interesting soup that is aimed at the vegetarian market.

          Baxters, as a company, has been going for over eighty years. They are particularly known for their tinned soups and also manufacture other products, such as conserves and sauces and much more. The soup range is extensive and really do offer some interesting choices. The soups are classed within the following ranges;





          Deli Inspired


          George Baxter founded the company and now his great-granddaughter Audrey Baxter has her signature on the soup packaging.

          This company is sold as a very family orientated one, selling natural and quality foods. Whether this is the case I do not know but I think the advertising is successful and one would believe you are buying a quality, wholesome product. Quote from the website, www.baxters.com/

          'Food has been our family's passion for generations, so it seemed
          quite natural to translate our love for the very best in food into a
          truly outstanding range, quite simply, the best recipes and finest
          ingredients we could find.'

          I enjoy a tasty bowl of soup. I often have soup for lunch. If it isn't a filling soup I'll have a sandwich as well, but I always enjoy the soup the most. I'm certainly not a connoisseur BUT I do like to try different soups. Also, when I have soup I prefer to have a soup spoon and a nice bowl and then I can pretend I'm posh!

          I like many brands and flavours and l enjoy Baxters vegetarian spicy parsnip sauce. It isn't my absolute favourite but sometimes I really fancy this.

          It can be cooked on the hob or microwave but I choose to gently heat it for a few minutes on the hob.

          This soup is a blend of sweet parsnips, onions and mild spices and fresh cream. It is fairly smooth in consistency and reminds me of a well blended semolina texture, which may sound strange. It certainly tastes of mild parsnips Not semolina but I think of semolina when I pour it from the tin!

          Now be warned it isn't chunky or filling but goes wonderfully with crusty bread. I would also recommend this soup as a starter. If you are planning a dinner party then this is an ideal starter as it will go down well with vegetarians and non vegetarians.

          The 415g tin of spicy parsnip soup is available from most supermarkets. I usually purchase it from Sainsburys or Tesco's. The price varies but is around the eighty to ninety pence range. It isn't the cheapest tinned soup but is worth a try. I often find there are offers on soups and tend to stock up at these times.

          The tin contains less than 3% fat, is suitable for vegetarians.

          * It contains milk,wheat and gluten.

          The steel can is recyclable.


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            22.03.2010 00:36
            Very helpful



            Wholesome, warming soup - not bad for tinned

            As a rule I really don't like most things that come in tins, and soup is no exception. It always seems to have that 'tinned' taste (I know that sounds obvious).
            However, sometimes there's not enough time to cook a proper meal, so something in a tin that only needs a few minutes to heat up is too convenient to ignore. I'm particularly lazy when it comes to preparing lunch, yet hate to go through the day on just a snack such as a sandwich. So if I'm going to take the easy option and stock some tinned soup for emergencies, it's likely it'll be from the Baxters range. I find that these soups have somewhat less of an artificial 'tinned' flavour than most others (Heinz I'm looking at you).

            They claim to be free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, so maybe this is why they're better than average. The Spicy Parsnip flavour contains less than 3% fat overall, or 5.2g fat per half-tin. I think these are quite good vales really, but the salt could be considered slightly high at 1.2g per half-tin. Therein lies the peril of tinned food. Other than water, parsnips are the main ingredient followed by carrots and onions, as well as cream that gives it that pleasant smooth quality. Generally I think creamy soups work so much better then thin watery ones, especially if they come in tins.

            On the whole I would say the taste is very nice, but wouldn't be to everyone's liking. Personally I find it a little too spicy for a soup, but then I do seem to be extra sensitive to spiciness. I think the reason it's added is to counteract the natural blandness of parsnips, so perhaps the soup would be very plain without it. That said, this flavour is probably my favourite in the Baxter's vegetarian range, as some of the others tend to be more of an acquired taste and I need to be in the right mood for them.
            The 415g tin (which is recyclable) provides enough for two small meals, especially if you factor in a few slices of bread.
            Baxters soups are about 20p more expensive than equivalent sized Heinz tins, but I think for the extra quality and better sense of nutrition, it's worth paying a little bit extra.


