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Heinz Big Soup Cumberland sausage

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2012 22:12
      Very helpful



      Good for the calories, but too bland for me!

      To start with, I am one of those people who LOVE soup. I could live on it, and I always have loads of it in the house.
      The big eat soups I have always seen as a treat, as they usually cost the most out of the rest of the range on offer, although I recently picked up a bargain!


      For the larger tins of the big soup - 515g are usually £1.29 per tin at Tesco which isn't a bad price at all if you're buying one or two, but I usually buy a good few so I tend to go for cheaper tins.
      Recently, Tesco were selling these larger sized tins for 64p! Which worked out actually cheaper than the regular sized heinz soups.
      So I grabbed 16 of these tins with 4 different flavours.

      The range

      I didn't know until recently that Heinz had made such a huge range of soups! The ones I bought recently were
      Cumberland sausage and vegetable
      Turkey hotpot
      Meatball and tomato
      Chicken, potato and bacon

      I thought some of these flavours were crazy! Especially the meatball, so I grabbed a few of each to try.
      I was particularly looking forward to trying the sausage and vegetable, so I had this one first and this is my opinion!...


      To be quite honest, I was disappointed with this soup. I expected it to be full of flavour, taste at least a little bit like sausage and be quite chunky. I found this soup taste JUST like a vegetable soup, in fact if you take out the sausages it would just be a vegetable soup. Even with the sausages in, there isn't the slightest taste of meat at all, the sausages taste of noting! Unlike the picture on the front of the tin, the sausage pieces are actually slices and there aren't very many of them.
      I wasn't expecting this soup to taste like a sausage and carrot cob... but even a tin of tesco value baked beans and sausages taste more meaty!
      Overall, I wouldn't recommend this soup if anybody is looking for variety, in fact I think you might aswell have a vegetable soup.. at least there are even less calories in them!


      What I have always loved about Heinz big soup's is their thickness, I have found them to be one of the best for the value. I've never found them to be too watery, even though this one consists of 66% water! The potato chunks are generously sliced and the carrots are always nice and chunky. Although this soup was chunky, I did find it to be quite bland. Once the carrot, potatoes and sausage is eaten, your just left with a pea soup.


      Out of the range of Heinz soups I picked up, this sausage and vegetable variety was one of the best for its calorie content.
      In a full tin (which I always have!) there are just 220 calories in this! And considering this is an even bigger tin of soup, I think that is great!
      If you need a little snack, you can have half the tin for just 110 calories which is great for a healthy lunch. I always find these soups keep my fuller for longer, especially these larger tins!
      I have soup as a dinner which other people may find odd, but I stay full for hours on these!

      Protein content isn't amazing if you're aiming for a high protein diet, although for a full tin you can scrape about 9g of protein out of one of these, which isn't too bad when you remember it is 66% water!
      Carbohydrates 17.2g in half a can
      Fat 2.1g in half a can
      Fibre 2.2g in half a can
      Sodium 0.6g in half a can

      In a full can, there's 2.8g of salt in one of these cans... which is where this soup falls down! I've never been one to remember to check the salt levels of foods, but for people watching their levels, 2.8g is quite high considering an adults daily amount is no more than 6g- and even less for those wanting to shed the pounds!


      I rely on soups when I am dieting, for their low calorie content, although soup isn't for everybody!
      I was disappointed with this soup, and I wont be eating the rest of this flavour in a hurry. I might give the meatball one a try to see if I can get more meat out of one of those!

      The price was great, and I don't regret spending a tenner on soups, as I find them great to take to work, or help me along with my diet. They are great for lunch or to use as a small dinner, but I wouldn't recommend this flavour unfortunately.
      Thanks for reading, I also post on Ciao


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