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Glorious Sun-Dried Tomato and Chilli 'Diablo'

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Brand: Glorious / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      05.06.2010 17:51
      Very helpful



      delicious and expensive pasta sauce

      I don't very often buy ready prepared soups and pasta sauces but have fallen in love with the Glorious! range which you can find in the chiller cabinet of some supermarkets. I have managed to buy Glorious! products in Morrisons and Asda but they don't seem to sell them at all in Tesco, the Diablo sundried tomato and chilli sauce costs £1.99 for a small tub but Glorious! products seem to be on special offer fairly frequently.

      When I open the little tub of this pasta sauce I am met with a lovely smell which is both tomato and herb based. The sauce looks lovely, it is a rich red in colour and you can also see little specks of green herbs and chilli seeds and little chucks of pepper.

      The sauce needs heating through before you serve it over pasta and this is easy to do either by putting the tub in the microwave or heating in a pan, I chose to do so in a pan and it just took a couple of minutes.

      The sauce tastes delicious when it is served, it has a really intense sundried tomato flavour which is also nice and sweet and this goes perfectly with the slightly tangy green peppers. The taste of the oregano comes through nicely adding some depth to the flavour and I can just detect a hint of delicious roasted garlic. Despite the sauce being tomato and chilli I can only just detect a slight heat from the chilli seeds and I would have much prefered for it to have more of a kick. The tub is a perfect size for one generous serving for a single person and because of the chunky nature of the sauce it would go best with a chunky pasta like shells which would really let the sauce cling to it.

      The sauce is made from all natural ingredients and is pretty healthy as it is vegetable based. I didn't like the calorie content, I thought at over 200 calories per tub it was pretty high but this is because there is oil in both the sun dried tomato and sauce. When I make my own basic tomato sauce I use only a spray of frylight making it very low calorie. The sauce is also low in protein, adding some mince would make it a better balanced meal but also really add to the calorie content.

      I did enjoy the Glorious! sundried tomato and chilli sauce but I would never spend £1.99 on a little tub of pasta sauce no matter how nice it is when it is a dish I can make myself easily and cheaply, I had bought it on half price offer and would probably not even buy it at that price.


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