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Heinz Cream Of Mushroom Soup

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    14 Reviews
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      24.01.2014 14:18
      Very helpful



      Tasty soup.

      Not that long ago, lunch time for me would equal a sandwich, crisps, fizzy drink and maybe a chocolate bar as well. However, for the past few months I have been trying really hard to shed the ten pounds of excess flab I want to lose before me and my partner get married. One of the changes that I have made is that I will take my own lunch to work with me instead of going to the supermarket at lunch time (because I give in to temptation easily and I've got no willpower).

      One of my favourite healthy lunches is soup, as it's quick to make, tasty, filling and also nice and warm which is nice in the cold weather. I do usually make my own soups full of vegetables and beans/lentils etc however if I fancy a bit of a change I will have a can of pre-made soup, usually form Heinz as I find their soups really tasty and they don't use loads of sugar and salt in their ingredients. Their cream of mushroom soup is the flavour that I had today, and it is one which I have whenever I want something that tastes a bit naughty and indulgent but is still fairly healthy. This review will contain my own personal and honest opinion of the Heinz Classic cream of mushroom flavoured soup...

      '''Cost & value'''
      The cost of this soup can vary quite a bit depending on where you buy it from (all supermarkets sell it). It is also on offer quite often along with the other flavours of Heinz soup. The average retail price is around 85-90 pence for a 400 gram tin which personally I think is a reasonable price, it's a little more expensive than some supermarket own brand versions by around 20 pence, however I'd rather pay that little bit extra for a good quality soup from a well known brand which I know tastes delicious.

      Value wise I think it's not too bad, one tin is more than enough to fill me up at lunch time and keep me feeling satisfied until mid-afternoon. I can sometimes get two servings out of one tin depending on how hungry I am as well. I usually buy this soup along with some of the other flavours of Heinz soup from my local tesco store as it is often on offer at 4 cans for £3 which saves around 50 pence.

      This soul comes in a metal can which is an average sized 400 gram can. Looking at the can, it is obvious from the colouring and branding that it is a Heinz can of soup. The colour-scheme can vary a little from flavour to flavour and this cream of mushroom flavoured soup has got a predominantly red colour scheme. The can has a picture of a bowl of the soup on the front of it, with steam coming from the bowl which makes me associate the soup with feeling warm and cosy if that makes sense.

      The packaging is fairly nice looking, it isn't too simple but it isn't too 'luxurious' looking either, the packaging isn't over the top and it isn't too bland. The packaging does definitely make the soup appear more appetising because of the warm colour-scheme and the picture of the bowl of piping hot soup. The can is recyclable and when I'm recycling the cans once I've had the soup, I always remove the paper par that's wrapped around the cans which is really easy to do.

      The cans have got a pull-ring top so they're very easy to open and a can opener is not needed, which I find really convenient. My work place has got a microwave and bowls/cutlery in the staff room so I can take a can of this soup with me without needing to take a can opener which is obviously handy! The can is completely secure so I don't worry about putting a can of the soup in my work bag however if I don't eat the whole contents of the soup at work, obviously I can't really take it home as the can isn't re-sealable, however on the few occasions where this has happened the office gannet who is always eating everyone's left overs will gladly finish the bowl of soup off for me!

      '''Cooking the soup, appearance, taste/texture etc - my opinion'''
      This soup is fairly unappetising in appearance. It's a pale, creamy beige sort of colour and it has got little black coloured bits of mushroom in it which could put some people off. The soup is usually a thick liquid however, I've had a few cans where the contents has congealed and gone all lumpy and jelly-like, however this has also happened with other flavours of soup and not just the cream of mushroom flavour.

      It looks gross, but it's easy it sort out - just scoop the contents into a pan can cook it as you would normally and the soup soon melts and goes to the thick creamy consistency that it should be. The soup is not watery at all, it has a thickness to it and apart from when it does congeal in the can, it is really easy to transfer into a bowl or saucepan. I prefer to cook this soup in a saucepan as I find that it warms the soup through evenly whereas when I stick it in a bowl and in the microwave, it can sometimes just warm through the bottom and top and the middle is left cold.

      It only takes around 2 minutes on a high heat in a saucepan to heat this soup through and around the same amount of time in a microwave. Whilst the soup is cooking I usually stir if every thirty seconds or so to avoid it from burning and also to avoid a film forming on the soup, it's always only a very thin film that forms of this soup and a quick stir around gets rid of it. This is another reason why I prefer to cook it in a saucepan - whilst stirring it, I don't need to take it off the heat however when I'm cooking it in a microwave I have to keep stopping the microwave, taking it out and stirring it.

