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Heinz Classic Beef Broth

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7 Reviews

Type: Soups

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    7 Reviews
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      27.04.2010 14:40
      Very helpful



      A delicious lunchtime snack

      Packaging and Presentation

      Heinz Classic Beef Broth comes in Heinz's iconic and instantly recognisable red tin. On the front there is a picture of a suitably appetising bowl of soup, which really serves to whet the appetite. There is also a small icon which states that this soup is only 84 calories per serving and is low in fat, great news if you are on a diet or watching your weight. A closer inspection however, reveals that 1 serving is only ½ a can of soup, which is not really enough for me.
      The back of the tin contains a list of ingredients, as well as nutritional information and a break down of your GDA's (Guideline Daily Amounts). There is also information for allergy sufferers.
      The back of the tin also contains cooking instructions for both hob and microwave, which seem a bit superfluous to me, but would be useful for young people or kids. For me, this soup always tastes better out of the saucepan than the microwave. I don't know how, but its true!

      Value for Money

      I paid 75p for a 400g can of soup at my local Sainsbury's. Heinz do a range of 'single serving' sized tins, but annoyingly Beef Broth was not available in this size. Therefore I have opted to finish off the 400g tin in one sitting. If you are on a strict diet, or have a very small appetite you could stretch the can to 2 servings.

      My Opinion

      As suggested by the picture on the tin, I am having my Classic Beef Broth with a big old chuck of crusty bread. The first thing I noticed when I opened the tin was that the soup was a lot thicker and more substantial than I was expecting. This is largely due to the pods of pearl barley but there are also chunks of beef and vegetables in there too.
      The soup is similar in taste to oxtail (as you would probably expect) but is definitely more filling and hearty. The big chunks of beef, barley, carrot and beans means that a can of Heinz Classic Beef Broth makes a substantial and filling lunch. There was enough in the can to fill a regular size soup bowl almost to the brim, I would say at 75p it was excellent value.
      My girlfriend has been eating a lot of fresh soups recently which come in a range of exotic flavours (Moroccan Chicken was the last one I think). Suprisingly I actually prefer the canned Heinz variety to the fresh chilled soups. It might not be particularly exotic or adventurous but Heinz's Classic Beef Broth provides a delicious, hearty and economical lunch. I will definitely be buying it again and also trying some of the other flavours available.


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      01.04.2010 22:19
      Very helpful



      Overall a great healthy(ish) snack, great tasting and quick to cook! What more can a man want??? lo

      Heinz Beef Broth! Yummmyyyy

      Everyone loves a tin of soup - especially in those winter months with chunky bread to dip! Its irresistible by most.

      I personally love this soup, its quite thin in texture but has lots of chunky carrots, potatoes and much more. It has a rich flavour and is mixed with pearl barley and beef. The soup also contains Haricot beans, tomato purée, cornflower, and salt.

      Some of the ingredients you may not imagine to be in soup like sugar, yeast, caramel colouring and citric acid are also included.

      I tend to purchase soup to assist my diet. At only 84 calories per half of a tin, it's virtually fine to eat this on your diet. The soup is also low in Fat.

      The price of soup seems to have increased in recent years. I tend to stock up when it's on offer as 90p a tin is a bit steep for me! I love the 4 for £2.00 - I think that's reasonably considering the ingredients.

      Heinz soup is really easy to make, it can be cooked on the Hob or in the Microwave - both take a matter of minutes. Heinz soups come in a tin with a ring pull so great for those camping trips as no tin opener is required!

      Overall a great healthy(ish) snack, great tasting and quick to cook! What more can a man want??? lol


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      01.02.2010 21:08
      Very helpful



      A nice, reliable product from Heinz.

      With Asda currently running an excellent offer of 5 tins of Heinz soup for £2, this has given me an excellent opportunity to not only stock up on some lunches for work but also review a few more products from the range!

      The Heinz Classic Beef Broth comes adorned with the standard Heinz livery with a too good to be true image of a nice bowl of the broth (complete with rustic bread to the side) against the clearly recognised red background. Amongst the usual details recorded on food labels, this one advertises that the broth is low fat and contains only 87 calories per serving. A serving is considered to be half of the 400g tin so for me and I'm sure most others, a serving would actually be 174 calories! Still not bad in my book! The soup is low fat with a whole can (the label gives the information per ½ can) containing 2.8g of fat of which 1g saturates. It also contains 8.8g protein, 28.8g of carbohydrates of which 5.2g sugars, 3.2g fibre, 1g of sodium with the salt equivalent being 2.6g (just over a third of the recommended daily amount for the average adult).

