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Dolmio Taste of Rome Creamy Tomato and Ricotta

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Brand: Dolmio / Type: Pasta sauce

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    1 Review
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      25.02.2011 21:40
      Very helpful



      Not quite Amore, but i like it.

      I never normally pick up pasta sauces in jars, so i am not quite sure what convinced me to try this, other than perhaps it was cheap at the time. I normally just do my own pasta sauce with passata or tinned tomatoes, as my previous experience with the Dolmio sauce is that it is really rich and calorific.

      However, don't let it be said that i am unwilling to try something new. Dolmio have a new range of sauces out based on flavours from different regions of Italy. Taste of Rome is one of the flavours available, although there are also Taste of Italy sauces influenced by specific areas like sicilian style tomato, basil and garlic.

      This particular sauce appealed to me as i like creamy sauces and i love cheese. My family have a stronger preference for tomato based sauces, so my thinking was that this particular sauce, creamy tomato and ricotta, might sneak onto their plates unseen and be eaten and enjoyed.

      First Impressions:
      Fitting in with the Dolmio range, this sauce comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, and a green based product label telling me it is from the Dolmio catalogue, what the ingredients are and that it is from the Premium taste of Italy range. Also on the jar, a picture of some ripe succulent tomatoes and smooth white ricotta cheese. Mouth watering yet?

      Through the glass jar i can see the product. Usually Dolmio products are a very luscious red in keeping with their main ingredient of tomatoes. This contents of this jar are more orange where the addition of the cheese has given it a creamier appearance. Dispersed through the sauce are fairly substantial pieces of Basil. From appearances alone it feels like a Gourmet sauce.

      The jar contains 350g of the sauce, which it is recommended will serve 2 adults. I used this sauce for my whole family of myself, my husband and our two small children, which it did more than adequately. The ingredients of the sauce are tomatoes (59%), tomato puree (14%), ricotta cheese (7%), olive oil, fresh cream, lemon juice, onion, Basil, Sugar, Salt, Parsley and Garlic.

      Using the Sauce:
      Dolmio sauces are incredibly easy to use. I had decided to serve spaghetti with meatballs. I grilled the meatballs, and started to cook the spaghetti in water. Meanwhile i sauted some red onion, and a bit of chopped carrot and yellow pepper. When the veg had cooked, i then added the jar of sauce. It only takes a few minutes to heat the sauce through fully, and if you wanted to you could eat it with no added veg. I always find it adds a bit more substance and nutrition to my meals however, and certainly helps a 2 person serving do four of us.

      What was the Meal like:
      Well, my family knew straight away that i had indulged in a jar of sauce. You can't disguise it as the sauce is always oilier when it comes from a jar and leaves those orange patches on your plate. The kids plates were emptied pretty sharpish and they both had tomato streaks across their faces. My husband commented on it being creamier than normal. The ricotta flavouring is quite delicate to detect, so we didn't notice it that much. Perhaps if you ate the sauce alone without a meat accompaniement the flavouring might come across more. I found the taste quite moreish and i will want to repeat the experience. It was very creamy and felt like an indulgent treat. Personally, i would like it to be a bit more garlicky and for the basil pieces in the sauce to be a bit smaller. I didn't notice them much when eating, but i could feel bits of it in my teeth for a while afterwards which is not the nicest of sensations and wouldn't do if we had planned a 'romantic' meal.

      Nutrition wise, it packs 98kcal per 100g, of which 6.5g comes from fat, 1.8g saturated fat. Remember one portion is meant to be 175g. It is suitable for people who are Vegetarian, and pleasingly one serving is 1/5 of your recommended fruit and veg intake for the day.

      I liked the sauce and would eat it again. I would also recommend it. I wouldn't choose to eat it regularly as i think these things are often nicer as a bit of a treat. Personally i think i would add more garlic next time. I would give it 4 stars as it fits really well with the Dolmio range. A quick and nutritious meal accompaniement which doesn't break the financial or calorific bank too badly.


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