      Once the soup is cooked through, the savoury creamy fragrance is very strong and fills the kitchen, steam rises from the bowl just like the picture on the front of the can shows, and it takes a minute or so for the soup to cool down. This gives me time to prepare a bit of toast or something to go with it, I tend to just have a bit of bread or toast to dip in it as I find that if I eat it by itself it can soon become a bit too rich and sickly tasting, but the bread balances it out. Whilst dipping bread etc in it, it can be a little messy but because the soup is fairly thick it isn't as messy as it could be with a more watery soup!

      I usually season this soup with a little ground pepper too, for the same reason - to stop it from becoming sickly. I do sometimes also season it with a bit of sea salt, but whenever I do I find that I'm thirsty afterwards so I think that the soup probably already contains some salt. The taste of the soup is really nice. It's creamy but savoury, and it's very flavourful and rich. It has a brothy sort of taste to it which reminds me a bit of chicken stock (no idea why as if doesn't contain any chicken stock!) and it doesn't taste of mushrooms very much at all, the only time I really get a taste of mushroom is when I bite into the little pieces of mushrooms floating around in the soup.

      The taste will not suit everyone, for example both my fiancé and my little boy hate it, however I think that they mainly dislike it because of the texture. The little pieces of mushroom are a little bit slug-like in appearance (albeit very tiny slugs) and the texture is a bit on the 'wet' eg slimy side, which makes if sound gross, but personally I like the taste of these little bits of mushroom. They're small but still big enough to chew easily and there's plenty of them in the soup which I like as I'm never searching around in the bowl for a bit of mushroom.

      Although I do usually eat this as a soup for my lunch I have also used it as a sauce for chicken - all I did was add some chicken breasts into my slow cooker and two cans of this and it was really delicious, it went really nicely with some mashed potato and vegetables and I am thinking about attempting to make beef stroganoff with this as main ingredient too, I'm not sure how if will turn out but if it tastes as good as the chicken dish did I'll be very pleased.

      '''What is in it and is it healthy?'''
      The ingredients list for this soup is actually fairly short. It contains things like water, milk, cream, mushrooms and a few other bits and pieces. There are no nasty sounding ingredients in this, such as E numbers. It is suitable for vegetarians, however it does contain wheat, gluten and milk. The percentage of mushrooms in the soup is six percent which surprised me a bit as whenever I have a bowl of the soup the bowl always seems full of bits of mushroom! The soup contains only 152 calories per can which again surprised me as it has quite an indulgent taste to it with it tasting so rich and creamy.

      Per can, it contains 4.8 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fibre. It contains just over 8 grams of fat which worried me a little bit but actually when you look closely, only 1.2 grams of this is 'bad' (saturated) fat so all in all I don't think this is an unhealthy soup, obviously it isn't quite as good for you as say a vegetable soup or a homemade soup would be but it is certainly no where near unhealthy! A full list of ingredients and nutritional information can be found on the can of this soup and also the Heinz website has got nutritional information on it.

      '''All in all'''
      This is one of my favourite flavours of Heinz soup. A bowl of this on a cold winters day makes me feel very cosy and comforted, and although the flavour will not be to everyone's liking I personally love the taste. I do think that it easily becomes sickly and a bit too rich but this is easily sorted by eating it with a nice fresh bread roll. The soup is filling, affordable, the can is really easy to open and it's also recyclable and I definitely recommend this soup. Four out of five stars.


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        11.06.2011 23:25
        Very helpful



        Another quality product from Heinz

        Any time of year but especially in the winter you cannot beat a bowl of hot soup with a roll or good quality piece of crusty bread. There are fancier and more expensive varieties available but I think Mushroom soup produced by Heinz is sensational and another product has to go a long way to better it in my humble opinion. Everything about this brand says quality even down to the bright red labels with the picture of the delicious soup in a bowl on them.

        Currently a 400g tin of this soup is available on the Tesco website priced at 82 pence but you can often find them on promotion or in multi packs where the price per tin is reduced considerably. The tin of course can be recycled and something I really appreciate about the Heinz brand is that a lot of their products have a ring pull on the lid which makes them extremely easy to open especially if you have no tin opener to hand.