      On opening the tin, which has a handy ring pull lid, you are not really met with anything particularly exciting visually or in terms of a smell. On pouring the contents into a bowl things start to improve with the broth looking like a nice thick meal with plenty of ingredients - mainly vegetable and most notably the haricot beans. What you do notice however is an apparent lack of any beef! Reading the list of ingredients on the label confirms that beef, whilst one of the main ingredients, does only account for 8% of the total amount (thankfully this is not really noticed when eating it).

      The soup can be warmed gently on a hob in 3-4 minutes or heated in the microwave in roughly the same time. Personally I prefer to use a hob as I think there is a difference in the taste, however I only have a microwave at work so this has to do. Having heated the soup for a couple of minutes I removed it to give it a stir and was pleased to be hit with what I would describe as an earthy beef smell (it was a nice smell even if the word earthy suggests otherwise!) now that it was warm. After another minute in the microwave the broth was ready to be eaten.

      As I mentioned earlier, the lack of beef in the ingredients does not distract from the taste. There is a relatively strong beef taste to accompany the nice thick consistency. The flavour from the concentrated tomato puree is also very noticeable and this adds to the enhancement of the taste.

      All in all I would say this is a very tasty product, especially on the colder days. It is very good value for money at the standard price of 70-80p but especially if you manage to stock up whilst Asda are running their promotion that I mentioned above with each tin only costing 40p.


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      18.11.2009 11:52
      Very helpful



      Have one spare

      Its definitely soup season now. There is something really comforting about having soup when the wind is howling and its all rainy and cold outside a bowl of soup and bread is perfect!

      I bought this soup in tesco the other day for 67p. I thought this would amke a change to my usual tomato or leek and potato soups that I have. Its packaged in the tradition Heinz way with their red colouring, Heinz logo and Beef Broth name on the front.

      The soup can be cooked in 2 ways hob or microwave, I cooked mine in the microwave using a microwaveable bowl and covering it this only took 2 minutes (depend on the strength of your microwave). Cooking on the hob takes only 3-4 minutes in a sauce pan heating gently through.

      On opening the can you can smell the rich flavour of the beef and vegetables coming through. It smells relly nice when you are cooking it aswell and it proved to be and enticing flavour as my partner soon came into the kitchen claiming he was hungry and saying it smelt really nice!

      Its definitely what I would call a 'full flavour soup' it has rich flavours coming from the beef and fresh subtle flavours from the vegetables. It has a country feel to the soup, it makes it feel very satisfying and almost soothing to eat.

      It says the can contains 2 portions but I really can eat a whole can!

      1/2 can values:

      87 Calories
      1.4g Fat
      1.3g Salt
      4.4g Protein
      14.4g Carbohydrates

      In the ingredients list it shows Water, Pearl Barley (9%), Beef (8%), then vegetables after. This seems like a lot of water and not alot of beef to me however it definitely has the flavours to carry it off if you haven't looked at the ingredients list first!

      I would definitely recommend this as a winter warmer soup so stock your cupboards up with it!


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      04.11.2009 14:31
      Very helpful



      A very good addition to the pantry!

      Winter's coming, so time to get the broth out...more precisely, here's Heinz's very own Beef Broth. To many that term may not sound the most appetising, but this little number isn't half bad.

      From the Classic range of Heinz soup in it's familiar red label, This soup contains beef which was something I used to like as a child when Heinz used to produce their Beef and Vegetable Classic Soup - correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was discontinued around the time of the BSE scare - but this is as near a replica as you are likely to find. And it's no mean competition either.

      Being beef, you'd expect it to be a tomato-based flavoured soup, rather than a creamy one, which you should expect with chicken, and that's precisely what you get. The hearty vegetables such as carrots and potatoes help add to the dish, but don't make it too stodgy. When it pours out the can, the carrots and haricot beans may appear clumped together, but a quick stir and they'll fuse into the rest of the soup. Yes, it's not the perfect soup - being tinned and not fresh it's somewhat watery, but it's very well seasoned and tastes full of the flavours you expect - tomato, beef and root vegetables.

      The ingredients are as followed...

      Water, Pearl Barley, Beef (8%), Potatoes, Carrots, Concentrated Tomato Puree, Haricot Beans, Cornflour, Modifed Cornflour, Sugar, Salt, Flavourings (Milk), Yeast Extracts, Colour-plain Caramel, Herb Extracts, Herb, Citric Acid, Spice Extracts.

      Anyone with allergy problems note that it contains barley, milk and gluten. But the soup itself is completely free of artificial preservatives and colourings. A 200 gram serving will set you back 87 calories...but seeing as it comes in a 400 gram tin I'd happily polish it all off in one helping, so lets say one serving will set you back 174 calories and be happy with it!!