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            25.01.2010 22:31
            Very helpful



            A delightful soup from Baxters


            There is nothing like a nice bowl of hot soup to warm you up on a cold day. Needless to say, during the cold snap, I bought several cans of soup to eat a lunchtimes. Firstly, I must admit I am not a big fan of parsnips when they are served as a plain boiled vegetable, for me like eating bland chunks of nothing. I do eat them roasted or in a casseroles or curries where it takes on other flavours. As I love spicy food (providing it is not too hot) and the soup is pureed, I thought I would give Baxters Spicy Parsnip soup, a try, so a can went into my shopping basket.


            The name Baxters is synonymous with soups and would perhaps be the second name I would come up with apart from Heinz. Baxters is a Scottish company that has been trading since 1868, it was started by Audrey Baxter's Great Grandfather. While I would associate Baxters with soup, it makes a range of other products including jams, and pasta sauces according to the company's website.


            Baxters seem to have redesigned the label since Dooyoo added this product to it's database, as the lettering on the front is in a serif typeface. My can shows a picture of a bowl of the soup complete with a herbal garnish, which I think might be coriander leaf (cilantro) or flat leaf parsley on top of it, and the can also tells me that this is a 'serving suggestion'. I do find that term rather amusing when the method of serving is so obvious - how else would you serve a bowl of Spicy Parsnip soup? The front of the can also informs me that it doesn't contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

            On the back of the can Audrey Baxter says she uses this recipe to lift a dull day, and goes on to mention the ingredients that have gone into it have been subtly blended together with fresh cream to make this uplifting soup. There is also some blurb about the vegetarian range which this product features in - so I can expect a light and fresh tasting soup.

            You will also find a complete list of ingredients, cooking instructions, storage information, contact, details and also the nutritional details.

            As it is aluminium can, this can be widely recycled which is good.

            The net weight of this can is 415g


            This soup is obviously suitable for vegetarians, but it also contains milk and cream, so it would not be suitable for vegans, or if you don't eat dairy products.

            This product also contains wheat and gluten making it unsuitable for coeliacs.


            I bought my can from Asda for 83p, but you'll find Baxters soup on sale from most supermarkets priced around 80p. Sometimes the soups are on special offer, at the time of writing, Asda recently had a special offer on where the soups were two for £1, so it is worth keeping your eyes open and stocking up. Being canned, there is a long shelf life as it is not something you need to eat quickly, so it is worth taking advantages of promotions.

            MY OPINION

            The can is of the ringpull variety, sometimes I have trouble with this type of can. On occasions the ring has broken off or I can't pull the lid off, and I have to resort to my can opener. On my can of Spicy Parsnip soup the lid came off easily.

            On opening the can, I am greeted with the sweet scent of carrots and parsnips with a subtle aroma of curry powder - to me it is reminiscent of korma sauce. Once in the bowl I have to say the colour doesn't look very appetising, but it is the taste and texture which really counts. The can states I can either heat my soup on the hob or in the microwave, but either way it shouldn't be allowed to boil. I always heat canned soups in the microwave, naturally the heating time depends on the wattage or rating of your microwave, mine takes 3 and a half minutes.

            After letting my soup stand for a minute to cool it slightly, I am now ready to eat it. I have to say I am not disappointed by the flavour, for my taste, Baxters have come up with a good balance of flavours and reminds me of carrot and coriander soup, which I think is down to the addition of the carrots (obviously!). While it is Spicy Parsnip soup, you would be forgiven to think that the spices would overpower the other flavours, but it is very subtle and it gives a very pleasant kick which I found very soothing - so a good choice for lunch for one of those days. The can doesn't state what spices were used, but I think it might be well be ground coriander (which is made from the seeds) which is the perfect partner for carrots, which is the other dominant flavour in this soup. I think another spice could be turmeric, which might be responsible for giving the soup it's yellowy orange colour. Parsnip, in my opinion is not exactly the most flavoursome vegetable and I can't really taste it, but I think it does add some extra sweetness to this soup. It is also very creamy, and it comes as no surprise to find double cream in the ingredients list. I do wish it was a bit thicker, if I was to make my own spicy parsnip soup I would add some potato to the mixture to thicken it. As with any shop bought soup, it doesn't taste as good as what you would make yourself. I will say that if you like hot and spicy foods, you might find this product too mild.

