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Heinz Big Soup Italian Meatball & Tomato

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Soups

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    4 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 20:46




      I was going through a difficult period in my life, and like any normal person would in my situation entered my soup period. This came to a head earlier this week when i consumed my body wait in soup.

      It began well with more traditional soup flavours such as potato and leek, chicken and vegetable. Eventually i reached the point where all the soup in my house had been consumed, so i made the difficult decision to go and buy one more tin, i just wasn't full enough.....this would be the biggest misjudgment of my entire life, and one i will regret to my last big soup tasting breath.

      I was walking through the soup isle when a big green tin caught my eye, it was big soup. I'd heard of this before but i thought it was a myth like bigfoot or Michael Portillo, alas i was wrong it was very real! I couldnt believe my luck when i spyed the meatball soup, this had to be fate, right? wrong! but i bought it none the less

      I literally sprinted home to eat it, falling over several times. Opened the tin to what can only be described as a wonderful smell, similar to freshly torn christmas wrapping paper, if it had been dipped in tomato juice and inserted with meat

      So anyway i cooked it, and sat down to eat it. I took the first mouthfull and suddenly had the grim realisation that my entire life up until this point had been a complete and utter waste. I searched through the soup with a fine toothcomb looking for evidence of 'meatballs' what i found was shocking! these weren't meatballs they tasted like compacted dust or at the very best retired meatballs, at least 82 years old! who instead of being sent to a meatball retirement home had been sent to a tin of big soup!! shocking way to treat the elderly meat community. The tomato in the soup wasn't tomato either it resembled what can only be described as lumps of co-coagulated blood, very possibly from Anne Widdecombe.

      I ate half the tin and admitted defeat and went to dispose of the other half.....big mistake! big soup doesn't take well to rejection. It was too watery for the bin and far too thick to go down the sink, this is when i curled up into the fetal position and quietly began to sob, what had my life come to? when a tin of big soup can completely destroy my very being!? but be warned if you buy this soup then this WILL happen to you!!


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      08.04.2010 16:40
      Very helpful



      Great soup!

      Being on a bit of a health kick at the moment, I tried to find some low fat/low calorie soups to have for my lunch. I like quite a filling lunch but didn't want to have soup with my bread, so decided to look for a more filling soup, and this "Big Soup" seemed like the perfect choice.

      I generally make my own soups, but I wanted to have a nice filling soup always available in case I couldn't be bothered!

      The tin can be found near all of the other soups, and is green with "BIG SOUP" written on the front - it is hard to miss!

      The reason I chose this soup was because it seemed different to all of the others, however I didn't have very high expectations as it seemed a bit weird!

      I like to have a nice big lunch, and the amount of soup was perfect. However, if you wanted a smaller portion then half the can would do.

      The base of the soup is a tomato flavour, and tastes similar to the regular Heinz tomato soup. It is full of flavour and is nice and rich. There are also lovely chunks of tomatoes floating around which are lovely and quite nice and juicy. There are also cannellini beans and I was pleasantly surprised at how many there were as it really helps to bulk out the soup and they are tasty!

      The meatballs are lovely, nice and meaty and not lacking in flavour. They seem to soak up a lot of the tomato flavour and really add something to the soup, and I think there are just the right amount.

      I have this at home and so I just pop it in the microwave for 4 minutes, and it is a very quick, and easy meal.

      As I said before, I generally have the whole tin, as I like to have a big lunch and a small dinner, and so, although the serving says half a can, I generally have the whole thing! For the whole can the calories are 322, with 3.4g saturated fat and 2.6g salt. I think this is very good for a meal that fills me up until dinnertime, rather than a regular, boring tasting soup with a slice of bread.

      The soup cost around £1.20 I believe, but I made the most of a 2 for £2 offer. There are other flavours available, which I look forward to trying, which are Beef and Mushroom, Chicken Hotpot and Chicken and Bacon.

      I really recommend giving these a go instead of picking up a regular can of soup. They are high quality and packed full of flavour.


