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Heinz Classic Carrot & Lentil Soup

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2010 14:40
      Very helpful



      Average at best.

      I did not think the idea of a carrot and lentil soup was particularly appealing but having never had it I thought I should give it a go before making judgement.

      The soup can be bought in a standard size 400g tin topped with an easy to open ring pull lid. The image on the front of the tin shows a dark coloured soup packed with chunky ingredients with a large piece of rustic granary bread sat next to it. On closer inspection of the label I think the chunks are supposed to be carrot although it looks more like torn pieces of the bread. The front of the labelling also indicates that the soup contains only 89 calories per serving (half of the tin so it has 178 if, like me, a serving is the whole tin) and is low fat.

      The rear of the tin gives the standard product information including the ingredients which details as well as the carrots (19%) and lentils (14%), the soup also contains onions, celery, celeriac, tomato puree and garlic puree, amongst other minor ingredients. The nutritional information per tin is - 7.8g protein, 35g carbohydrates of which 8.6g sugars, 0.8g fat of which 0.2g saturates, 3.8g fibre and 1g sodium with the salt equivalent being 2.4g. Whilst a lot of Heinz soups detail that they are low fat, and to be fair they generally are, this soup has the lowest fat content that I can remember (and I've reviewed a few of them!). This soup also contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians.

      On opening the tin my first thoughts were how much it looked like I was about to eat baby food! The soup looked like an almost solid mush and this was even more evident when I attempted to pour the soup into a bowl as I had to spoon three quarters of it out of the tin. I also had to give the soup a good stir before I put it in the microwave just to level it out in the bowl. It is not uncommon for the image displayed on food packaging to be slightly different to the food that comes out of it and this soup falls into that category. Whilst the label presented a dark soup with chunky carrots, the product itself was like a lentil paste with a bit if carrot here and there.

      Thankfully things did improve slightly when heated (approximately 3 minutes in a microwave giving a good stir halfway through or 4-5 minutes on a hob heating gently and stirring now and then). The soup had a less thick consistency and the aroma coming from it smelt quite spicy and pleasant.

      On tasting the soup I was actually quite surprised and pleased at the fact that I didn't dislike it, in fact it wasn't that bad! I found that there wasn't a range of flavours but one continual one which I would describe as being like a slightly spicy Heinz vegetable soup. I was also pleased that despite looking like mush the texture of the soup was not too mushy and the carrots within remained relatively solid!

      I would rate this soup as average. I ate it all (not uncommon for me) and it was ok but I cannot see me selecting it from a shelf again however if someone put a bowl of it in front of me, I wouldn't let it go to waste!


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