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Dolmio Red Lasagne Sauce

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Brand: Dolmio / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      21.07.2010 11:03



      fantastic to make a quick lasagne a lot less work than if you cooked from fresh!

      Being a big fan of lasagne i tried on numerous occasions to make one from scratch and to be honest they were never really that good!!! The dolmio lasagne sauce has everything in it you need and cost a fraction compared to if you bought every single ingredient! You simply add the sauce to your mince (i personally like to add mushrooms onion and garlic as well) and put layers in your dish seperated by lasagne sheets and a dribble of the white lasagne sauce, bit of basil and some cheese, i freeze some of mine to have on an alternate day. I cook it for half an hour at 200 degress and the result is absolutley gorgeous! I have before also used it as a pasta sauce as well, it is quite rich and make the lasange taste like one you would have in a restaurant, accompanied with garlic bread it is beautiful!!


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      19.04.2010 16:12
      Very helpful



      Not at all bad!

      When it comes to cooking it really is something I rather enjoy doing and of late I have been staying with my mate and it's lovely to have someone else to cook for and who is appreciative of my dishes!"

      Her being a Vegetarian, at first threw me slightly to be perfectly honest with you. As I'm a meat eater I didn't know what to create but I really learnt fast and I basically can make what I'm used to eating like a lasagne but either with meat free meat or a simple vegetable combination and I have to admit I barely miss meat at all nowadays lol

      I spotted this in Sainsbury's costing £2.01 for a rather large jar and decided to get us it. We both fancied lasagne for tea one night but I was in a lazy mood and decided to buy this and cheat slightly!

      The Packaging:

      500g glass jar with a screw on/off lid to to top of it in a green colour. Around the jar there is a label and on the front of that I am shown a photograph of a lasagne and told that it is Dolmio, Red Sauce For Lasagne Sauce, the size is stated, there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown and I'm told that it is free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. On the back of the jar other information stated includes being told a bit about the sauce and how to use it, the ingredients of the sauce are given as is a full nutritional rundown chart shown and contact details for Mars Foods (the manufacturer of the product are stated) and of course I am told this is Vegetarian (which is of course why I purchased it in the first place of course!).

      The Sauce Itself:

      Well all you do with this is add it to cooked mince (all be it meat free!), or cooked vegetables and add this sauce to it and then put it between your pasta of course and add your cheesy layers etc. The instructions are given on the jar by the way if your not sure how to make a lasagne and it is incredibly simple of course (I mean even I can make a decent lasagne up lol!).

      This is a thick red sauce made of course from tomatoes (80%) along with a small amount of flaked onions with added basil, garlic and assorted other herbs including parsley. These herbs are in abudance in this sauce though appear dried but blend rather well with the sauce to be fair.

      It's of a nice consistency and not too garlicky or overpowering or anything like that. It holds really well and does indeed make a nice lasagne. Ok I am the first to admit not as good as most home cooked one's and I suppose this sauce does make the meal a little runnier but of course once you have used it once or twice you will soon have a better idea of how to use this and maybe use a little less if you feel the need.

      It really does taste of tomatoes and herbs and does need a lot of ingredients to calm that flavour down a little but all in all this is my first choice next time I need a quick fix red lasagne sauce!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 55 Kcal
      Protein: 1.3g
      Carbohydrate: 5.3g
      of which sugars: 5.3g
      Fat: 1.3g
      of which saturates: 0.2g
      Fibre: 0.8g
      Sodium: 0.4g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at £2.01 a jar.


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