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Heinz Classic Winter Vegetable Broth

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Brand: Heinz / Type: Soups

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2010 19:39
      Very helpful



      A tasty soup for all and it's suitable for vegetarians.

      As I explained in a previous review, I love soup and often eat soup for lunch. I like most varieties and although I usually go for tins I also like packet, ready made and cup of soups (as a drink). I also enjoy soup as a starter if dining out.My larder often has many different soups inside and I either choose one or let one full out at me!

      Today I opened a can of Heinz 'Classic' Winter Vegetable Broth. This was safe choice, as I've had this before and enjoyed it. I had eaten a disappointing soup already this week and wanted to enjoy today's lunch before getting on with a pile of ironing.

      I think, if you, like me, abstain from eating meat, then it's good to discover a wholeome, flavoursome soup that is meat free. I feel this soup, from Heinz, fulfills this criteria. This Heinz variety is suitable for vegetarians.

      I find this soup to be a warming, comfort food. It's tasty and quite filling, especially if served with bread, particularly a slice or two of crusty bread or a French stick.

      I was eating alone once, and it was getting late to eat and so I warmed up a tin of winter vegetable broth and as I was too hungry for soup alone, I decided to quickly mix a little packet mash up. I then ate this meal more as a vegetable casserole than a soup. I know many turn their nose up at the thought of packet mash but I admit to quite liking it!

      This soup has a nice, tasty, herb base, full of flavour, and contains plenty of vegetables to make it interesting and substantial. I mainly noticed the carrots, potatoes and peas, all ingredients that I enjoy.

      My preferred method of heating the soup is usually by gently heating on the hob but instructions are also given for microwaving, which is quick and easy to do. Tinned soup is so easy and quick, yet still satisfying, especially during the winter months and it certainly looks as if autumn, if not winter, is well on it's way.

      This soup is available in a 400g sized tin. I purchased my last tin from Sainsbury's and paid, 78pence. I think this is a reasonable price.

      Further information taken from the label:

      ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains: Celeriac and Celery

      Free From: Artificial Colours, Artificial Preservatives and Artificial Flavours

      Nutrient Per 100g

      Energy - kJ 145kJ

      (Calories) 34kcal

      Protein 0.8g

      Carbohydrates 7.3g

      (Of which sugars) (1.6g)

      Fat 0.2g

      (Of which saturates) (Trace)

      Fibre 0.8g

      Sodium 0.3g

      Salt Equivalent 0.7g


      Water, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Swedes, Peas, Cornflour, Concentrated Tomato Puree, Leeks, Modified Cornflour, Salt, Flavouring (contains Celery, Celeriac), Herbs, Black Pepper. VEGETABLES 35%


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        12.04.2010 23:40
        Very helpful



        A vegetable soup by any other name.....

        Winter Vegetable broth is another Heinz flavour that was new to me. The standard Heinz Vegetable soup is a flavour I always have tucked away in a cupboard somewhere, but having tried a number of other soups in the past few months, many of which I have reviewed on here, it has fallen some way down the pecking order in terms of popularity. So when I spied the Winter Vegetable broth on the shelf I hoped this would add a new dimension to the old family favourite and instil this one as a favourite with me.


        The soup comes in a 400g tin topped with an easy to open ring pull lid. The tin is adorned in the standard and distinctive red Heinz labelling that makes it instantly recognisable as belonging to that brand. The main image to the front depicts a steaming bowl of a dark coloured soup that looks packed full of chunky vegetable sat next to a chunk of crusty rustic bread. My first thoughts at looking at the image was that it appeared to be like a hearty bowl of stew and as I'm a fan of this I looked forward to trying the soup. Next to the main front image the label highlights that the soup contains only 68 calories per serving (deemed to be half of the tin), is low fat and is suitable for vegetarians.

        The rear of the label gives the usual information including:

        Heating guidelines - Approximately 3 minutes in a microwave or 5-6 minutes if being heated gently on a hob taking care not to boil. My personal preference is to heat on the hob as I think microwaving does impair the flavour slightly.

        Ingredients - the main vegetable ingredients are carrots, potatoes, onions, Swedes and peas with these accounting for 35% of the total ingredients. For those with dietary requirements, the label points out that the soup contains celery and celeriac, is suitable for a gluten free diet and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

        Nutritional information - the label gives this information per serving (half a tin) but as a serving for me is the whole tin, I find it more useful to have the figures for that. These are 136 calories, 3.2g protein, 29.4g carbohydrates of which 6.4g sugars, 0.6g fat of which a trace saturates, 3.4g fibre, 1.2g sodium with the salt equivalent being 2.8g. Off the top of my head I am pretty sure this soup contains the lowest amount of fat of all the Heinz soups that I've eaten.

        First Impressions

        On opening the tin I was initially a little disappointed. I was immediately met with the aroma of the standard Heinz Vegetable soup and as I was looking for a little more than this I was started to get concerned I wouldn't get it. I was also a little disappointed with the appearance of the soup when I poured it into a bowl. Whilst there was a lot of the various types of vegetables, it did not look like the hearty stew I had been anticipating. On a positive note, the soup did not have the gelatinous appearance that I think Heinz Vegetable soup has. The soup was also peppered with herbs which again I hoped would give a different dimension to the flavour.


        This really was a disappointment! The taste, in my opinion, was exactly like the standard Heinz Vegetable soup. Whilst the soup was flavoursome in the way a vegetable soup is, I felt there was nothing extra from the different vegetables or the masses of herbs that were added. I do like vegetable soup and I enjoyed this one, it's just that I had hoped for so much more!

        With all the other flavours of soups that are available I do not think I would purchase this one again but if you like vegetable soup it is worth trying.


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