        Even though some people are content with half I really like to have all the contents of a tin this size and after three or four minutes of heating on the cooker this is a superb lunch or small dinner with your favourite bread or just by itself. The soup is so thick and creamy unlike some cheaper brands and the smell is superb. The colour of the soup is I suppose as you would expect mushroom to be and the small pieces of mushroom are just right, not too big as to be off putting but not too small so you can not notice them whatsoever. Eating this food really is a pleasant experience and really adds to the fine reputation of Heinz being a quality brand.

        A great thing is that this contains no artificial colours or preservatives and as a meal choice this would be a good decision as one 400g tin contains 208 calories and 11g of fat which is better than some chocolate bars although that is not taking in to consideration your choice of bread and whether you load it with some kind of butter or spread. This is another food item from Heinz that can form the best part of a good snack or small meal.


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          29.04.2010 13:09
          Very helpful



          I would recommend this soup

          I don't claim to have tried all brands of mushroom soup but, being a soup lover and also very fond of mushrooms, I have sampled quite a few. Of those I have tried this is my favourite and one that I consume on a fairly regular basis.

          I expect everyone will know of Heinz and have eaten several foods from their vast range...but, although I knew this company had been launched years ago I didn't know much about it so had a look at the website before writing this. Just some very basic history of the company for you to digest, along with your soup!

          In 1869 two United States businessmen, Henry J. Heinz, and L. Clarence Noble launched a company, Heinz & Noble. Their first product was a horseradish sauce made with horseradish grown on Henry Heinz' own garden patch. They decided to market the sauce in a clear glass bottle to show it's purity.

          In 1876, tomato ketchup was launched by F & J Heinz. It was then launched in the United Kingdom in 1886. I was amused by this as I can't imagine people from that time, with the type of meals they ate, having much call for tomato ketchup. Also children, being seen but not heard, wouldn't have been allowed to say, "Pass the ketchup please!" would they? Whatever my thoughts, this ketchup obviously caught on.

          The website: www.heinz.co.uk is an interesting site which you might like to peruse in between writing your reviews.


          Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom is a very tasty soup and, in my opinion, does the company justice. I enjoy it's thick and creamy texture. There are small pieces of mushroom in the soup. I thought I would warn you of this in case you like large pieces of mushroom as then you would be disappointed with this dish. This is fine for me as I just love the creamy mushroom taste, which is inviting without being overpowering. Because of this I consider the soup to be an ideal starter to a meal. Or have it as a snack or lunch with a slice or two of crusty bread. It makes a warm and satisfying lunch but also isn't too heavy to enjoy in the summertime.

          It is easy to cook. You can cook gently in a saucepan on the hob, taking care not to boil or overcook. Alternatively, it can be heated in a microwave oven for three minutes ( 850w oven).

          *This soup contains Gluten, Wheat and Milk.

          It is free from artificial colours and artificial preservatives.

          Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup is suitable for vegetarians.

          It is available in tins of either 300g or 400g in size. I purchased the 300g tin at from Sainsburys supermarket for 74 pence, which can't be bad, can it?


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            09.04.2010 02:57
            Very helpful



            What's not to like?

            Soups are rather funny things aren't they? Very rarely will I think of having soup when I am wondering what my next meal will consist of, but when I think of soup I do quite fancy the idea and thoroughly enjoy it when I have it.

            What I like about soup is that it is so easy to prepare and ready in minutes whether you decide to heat in a sauce pan or pop it in the microwave for a few minutes.

            One of my favourites of course is Cream of Mushroom Soup by Heinz. The main reason for this is that I absolutely love, love, love mushrooms and eat them whenever I can. When I go out to eat at a restaurant I will purposely order something on the menu that has some sort of mushroom with it and I have even been known to take a cheeky bite of a mushroom at the supermarket because I just can't resist them.

            This soup is very creamy indeed but not in a sickly way. When the can is first opened, the soup does look very thick and lumpy but when heated, it is transformed into a soup that has a lovely even consistency.

            There is a distinct flavour of mushroom to the soup which makes it very tasty if you like mushrooms but it isn't overpowering.

            I do like the little lumps of mushroom in the soup. They are neither to big nor two small and there is plenty of them and they have that lovely mushroomy taste. Weird eh?

            So I'm gonna have to recommend this of you are a mushroom fan like myself.

            This soup is available in two different sizes. There's the 290g tin which provides a very tasty snack or light meal for one and then there is the 400g can which would be great for sharing.

