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Baxters Tartare Sauce

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3 Reviews

Brand: Baxter's / Condiments / Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      07.09.2011 17:54
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      A good quality condiment that I will buy again!

      We tend to eat quite a lot of fish in our household and one thing that I simply must have as an accompaniment to my seafood or fish is Tartare Sauce. This means that it is a condiment that I buy on a regular basis, and I have tried out many different brands over the years.

      It was during a recent online shop at www.asda.com that I realised my usual (premium) brand of Tartare Sauce had gone up in price slightly since I last purchased it, and I noticed that by purchasing the Baxter's jar of Tartare Sauce I could save myself a little money. I decided to order it and give it a try.

      I paid £1.25 for the jar of Baxter's Tartare Sauce which is 170g in size. This is a reasonably sized jar in my opinion, but I have to admit that it is smaller than the jar I normally buy.

      When the jar arrived with the rest of my groceries, first impressions were good. I really liked the look of the sauce which I could see easily through the glass jar. The sauce looked to be a lovely thick consistency and an attractive off-white colour.

      The jar was not overly difficult to open, and I managed to unscrew the metal lid by myself, without asking my husband for assistance. This is not something that can be said of other jars of food or condiments that I buy regularly.

      The appearance of the Baxter's sauce looked appetising to me, and I was pleased to note - as I spooned some of the thick sauce onto my plate of scampi, peas and chips one evening - that this particular Tartare sauce was not overly thin or at all overly-runny. This is something I have found is all too often the case with certain brands of Tartare sauce, and particularly those brands that are at the cheaper end of the market so this was a pleasant surprise to me, and I thought the consistency of this particular sauce was absolutely spot on.

      The taste of the Baxter's Tartare Sauce was quite delicious and I found it complimented my scampi (and alternative types of fish and seafood when I used the sauce at later dates) absolutely perfectly. It really tasted to me like it was a fairly premium product and I would go so far as to say that I would be hard pushed to find any flaws with this condiment at all.

      I find the taste of Tartare Sauce quite difficult to describe, and I think it is really such an unusual flavour that it makes it a condiment that you either love or hate. I am sure that readers of this review will have established by now that I simply love it and cannot get enough of it. My husband on the other hand, refuses to touch the stuff and thinks it is 'too vinegary' for his palate.

      It is true that the Baxter's Tartare Sauce has a very strong flavour and a certain amount of 'tanginess' is present in the sauce, probably down to the vinegar content in the sauce and the capers that are present within it, which are easy to see within the sauce when it is on my plate. That said, I do not find that the flavour of the sauce is in anyway over-powering, nor does it take anything from the flavour and taste of the fish or seafood that I am eating with it; it simply does what it is supposed to do and that is compliment the flavour.

      The Baxter's Tartare Sauce contains lemon juice as well as mustard, so it is easy to see that there are quite a lot of strong flavours in this particular sauce, and certainly it would account for the extremely tangy flavour.

      Overall, I was extremely happy with this particular brand of Tartare Sauce and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again or recommend it to anybody who is a fan of such strongly-flavoured condiments. I thought it offered reasonable value for money, especially considering the good quality of the sauce and the fact it had a pleasant consistency as well as a flavoursome taste.

      I can see from the product's packaging that the Baxter's Tartare Sauce contains gluten and eggs as well as wheat so it may be unsuitable for certain food allergies.

      There is a whole range of condiments and sauces available from the Baxter's brand and these are widely available in grocery stores, as well as supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco.


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        10.09.2009 23:00
        Very helpful



        Wondeful tartare sauce. How is it tangy yet mellow at the same time?

        I don't eat tartare sauce very often but when my daughter gave me a bag of scampi yesterday I decided to buy a jar as there is nothing better to compliment this seafood in my opinion.

        I bought Baxters simply because it was the only tartare sauce in the shop but I think it was an excellent buy as it was so delicious and added another dimension to my meal.

        I'm not usually a fan of the taste of capers, in fact I had a pasta dish in a restaurant recently that I couldn't eat because it had been too liberally sprinkled with this particularly pungent foodstuff. Incidentally, a caper is the bud of Capparis Spinosa and becomes only a caper once it's been pickled apparently!