            Nutritionally, the soup contains 3% fat, so this would be a good choice if you are watching your fat intake. Unfortunately, salt is a different story, if I have read this correctly half a can provides 1.2g of it, so a whole can will give you almost half of the recommended daily allowance which I understand is 6g. You could serve half a can as a starter, or serve it with plenty of crusty bread to complete your meal. If you don't eat all of your soup, the can states that you should store the rest in in a suitable container in the fridge and consumed within the next two days.

            Overall I highly recommend this soup and I award a five star rating, and will definitely be buying this one again.


            Water , Parsnips (28%) , Carrots , Onions , Double Cream , Skimmed Milk Powder , Butterfat , Wheatflour , Vegetable Oil , Salt , Modified Cornflour , Stabiliser (Polyphosphates) , Yeast Extract , Spices .


            Energy 451kJ/108kcal
            Protein 2.5g
            Carbohydrate 12.7g
            of which sugars 6.0g
            Fat 5.2g
            of which saturates 2.1g
            Fibre 3.1g
            Sodium 0.52g
            Approx Salt 1.2g


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              01.12.2009 14:00
              Very helpful



              Yummy soup to warm you up!

              I am a huge soup fan and I tend to love smooth, rich and flavoursome soups in the main. I tend to buy alot of Heinz soups and if I'm a bit flush I will indulge myself with a Convent Garden offering! Recently I spotted this and I simply adore parsnips and costing 93p a can in my local Sainsbury's store I decided to give it a whirl as I really did fancy it!

              The Packaging:

              The soup comes in a 415g can with a ring-pull to the top of it and around the can it has a light green label. On the front of the label there is a photograph of the soup and I'm told it is Baxters Vegetarian Spicy Parsnip Soup and that it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and contains less than 3% fat and is of course suitable for Vegetarians. Other information on the back of the can includes being told a little bit about the soup, ingredients and allergy advice is listed along with storage instructions and a full nutritional rundown and of course contact details for Baxters are given. It's a nice enough can, easy to open and informative enough.

              The Soup Itself:

              Open it up and your met with a sort of light orange gloopy looking mixture that does have a lovely sweet but natural smell of parsnips to it. Easy to cook this is as well! You can either simmer it in a saucepan for a few minutes on the hob or microwave it for about 5 minutes. Personally I'm a lazy cook and I heated mine in the microwave lol.

              It cooked through well in the time stated and smelt wonderful and looked alot smoother than when I first saw it. It had a rich look to it and a good consistency too.

              Taste wise I really loved it. It really did taste of parsnips that were roasted, there was a creamy tang to it and it was nicely seasoned and not overly so. Very filling too, naturally sweet and with a slight kick of spices to the ensemble I loved the natural taste and feel to this soup and will certainly repurchase it time and time again in the future due to it's overall quality. Very nice Baxters!

              Allergy Advice:
              Contains: Milk, wheat, gluten

              Nutritional Information Per Half Can:

              Energy: 108 Kcal
              Protein: 2.5g
              Carbohydrate: 12.7g
              of which sugars: 6.0g
              Fat: 5.2g
              of which saturates: 3.1g
              Fibre: 0.52g
              Sodium: 0.52g
              Approx salt: 1.2g

              Can be found in all good supermarkets etc.


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                18.11.2009 20:59
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                You have to try...

                Wow...Spicy Parsnip soup is amazing.


                I first came across this soup when I was in Tesco a few weeks ago. I was on a so called 'dreaded diet', so looking for something healthy, I picked this can up. Vegetarian was the first word that jumped out at me and I immediately had an urge to try it. Spicy Parsnip also sound really tasty and quite uncommon.

                The Product

                This soup is manufactured by Baxter's who have a very good reputation in the food industry. Firstly, the packaging is great because what I find most annoying on cans is the lid. If I ever have to get out the can opener it is a disaster and I probably would end up with shards of metal in my soup. This one luckily has one of those metal openers on it! The picture on the front is of the soup in a bowl with a few herbs on top. I think this is really original and the green colour scheme gives this the healthy feel.

                The soup itself has tender, sweet parsnips, hints of onion and mild spice to give it that edge! It is blended with fresh cream to make this absolutely fantastic. The soup itself is not too thick but also not too watery. It doesn't have chunks inside but it gives you that uplifting feel. I find it really nice to sit down on a cold day, make some of this soup and watch television!

                This soup can be brought from all good supermarkets for no more than £1.50. I can tell you this is worth every penny, it is so tasty you will never want to eat any other soup.

