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Carlo Magno Balsamic Vinegar

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Brand: Carlo Magno / Type: Dressings

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2009 20:09
      Very helpful




      When it comes to salads I'm not all that fond of cold, limp and wet/damp foods to be honest. However I do partake in healthy eating from time to time and to try soften the blow I do add sauces and stuff to add flavour to what I feel is otherwise very dull food!

      I am a fan of salad cream, honey and mustard dressings but one thing I'm aware of due to a lot of tv celebrity chefs using it over the past few years is balsamic vinegar. I like many of you have seen them drizzle the stuff on all sorts of foods so when I spotted this costing a mere 99p a bottle in my local Sainsbury's store I was desperate to try it out as I hadn't tried it ever before and certainly when I had seen it on sale hadn't ever seen it this cheap!

      The Packaging:

      250ml dark brown see-through glass bottle which is oblong is shape and has a black screw on/off lid to the top of it. On the front of the bottle there is a dark green label on there and I'm told in gold writing that it is Carlo Magno Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena, that it's matured and is certified as quality and that it is an Italian product. Other information on the matching label at the back of the bottle includes telling me a bit about the product, a full nutritional chart is shown along with ingredients being listed, the best before date and size of the bottle are clearly stamped on there and contact details for Carlo Magno are listed. It's a nice, tidy and informative bottle and a nice handy size too (and the only size I'm aware this is available to purchase in ) and struck me when I saw it that it was a very good buy on the economy front indeed!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Packaging:

      Specially selected for its peculiar flavour and taste. Carlo Magno Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena, is the perfect sweet & sour accompaniment to salads, seafood, vegetables and meat. It is also delicious as a marinade or sprinkled on fruit salad.

      Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

      The Balsamic Vinegar Itself:

      Well the vinegar is smooth, glossy, transparent and a very dark brown in colour. Very runny... it sprinkles out of the bottle very well indeed without flooding so you have to shake the bottle to release the vinegar type of thing so you are in control of how much of this you consume.

      Taste wise this is lovely. Vinegary? Yes but not in a cheap malty way this is actually incredibly rich, well blended and of course this vinegar is blended with grapes which gives it a very tangy sweet and sour type of flavouring. It is wonderful really on any food you'd like it on and I now am a huge fan of this. It's not too acidic and being well blended it's smooth in flavours whilst being highly flavoursome but it enhances flavouring in foods rather than takes over.

      Love it and I think for the money it's actually superb and I didn't expect it to be this tasty or versatile to be honest with you!

      Nutritional Information Per 100ml:

      Energy: 103.8 Kcal
      Protein: 1.2g
      Carbohydrate: 19.98g
      of which sugars: 19.98g
      Fat: 0g
      Fibre: 0g

      Available in most good supermarkets for around 99p a bottle!


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