      At present this is part of the four for £2 offer in Asda, but normally a tin of the Heinz Classic range will cost between 75p and 85p depending on which supermarket you're in. A real broth will be made from scratch and be so 'hearty' that one dish could feed you for a day. This one won't do that but for the price, it's certainly a hearty addition to the stock cupboard for cold winter days.


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        12.06.2009 14:18
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good value for money as it is tasty and filling

        Product: Heinz Beef Broth
        I Paid: £0.81
        I Brought this at: Asda
        Would I Buy it Again?: Yes

        I take these Heinz tins into work for a few reasons:

        > They are cheap & easy to sling into a bag;
        > They have a ring-pull so I don't have to hunt down & clean the shared can opener!;
        > They are good quality with a nice taste;
        > They microwave well. Some soups can spoil if they are microwaved too long or too hot but these take a lot of stick!;
        > They fill me up without leaving the afternoon bloated (which, I find, sandwiches do...).

        OK, so supermarket-own brands are cheaper, but for quality, taste, range of flavours and ease of use (i.e. ring-pull etc.) these are hard to beat.

        .......however, as they are a little more expensive I tend to wait until they are on offer, then I stock-up and get 3 weeks worth in one go!

        The soup itself is a beef broth with winter vegetables in it such as pearl barley and carrots (see icklepickle's review for a complete list of ingredients!). It's quite a heavy soup and would probably be an ideal winter-warmer, but it is equally enjoyable all year round. The beef in it isn't grade-A quality, but it doesn't have any gristle or 'suspect' bits, so it is quite acceptable.

        The only major problems with this soup (in an office environment) is the odour and mess! it has got a pleasant beefy aroma but this tends to last quite a long while around the office (which doesn't make you too popular!). It can also splatter quite a bit in the microwave so be sure to cover it up!


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          04.04.2009 00:37
          Very helpful



          A lovely soup from Heinz

          Heinz Beef broth 400g


          Since i do all of my shopping in Asda it's 81 pence but it varies very slightly in other shops. I usually buy this more often when Asda does a 4 for £2.

          *Value for money*

          I think 81 pence is very high in price for this product, and unfortunately they don't offer an as good cheaper alternative with any other brands so i am forced to pay this when i fancy it!


          The soup comes in a tin with a ring pull top. The outer packaging is normal of Heinz products, red with a picture of the soup on it.


          Water, Pearl Barley (9%), Beef (8%), Potatoes, Carrots, Concentrated Tomato Puree, Haricot Beans, Cornflour, Modified Cornflour, Sugar, Salt, Flavourings (contain Milk), Yeast Extracts, Colour - Plain Caramel, Herb Extracts, Herb, Citric Acid, Spice Extracts

          *Nutritional Information*

          Serving Size Per 1/2 can
          Energy KJ 370
          Protein 4.4
          Available Carbohydrate 14.4
          Of Which Sugars 2.6
          Fat 1.4
          Of which Saturates 0.5
          Fibre 1.6
          Sodium 0.5

          Unit Size per 100gms/mls
          Energy KJ 185
          Protein 2.2
          Available Carbohydrate 7.2
          Of Which Sugars 1.3
          Fat 0.7
          Of which Saturates 0.3
          Fibre 0.8
          Sodium 0.3

          *How to cook*

          I always heat mine in the microwave but it can also be done on the hob.

          To microwave: Pour into a microwavable bowl and heat for 2 minutes then stir and heat for a further 1 minute.

          To heat on hob: Pour into a sauce pan and heat for around 3 minutes stirring constantly without allowing to boil.

          *My opinion*

          Beef broth soup is my ideal lunch! I absolutely love it.
          I first discovered this soup about a year ago when Asda had them on offer and i found it so delicious.
          The calorie content is pretty good for a thick tin of soup and it is a really filling lunch for when i am on a diet.
          When i am not on a diet lots of buttery chunky rustic bread dipped in is even nicer but i am always on a diet so i don't get to experience this very often haha.
          The soup itself is actually on of the classic ranges not the "big soup" ranges. But it is so chunky like the "big soup" range you would hardly know the difference.
          The potatoes and vegetables in the soup are always really soft and tasty and the beef in the soup is like big bits of mince and it tastes perfect.
          It is so thick you could even have dumplings on top of this and have it as a full meal.
          Some soups leave me with a horrible bitter after taste but this soup leaves me full to the brim and no funny taste.
          Try it if you haven't already its a lovely soup!


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