                The reasons why I love this soup is because it is not too expensive, it tastes good, it only has 108 kcal's per half the can which is great, I love parsnip's lots more now and I actually appreciate vegetables!

                The only bad points are that it has 10.4g of fat per the whole can. This is not too good but it will not stop me from buying it.

                5/5 From me. I recommend this to everyone. This will warm you up on a cold day, make you happy when you are sad and cheer you up!!


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                  06.07.2009 15:27
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  see review

                  If you read some of my latest reviews you a)know that I'll go travelling again soon and b) that therefore I'm doing my best to eat healthy to get fit and in shape. My latest idea was to have a vegetable soup for lunch at work - let's give it a try!

                  I've always been a big fan of soup but with the exception of pepper/tomato soup I've never managed to cook anything that was worth keeping. Tinned soups are an easy solution, too easy if you ask me. Most don't taste anything like they promise on the label, are full of artificial flavours/colours or preserving agents and inferior products.

                  Baxter's Carrot & Coriander soup was the first one I tried and I loved it. But now after trying the Spicy Parsnip soup I have a new favourite. The flavoursome soup is very aromatic with a great lightly spicy taste that works incredibly well with the more down to earth parsnip flavour.

                  Full of good ingredients and low in fat they are a ideal snack or even a filling meal when eaten with toasted bread. I take them to work for lunch, it's quick to heat them in the morning and fill the soup in a thermos flask - it will stay warm for hours.

                  Ingredients & Nutrition

                  Baxter's promises us on the front label the no artificial colours, flavours & preservatives were used. The soup has less than 3% fat and is suitable for Vegetarians; not for Vegans though as Milk powder and butter is used.

                  The main ingredients are:
                  - Water
                  - Parsnips 28%
                  - Carrots
                  - Onions
                  - Double Cream
                  - Skimmed milk powder
                  - Butterfat
                  - Wheatflour
                  - Vegetable Oil
                  - Herbs and Spices

                  The Double Cream makes the soup quite rich and gives it its nice, creamy texture - unfortunately it also adds some extra calories.

                  Half a can contains:
                  - 108 kcal (that's 30kcal more than the Carrot & Coriander soup)
                  - Protein - 2.5g
                  - Carbohydrate - 12.7g (Sugar - 6.0g)
                  - Fat - 5.2g
                  - Fibre - 3.1g
                  - Sodium - 0.52g
                  - Salt - 1.2g

                  The nutrition levels are quite good apart from the rather high fat level. The soup contains surprisingly little salt - I think that when you use spices you don't really need salt anymore.

                  The Parsnip soup contains milk, wheat and gluten, please be careful if you are allergic to one of them.

                  Look & Taste

                  The tin can easily be opened with the attached lid opener. The soup looks light yellowish with tiny bits of white flakes in it which dissolved while cooking.
                  Preparing the soup is really easy, heat it in a saucepan for 5min without boiling it or put it in the microwave for 2min. I prefer the first option as a) you'll have the great smell in your kitchen and b) sometimes the soup has a little 'skin' after heating it in the microwave.

                  The soup doesn't have a strong smell when you open the tin but as soon as you heat it you can smell the parsnip flavour and even guess that it is going to be a bit spicy.

                  It was surprisingly well flavoured - not bland as I expected it to be but with a nice spiciness and a well balanced taste of the herbs. The creamy parsnip is of course what you taste immediately, you can really taste that is parsnip and not some potato mix; it takes a few seconds for the spiciness to come out but as soon as you tasted it you cannot get enough of it. The flavours mix very well together - even the onion although I normally really dislike them.

                  I didn't have to add anything, no salt, pepper or oil. The tip on the tin is good - add some creme fraiche to make the soup even richer of add crumbled walnuts as a little extra treat.

                  There's nothing to complain about, the flavour is great and the soup is due to the high fibre level and the double cream quite filling.

                  Price & Value

                  I bought the soup for 73 pence a tin at Tesco. That means it's cheap but there are cheaper options. But when you consider that one tin plus bread can be a healthy and filling meal it is a real bargain. One can contains 415g of soup which is enough for one meal or two snacks, to be honest I can easily eat the whole soup as it tastes so nice.

                  Healthy, cheap and tasty, my favourite tinned soup so far.
                  10 out of 10!


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