            --Nutritional Information (per 100g)--

            Energy kCal - 50kCal
            Energy kJ - 209kJ
            Protein - 1.5g
            Carbohydrate - 4.9g
            of which sugars - 2.1g
            Fat - 2.7g
            of which saturates - 0.4g
            Fibre - 0.1g
            Sodium - 0.2g
            Salt Equivalent - 0.6g


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              28.02.2010 19:28
              Very helpful



              Heinz Cream of Mushroom Soup - Creamy soup with fresh mushroom bite.

              I have never been a big fan of mushrooms, but will eat them if they are well mixed with other flavours and textures. I do quite like Heinz Cream Of Mushroom soup, as I enjoy the thick, creaminess of this soup, with the added bite of the mushrooms and find it a comforting meal on a cold afternoon.

              I always try to stock up on Heinz soups when they are on special offer at 4 for £1, as they are very expensive otherwise. They make a quick and easy lunchtime meal, which can be heated in either the microwave for 2 - 3 minutes or in a pan, on the hob. I always use the hob, as I like my soup to heat slowly and not boil, as boiling always spoils the flavour.

              When you first open a can of Heinz Cream of Mushroom soup, you get quite a strong smell of mushrooms. There is also a mouth watering creamy smell too, which I find very appetising. The soup is very thick and you do have to use a spoon to get it all out. When heated, the soup remains thick and looks very good quality.

              This soup is very rich and creamy and unlike many mushrooms in soup, these tasted quite fresh and had some bite to them. I have unfortunately tasted many mushroom soups where the mushrooms have tasted slimy and were inedible!

              More often than not though, I use my cream of mushroom soup as a sauce. Thick soups do make great sauces and work out a lot cheaper than 'proper' sauces found in jars. I have used this soup, as a filling with chicken style Quorn, peppers, onions, herbs etc. in pies and pasties. I have also used it as a coating for pasta in a variety of pasta bakes and it has turned out to be delicious and very economical.


              Water, Mushrooms (7%), Dried Skimmed Milk, Vegetable Oil, Modified Cornflour, Cream, Wheat Flour, Milk Proteins, Salt, Yeast Extracts, Flavourings, Sugar, Stabiliser - Polyphosphates and Sodium Phosphates, Spice Extract.

              This product contains: Gluten, Milk and Wheat.

              It is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians.

              *Nutritional Value Per 200g*

              Energy - 104 kcal
              Protein - 3.2g
              Carbohydrate - 10.3g
              of which sugars - 4.2g
              Fat - 5.5g
              of which saturates - 0.8g
              Fibre - 0.2g
              Sodium - 0.6g
              Salt Equivalent - 1.4g

              Heinz Cream of Mushroom Soup is available in 2 sizes in Tesco:

              290g mug size - 55p
              400g tin - 84p

              Heinz soups are very good quality, but I do feel they are over-priced. I have moved over to Tesco's own brand, where possible, but have not found a cheaper brand of cream of mushroom that I like.

              I will keep buying Heinz Cream of Mushroom and will buy other flavours whenever they are on special offer.

              If it was only down to flavour, this soup would be worth 5 stars, but because of the over-inflated price it loses a star!


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              15.01.2010 12:42
              Very helpful



              versatile product to have in store

              I couldn't resist buying 3 cans of Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup when I found them in a dumper basket for just £1. I'm not sure why they were reduced as there were no dents & the sell-by date isn't until 2011 so I just grabbed them.

              Each can is 400g & has a ring pull & is exactly as shown in the photo. I try to keep cans of mushroom soup in stock if I need to make sauces in a hurry & have found that these work just as well as the condensed soups if I add a little cornflour to thicken.

              The other night I fancied something quick, tasty, filling & easy to prepare so for the first time in years I actually sat down to consume it as intended - a soup! I have to say I really enjoyed it & it ticked all the boxes for me in terms of taste & texture.

              I know this doesn't taste like homemade soup but I like the slightly artificial flavour as it's somewhat comforting & takes me back to my childhood. I often find mushrooms have a 'mind of their own' when cooking & have been rather disappointed when making my own soup with them either I've got the texture wrong or the taste (if not both!).

              There are only 104 calories per serving (half a can) & it states on the label the contents are low fat. Reading further I can't say that this is nutritionally that good for anyone but as if, like me you are watching your weight, then a bowl of this does seem to fill the tummy.

