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Dolmio Stir-in Sweet Pepper

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Brand: Dolmio / Type: Savoury Sauce

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    3 Reviews
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      24.04.2010 16:15
      Very helpful



      Easy and tasty.

      These stir-in sauces are incredibly handy to have around for a 'quick as a flash' supper for the family or just for the kids after football, swimming or whatever after school practice they have that holds up teatime during the week!

      If mixed with quick cook fuselli pasta, for example, you can knock up a healthy meal in about 10 mins flat. What is also great is that all of the ingredients are 100% natural.

      I buy this mainly for my 5 year old daughter who will not eat any other pasta sauce (whether home made or shop bought) but have also sampled it myself. This is a rich tomato sauce made with roasted peppers, onion and garlic. It has good sized pieces of sweet pepper in it and is not too strong on the garlic front. My daughter's favourite one of these sauces is actually the oven roasted vegetables one but you can also get slow roasted garlic, sun dried tomato or carbonara variants.

      These little 150g plastic pots merely have to be stirred in to piping hot pasta and voila - done. Of course some parmesan or extra veggies help to bulk out the dish but are not essential. There is a silver foil lid that you pull back to gain access to the sauce. This is surrounded by a cardboard sleeve which has all the info you need on it. If like me, you do not use all of it in one go (as my son doesn't like it) you can recover with the foil lid and keep in the fridge for use within 3 days. I would suggest though that if you do this, take it out of the fridge an hour or so before use to give it a chance to get to room temperature or you can reheat it in a pan before adding to the pasta. It would be handier if it had a plastic snap on lid rather than just the foil but you can wrap it in clingfilm as well to keep it extra fresh.

      Half a portion only has 80 cals, 4.7g sugar, 5.1g fat (0.8 of saturates) although it does have 1.0g salt (17%) which sounds a little high to me for half a pot but I am no statician and am unsure whether this does constitute a high level - depends what you eat the rest of the day I guess!

      This sauce is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They cost about £1.22 individually but are sometimes on offer. Not the cheapest but certainly very tasty and, as I said, the only one my daughter likes and she is a very fussy eater!
      Thanks for reading. x
      also on Ciao under Ryanellaxx


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        01.12.2009 12:28
        Very helpful




        The 'Dolmio' range of stir in sauces are a very handy item for me to keep in my store cupboard because they make a very quick and tasty evening meal. This is great after a long day as I can not really be bothered to stand and cook from scratch every night and so this is a quick and easy method for making a tasty pasta dish.

        The Dolmio stir in sauces come in a choice of flavourings such as a Carbonara sauce and a roasted vegetable sauce. They are all similar when they are sitting together on the supermarket shelf and they are quite eye catching as they are in brightly coloured packaging that is in colours such as yellow and green.

        The outside of the packaging is a little cardboard cover and when you remove this there is a little plastic pot underneath. There is a silver foil lid on top of the pot and this is peeled off easily.

        The cardboard cover tells me on the back that per 100g of this sauce = 100 calories.

        The tubs of Dolmio stir in sauce feed two adults or if I am just having it myself I can get two nights dinners out of it. They are expensive and usually cost around £1.50 but compared to other ready made pasta sauces this brand is much tastier.

        Inside the pot is the sauce - in this case I bought the 'Sweet Pepper' flavour. When I peel off the foil lid I can see that the sauce looks very thick and it has little lumps of vegetables in it. The colour is a bright red tomato based sauce and it looks as though there are little bits of herbs and perhaps onion as well as little bits of peppers through the sauce. It smells lovely and it looks really nice.

        All I need to do is cook up a pot of pasta and then drain it then add the contents of this little plastic tub to the hot pasta. Then all I do is stir through the sauce until all of the pasta is coated nicely. I personally like a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on top but this is down to each taste so you may prefer the pasta plain.

        So as you can see the Dolmio stir in pasta sauces prove to be a very quick and easy meal and it really needs very little effort or time. All you need to do is basically cook up a pot of pasta and then you have a tasty and satisfying evening meal.

        I bought my Dolmio stir in sauce from Tesco and it cost me £1.34 but this tub did me for two dinners so it does not seem as expensive when you look at it like that.


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        04.11.2009 15:01
        Very helpful



        Well worth having in the storecupboard

        A couple of weeks ago I tried a super quick review to see if I could race my dinner to being ready. Here it is:

        Ready steady go......
        I have stopped off at the supermarket on the way home and parted with £1.36 in return for a pot of sauce. All I need now is the pasta of my choosing - we like swirly ones in our house (known to the discerning as fusilli) but the beauty of this product is that each time you vary the pasta you change the nature of the meal!

        Pour swiryly pasta into pan of boiling water and turn heat on.

        Pasta is simmering away.

        Time to read the blurb on the packet:

        "Dolmio Sweet Pepper Stir-in" with a tasty looking rosy pasta dish to go with it. The cardboard sleeve slips off to reveal a plastic tub with peel off lid. Bet it won't peel....oh yes it did!
        Inside is a deep red sauce with distinguishable vegetable lumps and a lovely spicy sweet aroma. Looks good enough to eat cold! But I will resist in the interests of a fair review.

        I also discover the following info:
        per 100g
        Cal 137kCal
        Fat 10.3g
        Sat Fat 1.4g
        Sugar 5.1g
        Salt 2.0g

        Tomatoes (47%), Red Pepper (10%), Tomato Puree (9%), Vegetable Oil, Yellow Pepper (5%), Roasted Onion, Olive Oil, Onion, Red Pepper (Concentrate) (2%), Salt, Modified Cornstarch, Sugar, Basil, Garlic, Chilli Paste, Lactic Acid, Spices, Milk Protein, Stabilisers (Xanthan Gum).
        Allergies Information
        Contains Milk Proteins

        per 100g
        Energy kCal 137 kCal
        Energy kJ 571 kJ
        Protein 1.5 g
        Carbohydrate 9.7 g
        of which sugars 5.1 g
        Fat 10.3 g
        of which saturates 1.4 g
        Fibre 0.9 g
        Sodium 0.8 g

        What a lot of handy info on a small tub! I can also send feedback to various addresses if I so desire and the sauce is 100% veggie (good to know.) My sauce is well within its sell by date with a rather alarming 8 months which is both a relief and a lurking question which I choose not to address!

        My pasta is looking suitably al dente by now so I drain it and then have to let my culinary activity take precedence as now I have to pour in the sauce and keep it moving whilst it heats through.

        Taste test:
        I know all I have done is boil and stir, but place this in a fine china bowl and it could easily pass as proper home cooking. It is sweet and spicy at the same time with neither scent being too overpowering. It has a good thick tomatoey texture and is generally rather yummy.

        The packet says "Two servings" but I would be inclined towards 3. I guess the ultimate decision on that is part of the all important question:
        "How saucy do you like it?"

        Thanks for reading.


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