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Brunchetta - Ploughman's Relish

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Brand: Brunchetta / Type: Pickles

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2009 18:14
      Very helpful



      An awful snack, I wish I'd waited until I got home!

      I was out and about this morning and popped into Asda on my way home for a few bits and pieces, while in there I realised I hadn't eaten a thing all day and needed something to boost my lagging energy levels. I wanted to be good on my diet so stopped by the chillers to have a look at what snacks they had available which wouldn't break the calorie bank, eventually opting for something called Brunchetta which I've never seen before.

      There were two or three different varieties available but I went for the Ploughmans one as it was the most traditional sounding flavour of the lot! The pack was a nightmare to open, the thin plastic lid has been heat sealed to the tray and it was really hard to summon up the strength in my poor arthritic hands to actually get the thing off - just like most bacon packs the loose tab isn't quite loose enough to allow me to easily pull the lid off to get for my long awaited snack!

      Eventually I managed, although to be honest I almost wished I hadn't bothered. However good the picture representation of the snack looks on the packet, once you open it you'll quickly see that the contents are very dull looking and there isn't really a lot in there considering how wide the tray is. The tray is split into three compartments; one of which contains five slices of Brushetta, another holds slices of sweaty looking cheese while the third acts as a pot for a sloppy Branston type relish.

      My heart was rapidly sinking as it all just looked so unappetising. Never one to be put off when it comes to filling my stomach I picked up a slice of Brushetta, added a piece of cheese and then scooped some of the relish onto it using the enclosed scraper.

      Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely. The Brushetta is simply a cracker that has probably been doused with Olive Oil, the very bland cheese tastes as sweaty as it looks and the relish tastes predominantly of vinegar. Altogether this mish mash of flavours, or non-flavours depending on your outlook, is awful. The actual chewy components of the meal (the Brushetta crackers and cheese) have very little flavour between them and they are completely overwhelmed by the horrible, horrible relish. There seems to be absolutely no seasoning to the crackers and they go beyond crunchy into the realms of too hard, one of them actually forcing me to bend it against my teeth to snap it in half. The cheese is also flavourless, it has a half decent consistency but tastes and feels like it has been in the packet for a few days too long - which it hasn't as the BBE was a week away.

      AND to add insult to injury this awful snack wasn't even particularly good for my diet, containing 176 calories and an amazingly high 9.5g of fat! Where on earth did they put 9.5g of fat in such a dry snack, there is hardly any cheese in it which is where I'd imagine the bulk of fat would come from! I worked it out and this 'cost' me 4 whole Weight Watchers points, which is almost a quarter of my daily allowance, and this snack is so insubstantial that to be honest it didn't even touch the sides - for 4 points I could have had a jacket potato with some grated cheese and a salad, if that helps put things into perspective for you non-dieters out there.

      Another insult really is that this vinegar flavoured cardboard snack cost me 89p! 89! I still can't get over that now, never again.


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