              It states that you can microwave or simmer on the hob - personally I like to pop in a pan & simmer gently & by the time I've got my bread out of the packet then it's cooked & ready.

              It's nice & creamy & there were lots of small pieces of mushroom, the colour is good so I would recommend buying this both for the convenience & the taste.


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                14.01.2010 00:00
                Very helpful



                Delish Mushroom Soup, Loads Better Than My Mum's Home Made But Don't Tell Her!

                I reckon I'm going crazy, today I pulled a tin of tomato soup out of the cupboard and didn't even NOTICE it was beige instead of red once I'd opened the tin until I poured it into a dish out of the microwave pan! lol Observation isn't one of my greatest skills!

                So I ended up with mushroom soup. It's quite thick and rich and has got a very creamy texture, it's too thick to drink out of a cup so you have to use a spoon to eat it. That's a shame because I love a mug of soup in the cold weather but this one just doesn't work like that.

                It doesn't exactly taste like fresh mushrooms but has got a strong mushroom-like flavour, hope that makes sense! lol This is a proper salty soup though and for me the taste of the salt kind of hid the other flavours in it a bit.

                There are little bits of mushroom in the soup, Heinz have changed this because these bits used to be mega slimey and I couldn't stand the feel of them but now they're quite nice and have got a much fresher texture.

                Today this soup was ideal for me because I'd been playing in the snow with my little sisters and I was froze when I come into the house. I had my bowl of soup and straight away I started feeling a lot warmer and it was also very filling even though I didn't have any bread with it today... only because the nutters round here have gone and brought all the bread out of the shop though, do they honestly reckon we're going to have SO MUCH SNOW that the bread truck can't get through??? And even if it can't I don't think anyone's ever DIED of not having any bread to eat!!!

                This soup is wicked though, I enjoyed it sooooo much! I was gutted to start with because I was really looking forward to a nice bowl of tomato soup but now I've had this mushroom one I'll deffo be eating it again.



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                  20.12.2009 19:31
                  Very helpful



                  A decent stand by

                  Heinz Cream Of Mushroom Soup

                  Description: Manufacturer: Heinz / Type: Soup.

                  In an effort to eat as healthily as possible in the run up to Christmas, I have been eating quite a lot of soup lately. Because I have been really busy at work, I haven't had a lot of time to myself and have been too busy to make and freeze my own, so have reached for the convenience of tins and cartons instead.an

                  Heinz mushroom soup is one of the better ones in my opinion. It comes in a red can with the Heinz label on the front and has a pull off lid, so no need to find a tin opener. A 400g tin costs around £0.75 but can often be found on special offer in supermarkets.

                  This soup is easy to prepare and just takes minutes on a hob or in a microwave.

                  The soup is a cream colour and has quite a distinctive mushroom smell as it is cooking. It tastes creamy and has a lovely mushroom taste along with plenty of little chunks of them throughout. It is well seasoned and quite thick.


                  Water, Mushrooms (7%), Dried Skimmed Milk, Vegetable Oil, Modified Cornflour, Cream, Wheat Flour, Milk Proteins, Salt, Yeast Extracts, Flavouring, Sugar, Stabiliser- Polyphosphates and Sodium Phosphates, Spice Extract.

                  Nutritional details per 400g tin;

                  Energy kJ/100g 217
                  Energy kcal/100g 52
                  Protein g/100g 1.6
                  Carbohydrate g/100g 5.2
                  of which Sugars g/100g 2.1
                  Fat g/100g 2.8
                  of which Saturates g/100g 0.4
                  Fibre g/100g 0.1

                  This is a pretty decent canned soup, which is easy to prepare and provides a tasty and warming lunch in minutes. It is of course, not as good as home made soup, but if you lack the time, then it is a good stand by to keep in the cupboard and prepare quickly. If you haven't tried this flavour yet then it is certainly worth giving it a shot to see what you think.


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                  07.11.2009 20:40
                  Very helpful



                  Well worth buying

                  Heinz Cream Of Mushroom Soup

                  Description: Manufacturer: Heinz / Type: Soup

                  As with all of the classic Heinz soups, the product comes in an easily recognisable bright red tin (with a pull top so no need to use a tin opener to open) with the Heinz label (stating cream of mushroom soup) and some mushrooms scattered about it.

                  I bought this soup from my local Tesco Express this week, it was on a special offer of buy 2 400g tins for £1 (Normally, this soup can retail for around £0.75 per tin). It is available to buy in most supermarkets and local shops and bigger tins are also available.

