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Heinz Big Soup Beef and Vegetable

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4 Reviews

Brand: Heinz / Type: Soups

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    4 Reviews
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      30.01.2013 22:18
      Very helpful



      A great light dinner

      Personally I do love a bit of soup every now and again. It's always nice if you want something light on your tummy or something to nibble on with bread. About a year ago I came across Heinz big soup. It comes in all kinds of flavours such as chicken, minted lamb, chunky veg and many others. This particular review is about the beef and vegetable flavour.

      Like all soups it's very easy to cook, just stick it on the hob for around 2-3 minutes bringing it to the boil and your done. As its big soup the name of it is just not the flavour, it actually has bits of beef and different vegetables with the soup. The beef is very tender and tastes lovely. The vegetables include carrots, peas and potatoes which just adds to the tastiness. The actual soup is very thick and is nice to have with or without bread.

      The packaging comes in a 400g tin which is mainly green in colour and has a picture of which flavour of soup you have chosen on the front as well as the Heinz logo and flavour. In the back is a little about the product and the ingredients.

      This is definitely something to have in your shopping basket when out on the weekly shop. You can pick a tin up for around £1. The soup and the pieces of beef and veg to me are all high quality and is well worth the money.

      Five stars from me!


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        11.04.2010 09:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        good value and very tasty

        I love soup, there are not many flavours I do not like, and when I first married my wife over 30 years ago she said to me what would you like for lunch today and I told her soup but I said soup everyday as I used to work not far from my home and used to go home for lunch each day.

        I do not mind if it is in cans, homemade or packets, any type is suitable for me, and my wife bought this one for me as last week and it was bought from Sainsbury's for around 83p for a 400g can.

        It is a nice thick soup and has nice tender pieces of beef and nice chunky carrots, potatoes and garden peas and in a nice rich gravy, it is a hearty meal in itself and it fills me up perfectly and I think it is like a little casserole it is that chunky.

        It is of a very good quality, and with or without bread it is nice and filling, and 1 can easily be shared between 2 people quite easily, although I do have the whole can to myself but I have shared one from time to time.

        Per half a can it contains 104 calories, 6.7g protein, 15.2g carbohydrate, 1.8g fat, and 1.9g fibre.

        It may appear to be a lot of calorie content for a soup but I think for a whole can it would only be 208 calories and for my wife who tends to yoyo diet, she can easily have that amount of calories for 1 meal and I have seen her have more calories on other foods and the food has not even satisfied her as much as this soup has in the past.

        The vegetables and beef are of a very good quality and the rich gravy is excellent also.

        For soup lovers or anyone wanting to try a different kind of soup, this one is a good price for a very good value soup.

        I rate it a 5 star.


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          15.02.2010 15:56
          Very helpful



          If it has to be tinned soup then it has to be this one!

          I have to straight away get one thing straight before starting this review, there is no substitute for homemade soups especially mine but the next best thing is definitely Heinz big soup.

          Most if not all tinned soups are very much about the watery stock and very little about the thick cut vegetables but Heinz big soup has sort of changed all that, the soups still have a somewhat processed feel to them and some tins have more vegetables than others but on the whole they are very good and stacked full of thickly cut ingredients.

          There are a good few varieties of big soups to choose from and I have tried quite a few of them now and been pretty much happy with them all.
          The beef and vegetable was my favourite consisting of very large melt in the mouth pieces of beef and huge chunks of vegetable this was like a meal in a can, two slices of bread and a tin of this soup had me well satisfied.

          A tin of this beef and vegetable big soup does not come cheap at over 90p per tin in Asda but they are sometimes on offer at two tins for £2.50 which saves a little bit money. I have to say although that probably seems expensive for a tin of soup, once you have tried them and realize how good and how filling they are you will view the price differently.

          Next favourite was the chicken and vegetable, exactly like the beef and vegetable but with chicken obviously.

          The beef broth is also a very nice tasting soup and this one has a proper thick broth stock too, again very satisfying.

          The other varieties are chunky vegetable which I have also tried and enjoyed and then lamb and vegetable, minted lamb hotpot, chicken and leek and chicken, mushroom and potato, none of which I have tried for various reasons but I am sure they will be of the same high quality.

          If you are going to use tinned soups then it has got to be Heinz and it has now got to be Heinz big soups!


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          28.01.2010 08:18
          Very helpful



          Heinz Big Soup: Beef & Vegetable

          After having quite a large lunch yesterday I wasn't that hungry when I got home so I plumped for a bowl of hot soup rather than my usual larger meal. The soup in question was Beef and Vegetable which is one of the flavours in the Heinz Big Soups range.


          The soup comes in a can which holds 400g of this particular flavour. The label is predominantly green with the Heinz Big Soup logo on the front along with a small picture of the soup. On the back are the usual cooking instructions, ingredients, nutritional information , contact details for Heinz etc.

          Nutritional Information per 100g {per half can in brackets}:

          Energy kJ: 219kJ {438kJ}
          kcal: 52kcal {104kcal}
          Protein: 3.3g {6.7g}
          Carbohydrate: 7.6g {15.2g}
          of which sugars: 2.0g {3.9g}
          Fat: 0.9g {1.8g}
          of which saturates: 0.4g {0.7g}
          Fibre: 0.9g {1.9g}
          Sodium: 0.3g {0.6g}
          Salt Equivalent: 0.7g {1.4g}

          The ingredients for this flavour are: Water, Potatoes, Carrots, Beef (10%), Peas, Onions, Modified Cornflower, Concentrated Tomato Puree, Yeast Extracts, Flavourings, Salt, Colour - Plain Caramel, Spice Extracts, Garlic Salt, Herb Extract

          Vegetables: 40%

          Dietary Information:

          The product contains no artificial colours or preservatives.


          At time of writing my local shop are selling various Heinz soups for 50p. Supermarkets are likely to charge more.

          Taste and opinion:

          The first two things that you notice about this when you open the can are the thickness of the soup and the size of the vegetables. The carrots and potatoes come in much larger chunks that you would find in Heinz Vegetable Soup and the liquid part of the soup is much thicker than you'd find in the standard Heinz range of soups. The orangey-brown colour doesn't make it look like the tastiest thing in the world but you can judge the taste of something on it's appearance so, after being blasted by some microwaves for a few minutes it's time for the taste test.

          The first thing that hits you when the soup is ready is a really pleasant aroma that sets your taste buds going. Taking a taste I was very impressed with it. The bits of beef are soft and tender, not at all stringy or tough although, to be honest I'd prefer it if there was a little more beef in the soup. In terms of size the beef isn't too large but nor is it so small that you could have a couple of pieces in your mouth and not even notice.

          There seems to be more of the carrots and potatoes in this soup than the peas, although that it may just appear that way because the chunks of both of these veggies are larger than the peas which have been used. All three vegetables are, like the beef, soft and tender so there are no issues in terms of them being too hard to eat. The herbs and spices used really add to the flavour of the soup and make this an ideal winter warmer.

          At 208 calories for the entire can this is a tasty soup that's not going to cause you any headaches on the nutritional front. As well as containing no artificial colours or preservatives it's also low in fat and sugar so any damage to your waistline is negligible.

          If you haven't tried this time then I'd really recommend it as I was impressed with how tasty it was.


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