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Blue Dragon Sweet Soy Sauce with Garlic & Ginger

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Brand: Blue Dragon / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      06.10.2011 22:50



      Great product, go try it!

      Blue Dragons sweet soy sauce with garlic and ginger is so tasty and such good value for money! I would highly recommend it to anyone, it is great for making plain chicken, veg or noodles taste great and is so easy to prepare. It can create an authentic dish in minutes and you cant go wrong really. The garlic for me is the predominant taste with just the right amount of ginger which works as a little kick at the end. Like I said I would recommend this to anyone, particularly those on a budget as it creates an impressive taste without breaking the bank! You can get this product at any good convenience stores of supermarkets, and there are other flavours available that are just as tasty, though I would say this is my favourtie. The other great thing, is that there are often offers on the blue dragon brand , at places like Sainsburys, so you can get everything you need for a great meal!
      Hope that helps.


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      23.09.2010 18:07
      Very helpful



      Did I stir fry you?

      When I discovered Blue Dragon stir fry sauces in Tesco I couldn't decide which one to try out and the 89 pence price helped my decision of trying 3 different types. The second one I tried was Sweet Soy Sauce with Garlic & Ginger. I have to admit that this one was even more delicious than the Chow Mein.

      What is this sauce thing about?
      This is a brown colour sauce which is suitable to prepare a Chinese stir fry in 10 minutes. The texture of the sauce reminded me to Heinz barbeque sauce. It was quite runny. It comes in a plastic pouch and on the back of the package you can find a recipe how the manufacturer recommends preparing it. There is also a shopping list as you have to buy meat, vegetables and noodles to prepare a delicious dish.

      What I bought
      I was hesitating how to combine the infused noodles with the sauces and I think I found a brilliant combination. So I bought a pack of chicken breasts (2 halves), a pack of Tesco stir fry vegetables with bamboo shoots and a pack of Amoy Garlic & Coriander straight to wok noodles.

      How to prepare it?
      I diced the chicken breast then I poured a little oil in my wok and fried them on high temperature. When the chicken was ready I added the vegetables and fried them for a couple of minutes. When they were almost ready I added the noodles and finally the sauce. I tasted the sauce and I found it similar to the soy sauce but with a hint of garlic. My stir fry scented very appetizing and it was even more delicious than the previous one I made. It wasn't hot at all. The noodles were infused with coriander and garlic so they brought an extra taste to the dish. I can't describe the harmony of the tastes, it was simply perfect. The meal was enough for 4 of us and there was a portion left for dinner for my husband again.

      Overall opinion
      This sauce was so good that I will prepare it from time to time. Stir fry dishes are easy and quick to prepare. They contain loads of vegetables and chicken breasts that are low in fat so overall the dish is quite healthy. It is quite cheap and as I mentioned it was enough for 4 of us for lunch and there was one more portion for my husband for dinner. I can only recommend it. For more information about the product or the manufacturer please visit: www.bluedragon.com


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        20.04.2010 01:46
        Very helpful



        Not for me this one!

        I absolutely love fresh vegetables! I love anything fresh me really and near where I am staying at the moment we have a lot of farm shops, mainly organic. Me and my mate (who I am residing with at the moment) love going there and usually end up spending about 35 quid on loads of fresh stuff which we really do munch our way through!

        Fresh vegetables is all well and good of course but occasionally it can be a bit boring and so when we get a bit bored I whip us up a stir fry. Living in London for a while and regularly shopping in China town I shall blow my own trumpet here and say that out of everything I cook I'm a dab hand at it and love experimenting with ingredients as often as I possibly can. However like most people I can get a bit bored of peeling, slicing and blending my own sauces up so will occasionally cut corners and buy a ready made sauce!

        This stuff costing 58p a sachet is a really economical option. I have had Blue Dragon products for years now and think I've tried every flavour of stir in sauces in sachets that they do though when I spotted this in Asda I knew I had, had it in the past but couldn't remember it so popped it in the trolley to try out and rather excited about it.. I was! (lol ok ok I'm sad!).

        The Sachet:

        120g plastic squarish packet that is dark blue and bright yellow in colour. On the front of the sachet I am told that is it Blue Dragon (picture of a blue dragon is the emblem of this brand) and that it is a Stir-Fry Sauce, Sweet Soy With Garlic & Ginger 'A sweet balanced soy sauce with intense flavours of garlic and ginger' and that it serves 2 people and contains no artificial colours or ingredients, no preservatives and is 50% lower in salt (than what I'm not sure!), there is an at a glance nutritional chart also shown and a photograph of a stir fry looking rather tempting too. On the back of the sachet other information given includes being given a recipe idea, a full nutritional rundown chart is shown, ingredients and allergy advice is given as is storage details and the weight of the sauce (as I have listed already) and contact details for AB World Foods Ltd (the manufacturer of the product) are also there. It's a nice enough, informative sachet however I find it rather a pain opening these sachets and always have to hunt around for something to cut the top of the sachet off with to use it!

        Using It:

        The recipe suggestion on the back of this packet is for sweet soy chicken however you can use whatever you like with this sauce and for me and my mate I used this once on stir fried vegetables only and the next time I used meat free chicken and vegetables and then slung in some cooked and drained noodles.

        All you do whatever meat and/or vegetables or whatever your using is stir fry and cook it all well, and then stir this sauce in till heated through which only really takes a couple of minutes and then serve it of course.

        The sauce itself is a transparent yellow sort of colour. Sort of like runny honey and sticky. It looks ok and you can really smell the soy sauce when your heating it up.

        It looks nice on the meal, loses it's colour and just evenly coats and clings onto the ingredients you've added making it all look a bit glossy.

        Taste wise though I found this really, really sweet and overly so. Sure it is a natural sort of sweet opposed to being artificially sweetened but in my mind it was a bit overpowering on my ingredients.

        There is a hint of garlic, a rather lot of ginger flavouring (all be it a dry powdery sort of ginger taste) and the soy sauce was a bit rich in it for me making it all really salty and I couldn't stop drinking!

        Really for me the flavours in this were not in harmony and not blended. It was a smooth sauce that was too sweet, too gingery and far too salty and for me the worse sachet in the range I have tried so far. My mate didn't mind it though she agreed it was salty and the only reason I used two sachets of this is cos I purchased 2 at the same time and the first time I used it I felt maybe I didn't use the right ingredients and that the second time putting noodles in may diffuse the flavours slightly but it didn't at all. Not for us really this one but at 58p a sachet if you like the sound of it being rich in flavours then why not try it! lol.

        Nutritional Information per 60g Serving:

        Calories: 54
        Sugar: 9.8g
        Fat: 0.5g
        Saturates: Trace
        Salt: 1.3g

        Available in all good supermarkets etc and there are plenty of flavours from within this sachet range to choose from (I suggest you do that highly lol).


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