                  All you have to do is warm it in a saucepan, or pop into the microwave for 2 or 3 minutes, (cover and stir half way through cooking) and this soup is ready. I like to make croutons to go with it, heat a little olive oil in a frying pan, cube a slice of bread (one per person is about right) and then fry gently, sprinkle onto the soup and then serve - delicious!

                  I like the taste of this soup, it is not quite as strong as some fresh mushroom soups (which can make it enjoyable to children too) but has a very creamy taste and consistency. There isn't many chunks of mushroom though, so if I could suggest an improvement, it would be to add some more and make them a bit bigger. The soup is very thick, which makes it quite filling, especially with croutons and a decent slice of tiger bread.

                  Nutritional info is as follows;

                  Size 400g
                  Energy kJ/100g : 217
                  Energy kcal/100g : 52
                  Protein g/100g : 1.6
                  Carbohydrate g/100g : 5.2
                  of which Sugars g/100g : 2.1
                  Fat g/100g : 2.8
                  of which Saturates g/100g : 0.4
                  Fibre g/100g : 0.1

                  Ingredients are as follows;

                  Water, Mushrooms (7%), Dried Skimmed Milk, Vegetable Oil, Modified Cornflour, Cream, Wheat Flour, Milk Proteins, Salt, Yeast Extracts, Flavouring, Sugar, Stabiliser- Polyphosphates and Sodium Phosphates, Spice Extract

                  This is a pretty good soup for tinned and handy to keep in the cupboard for a quick lunch. It isn't as good as fresh but probably the best tinned mushroom soup that I have tasted - stash it!


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                  06.07.2009 21:03
                  Very helpful



                  Cheap, tasty meal.

                  Mushroom soup is my favorite of all soup and the Heinz variety did not dissapoint. I have written reviews of quite a few other Heinz products and in each one I say that everytime I have tried a Heinz product I have always really liked it, and in its catagory I have never tried anything better. This cream of mushroom soup did not disappoint me.

                  The soup comes in traditional red packaging with the Heinz label on the front and some pictures of mushrooms. Luckily the soup has a ring pulllid which makes it super easy to open with struggling with the old fashioned tin opener.

                  The soup has a creamy consistency which is smooth throughout except for the occassional small lump of mushroom, whcih really adds to the taste of the soup. The taset is very mushroomy, without tasting like old mushrooms, afterall they have been in the tin for a while. It doesn however taste fresh and creamy.

                  The soup is very easy to cook. It can be done over the hob or in a microwave for a couple of minutes. Both achieve the final outcome, howeverI am suspicious that a slow gentle heating gives a much better taste than the forcefullness of the microwave!

                  All in all this is a tasty cheap meal which is amazingly easy to cook. What more could you want!


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                  21.06.2009 19:09
                  Very helpful



                  Thankfully there are plenty of other soups to eat!

                  Whilst on my way to work this morning, it suddenly struck me that I hadn't thrown a tin of soup into my bag for my lunch, as has become the norm nowadays. So as I passed a small newsagents / convenience store I popped in to grab a tin. I was immediately disappointed that they did not have any of the Baxters range, as this has become my brand of choice, and so had a quick browse of their small selection of Heinz soups. Always being on the look out for a good deal I opted for this shops bargain of two tins of Cream of Mushroom Soup for the price of £1.29 (I believe in a supermarket, these soups cost around 70-80p) I wish I had just gone for good old tomato!

                  On peeling back the ring pull on the 400g tin you are met with a not particularly attractive image which is furthered as you pour the gelatinous contents into your bowl. When cold, the product is quite solid and is more resembling of a jelly than a soup. There also is no real smell to the product so my first impressions were far from positive. I say first impressions but I'm sure I've had this soup before but cannot remember when and certainly cannot remember whether I liked it or not! Looking at the soup you can make out the dark shapes of small pieces of mushrooms so my hopes were that the flavour would go some way to make up for the appearance. Many of the soups that I've eaten recently have had well presented images of the final product on the label. The label for this soup, quite wisely in my opinion, as opted to use a number of whole mushrooms instead of an image of what the soup actually looks like.

                  To heat the soup I am forced to use a microwave at my place of work and this takes approximately 3-4minutes. At home I would always use a hob as I believe heating gently using this method usually results in a better flavour. Once heated the product loses its rigidity slightly and now more resembles a thick soup. You also now have a smell to the product which is quite earthy and mushroomy and I found myself actually now looking forward to eating it - what a fool!