        This tartare sauce has a fairly strong taste of capers, but it's rounded and has been blended well with the other ingredients to give a smooth yet flavoursome sauce.

        The consistency of the tartare sauce is excellent in my opinion. It's thick and creamy, yet smooth enough that I can comfortably coat my scampi with it without having to pick up gloopy thick lumps. I'm thinking of a tartare sauce I was served in Wetherspoons once which was as thick as clotted cream, sticky and almost chewable.

        It complimented the scampi beautifully. I'm really not sure how scampi manages it but the delicate flavour shines through this much more flavoursome sauce, a fact I think just shows the high quality of the tartare sauce that it doesn't blanket the food with it's own flavour.

        I adore the tanginess of this Baxters Tartare Sauce, the vinegar is apparent as an effect rather than a flavour. I do hope that makes sense, what I am trying to say is that while I can't actually taste the vinegar in the tartare sauce it's obvious that it's included in the mix from the tang.

        The tartare sauce has a smooth creamy flavour underneath the tanginess and this gives it a high quality taste that is both extremely enjoyable and moreish. There have been gherkins added to the capers and while you can't actually taste them in their own right, they do serve to soften the harsher flavour of the capers somewhat.

        Today I had a smoked cod fillet and this tartare sauce was also the perfect partner for it. The smokiness was enhanced by the sauce and it worked to moisten the fish too, saving me the need to add the extra calories of butter or parsley sauce.

        I can't fault this tartare sauce at all. It tastes fantastic, has been wonderful with two very different fish dishes and has just the right level of tanginess in my opinion. I've tasted many tartare sauces over the years, mainly thanks to the fact that scampi is my favourite dish from a restaurant, and can honestly say this one is at least as good as most I've sampled with a meal out.

        With a good quality bag of scampi and this sauce, you too can replicate a meal you're likely to pay around £8 for in any pub or restaurant. Add a handful of Tesco Finest chips and a generous pile of garden peas and there's a quick, easy meal to appeal to anyone.


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        04.05.2009 15:18
        Very helpful



        an authentic great tasting tartare sauce in my opinion

        I'm a great fish-lover & one of the things I buy quite regularly now is tartare sauce to add a little more flavour & texture as well as bringing out the taste of the cheaper fish varieties.

        Tartare sauce wasn't one of the condiments used in our house when I was young & my love of it began when I inadvertently helped myself to it in a restaurant thinking it was was mayonnaise with 'bits'. I know a lot of people don't like it because of the rather strong taste of capers (which I could never eat on their own) but I love it & Baxters make a really good one in my opinion.

        I tend to use rather more than's suggested preferring it by the tablespoon rather than the teaspoon but it's not that high in calories or fat if you have it on the side & have it for a treat (approx 40 calories per 15ml).

        The 250ml jar is as shown in the photo & has an unscrew/re-screw lid which keeps the sauce nice & fresh. It cost me £2.20 the last time I bought it & a jar will last me about 6 weeks.

        The tartare sauce smells lovely when you open the jar & the texture is creamy & a lovely colour.

        It isn't lumpy but contains small green bits of caper making it more interesting - I've tried totally smooth ones but this, in my opinion, is much nicer.

        The smell is strong but mouthwatering & is delicious served with hot or cold fish, fresh or ready-meals, fish cakes, fish fingers etc. I've even been known to use it as a dip for my Doritos or just stick my finger into a bowlful as it's so yummy.

        The contents include the following -
        - sunflower oil
        - sugar
        - salt
        - vinegar(s)
        - parsley
        - mustard powder
        - capers
        - gherkins
        but as it contains dried egg I usually pop it into the fridge after opening.

        It also makes a good sauce for pasta & chicken - just add a little double cream, mix well, make warm & pour over the ingredients.

        - the best tartare sauce I've tried to date.
        - ideal colour & texture.
        - sharp taste.
        - great accompaniment to fish (& other dishes)


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      • Product Details

        Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Water, Sugar, Vinegar, Capers (4%)

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