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      07.02.2010 16:59
      Very helpful



      A Wicked New Soup From Big Soups By Heinz

      When I saw this new flavour of Big Soup I had to try it because I love anything with meatballs but haven't tried them in soup before. They was on special offer 2 tins for £1.10 and that's brill value because most of the Big Soups are about 85p now.

      It's a tomato soup that has got small meatballs in it, big chunks of tomato and loads of beans. It's a majorly filling soup and I was glad I only had about 3/4 of the tin because I struggled with that and no way would I have eaten a full one. I did mine in a saucepan because I'm not mad keen on soup done in the microwave and it's best to try a meatball before you put it into your bowl to make sure they're hot all the way through.

      The soup is lovely and thick with a wicked creamy texture, it's a rich tomato flavour and tastes loads more fresh than the Heinz tomato soup that I usually eat. The pieces of tomato in the soup are wicked too and they've got just the right texture to feel well cooked but fresh, they're not all squidgy like tomatoes usually are when you have them in tinned soup. The soup is seasoned with herbs but they're not very strong and just give it a bit of an over all Italian flavour.

      The meatballs are delish, they're proper meaty and have got a yummy rich flavour. The taste of them goes perfect with the soup and even the beans that I don't like that much made the soup taste proper Italian and gave it a wicked chunky feel.

      This soup kept me feeling as full up as if I'd had a full meal, I didn't even have any bread with it and I was still stuffed after I ate it. THe meatballs made the soup special and I loved the feel of munching into one after a few spoons of the soup. There wasn't that many meatballs in there and they're only small so I made sure I rationed them out so that my very last mouth full had 2 meatballs so I could enjoy the flavour for longer! lol



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        28.01.2010 11:26
        Very helpful



        For a low-cost, low-fat and high-taste lunch, look no futher

        Although the greasy spoon next to my office does a mean pie, chips and beans for £4.50, this has had to become a special occasion treat. After my bike accident last year (see cycling review) shelved any exercise plans for a couple of months and Christmas delivered the usual too much food and alcohol, I made it my resolution to get back in shape asap.

        So, out with the pies and in with....Heinz Italian Meatball & Tomato BIG soup.
        I always used to have 2 problems with soup:
        1. There was not enough of it
        2. It became a bit repetetive after a while tasting the same thing over and over again. In my supermarket there was seeminly aisle after aisle of bland looking soups...tomato, chicken, mushroom - boring!

        The new range of Heinz big soups seem to have solved both of these issues that I had.
        Firstly, the portion is just about right for me. I'm a 6'2 lad with a very healthy appetite and this soup fills me up nicely without any urges to snack before dinnertime.
        Secondly, there is somehow a variety in these soups that means that most mouthfuls are different from the last. This is a welcome change and has meant that I have stuck with this range for a month now.

        The tomato soup is rich and very tasty. Not too sharp and not too bland. Most importantly, it is not a boring flavour that you feel like discarding with half the bowl left.
        The meatballs are succulent and my only qualm would be that there are not always enough for them in the tin.
        There are also chunky tomatoes and a really generous portion of cannellini beans, which as I said before really helps to ensure that each mouthful offers a different taste for the palate.

        Your cooking options are either stick it on the hob for a few minutes or 4 minutes in a standard - 850w - microwave (2 mins, stir, 2 mins).

        The tin says that a serving is half the can. Given I am not a supermodel, half a can of soup really won't cut it for me, even if it is BIG soup.
        So, in a standard portion for the likes of me the stats are:

        322 calories
        3.4g saturated fat
        2.6g salt

        Other than the salt being a little high, I don't think that is too bad.

        As I said, the BIG soups come in a variety of flavours and in my local Asda they are currently £1.18 each (also a £3.32 saving on the pie chips and beans). There is also a deal on at the moment where they are 2 for £2.

        Other flavours include:
        Beef and mushroom
        Chicken Hotpot
        Chicken and Bacon.

        For a relatively low fat and cheap alternative at lunchtime, and something which couldn't be easier to prepare you could do a lot worse than check out the Heinz BIG soup range. This flavour is my personal favourite but there are plenty to choose from.

        2 BIG thumbs up for the BIG soup


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