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Baxters Vegetarian Country Garden Soup

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Brand: Baxters / Type: Soups

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2012 21:23
      Very helpful



      An alright soup!

      Today I am going to review the canned Country Garden Soup by Baxter.

      *Shopper's appeal*
      I am from Germany but I am a huge fan of British food. So I was really excited when I found out about the Approved Food online shop. There you can buy food really cheap because it is about to go past it's best before date or is simply being discontinued. TV documentaries have shown that is is totally safe to eat products like these past their best before date if they don't have a specific "use-by-date".
      On the website, the food is extremely cheap and the shipping is calculated in a fair way. Before, my only possiblity to get British food where German online shops that specialised on importing - and they are extremely expensive.
      I really like soups, so this soup was an easy choice - "Country Garden Soup" simply sounded delicious.

      *The packaging*
      The soup comes in a can. There is a decorative paper label wound around it.
      On the front of the can there is a picture of a bowl of soup. The soap is yellow-ish with colourful pieces of vegetables and something green and leafy in the middle. At the top you can see the red Baxters logo and the name of the soup is given.
      On the back of the can you get some more information about the soup. There it says "I love the wonderful selection of garden vegetables in this delicious soup. This is defenitely a recipe that proves that simplicity is often the best!, signed by Audrey Baxter.
      There are guidelines on how to prepare the soup and of course the list of ingredients and the nutritional values are also given.
      The soup contains less than 1% fat, is suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.
      The can contains 380g.

      *The soup*

      *How to prepare it*
      Preparing it is really easy because you simply have to eat it. You can do that on the hob by emptying the contens of the can into a saucepan and then heating it gently until it is piping hot. It has to be stirred gently and should not boil.
      You can also microwave it. Dempending on your microwave this will take 2 to 3 minutes.

      *What it looks like*
      The soup is not too thick with lots of little vegetable bits. There is a bit of rice in there as well. The broth itself is quite clear.

      *The smell*
      It smells like your usual vegetable soup. Usually canned food doesn't smell too great when it's cold I think, but this one is just fine.

      *The taste*
      All in all I liked this soup. It wasn't the greatest and can't compare to my favourite soups - the fresh ones by New Covent Garden - but it was tasty and filled me up.
      The vegetable pieces are tender and taste good. The broth itself is seasoned just right without being too salty or bland. The rice gave it a bit more texture and made it more filling. I also liked the fact that it had potato pieces as well because I really like potato and rice together.
      I was surprised how it satisfied me although it was just one bowl with very few calories!

      *The ingredients*
      Water, Carrots, Potatoes, Rice (7% Cooked), Peas, Swede, Tomatoes, Cornflour, Red Peppers, Onions, Butter, Salt, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Dried Onion, Celery Seed, Vegetable Oil, Herb and Spices, Herb and Spices Extracts, Vegetables 35%.
      Contains: Milk, Celery.

      *Nutrition Information*
      Typical values per 100g
      Energy 118kJ / 28kcal
      Protein 0.9g
      Carbohydrate 4.9g
      - of which sugars 1.6g
      Fat 0.5g
      - of which saturates 0.2g
      Fibre 0.8g
      Sodium 0.24g
      Approx salt 0.6g

      *The price*
      On Approved Food I paid £0.89 for a can.

      The Country Garden Soup was quite nice. It doesn't stand out that much compared to other soups, but it was alright. I also think it makes for a good meal if you're on a diet and want to save calories. I was suprised at how it satisfied my appetite!


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      08.04.2010 13:19
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't recommend this soup

      I do love soup and especially like it for lunch. The soup that I am now reviewing was a big let down for me. I could have made better myself and I'm not a brilliant cook. I previously reviewed Baxter's Spicy Parsnip soup, which I really like, so it isn't as if I don't appreciate Baxters' as a brand but, for my palette, they've gone very wrong here.

      The picture shown on the front is deceptive, to say the least, as the soup appears wholesome, thick and hearty...well, it ain't!

      This soup is made up of mainly carrots, potatoes and rice. The vegetables are chopped very small indeed, and made me think of baby food. You know, when they start to try the slightly lumpy food. The contents are in a liquid that is far too thin and watery in consistency for my liking. After all, this isn't Spring vegetable soup. And the soup shown on the front definitely looks chunky and thick.

      It wasn't that the soup tasted nasty but, it didn't really have much taste at all. I also didn't think much of the rice. To me, rice didn't really go well with this. I remembered, whilst eating that I had tried this soup previously, some time ago. It was a mistake purchasing again but I was taken in by the picture on the tin and thought I was buying something tasty and filling.

      It says on the tin, 'Our vegetarian soups are an interesting selection of familiar vegetable recipes with an added Baxter's twist to provide a light and refreshing taste.' Well, it's certainly light but where was the twist? was it the water or the rice that made' the twist' in this soup?

      Now, I won't go into details as I have already reviewed a Baxter's soup and supplied information on their origins. I will only say that I think they market themselves as a family company, selling wholesome food. This soup is from Baxter's vegetarian range.

      It isn't particularly expensive, costing less than seventy pence, on this occasion, but I wouldn't buy it again were it only ten pence!

      INGREDIENTS: Water, Carrots, Potatoes, Rice (7% Cooked), Green Beans, Swede, Tomatoes, Peas, Cornflour, Red Peppers, Onions, Salt, Butter, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Dried Onion, Celery Seed, Vegetable Oil, Herb and Spices, Herb and Spice Extracts, Vegetables.

      CONTAINS Milk, Celery

      This soup is suitable for vegetarians.

      It is gluten free.

      It contains less than 1% Fat

      For further information contact: www.baxters.com


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