                  The first few spoonfuls of the soup were ok but I certainly did not find myself enjoying it. My main issue with the flavour was that I found it incredibly bland. I did not taste strong mushroom flavours as I'd hoped but found it to be too creamy and not in a nice way. I found the small pieces of mushrooms to be ineffective with little flavour and I also didn't enjoy the way the soup felt as I ate it as it still felt gloopy. What I do think could have made this more bearable was if I had something to dip into it such as well buttered bread or toast which follows the serving suggestion on the tin where it is suggested you might like to eat with warm, crusty bread. However this was not an option so instead of finishing the last few spoonfuls I found myself instead jotting down my thoughts as prompts for this review!

                  On a positive note, when I had actually finished eating I found that the aftertaste was slightly better than the actual taste though not by much!

                  On the label the soup states it is low fat, suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. It also states that one serving contains 1.4g of an adult's recommended daily salt intake of 6g. As far as Heinz is concerned, a serving is half a tin, so if like me you would struggle to find the effort to eat only half a tin, this product amounts for nearly half of your RDA of salt. The nutritional information per my serving (whole tin) is 208 calories, 6.4g protein, 20.6g carbohydrates of which 8.4g sugars, 11g fat of which 1.6g saturates, 0.4g fibre, and 1.2g sodium with the salt equivalent being 2.8g.

                  In summary I was disappointed with this soup. I found the flavour to be weak and the whole process of eating it was borderline boring and I am now in negotiations with a colleague to off load my other tin!


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                  13.04.2009 14:13
                  Very helpful



                  A rich and creamy meal in a bowl.

                  Have you noticed how expensive a can of good soup is these days?
                  I would think that soup is one of the major players in anyone's store cupboard, more so during the winter months but it is increasingly difficult to find good soup that has a decent price tag attached to it.
                  If there are sufficient left-over vegetables and plenty of spare time I am more than happy to make a pot of soup but sometimes its just not going to work that way.
                  Heinz do have a good reputation for producing good hearty soups and to be perfectly honest they make one of the only baked beans that I enjoy too.

                  A 400g of Heinz cream of mushroom soup comes in at around 80p, they do produce a smaller tin but that would be a waste of time from my point of view, though for a single person with a small appetite it would be a good solution.
                  We have become so accustomed to the famous Heinz labelling now and can instinctively pick it out a mile away. The can has the warm and hearty red label that informs us that it contains a classic cream of mushroom soup. In pride of place on the front of the can Heinz have displayed a bowl of piping hot creamy looking mushroom soup.

                  Heinz have saved us from using the can opener and we are treated to a ring pull, it is beginning to show that we are becoming thoroughly spoilt as a nation and are taking ring pull cans for granted !
                  Lift the tab and slide the lid back, inside of the can the cream of mushroom soup definitely doesn't look its best, the lid that you are holding has a thick coating of mushroom soup which needs to be scraped off into the saucepan along with the contents of the can.
                  You notice that I say saucepan, I find that the soup heats far far better on the hob, the soup keeps its creaminess. If I microwave it within seconds I have all but lost that thick creamy texture.
                  Having scooped the thick soup out of the can and given the inside of the can a thorough run over with the spoon to clear all of the soup that is sticking to the sides I can then happily wash out the can and put it in the recycling box.

                  The cold mushroom soup still manages to have an appealing smell, a combination of mushrooms and spices maybe. In its cold state the mixture is very thick and looks quite glutinous.
                  You can just spot the odd flake of mushroom in the soup, I imagine that the remainder of the mushrooms have been blended into the mixture when it has been creamed.
                  Put the pan of soup onto the hob with a fairly low heat under it, if you heat the soup too quickly it does lose texture and flavour. Make sure that you keep an eye on the pan and take it off of the heat before it comes to boiling point, boiling the soup causes loss of flavour too.

                  The 400g can provides a snack for two, served with some crusty bread or a substantial meal for one.
                  As you pour the hot soup into the serving bowl you are treated to the mouth watering aroma of mushrooms, The soup that in its cold state had a glutinous appearance has transformed as it has been heated and when you see it in all of its glory in the serving bowl it looks thick and creamy.
                  It is just the right consistency to `spoon up`, I don't know about you but I love to dunk my bread into my soup and it coats the bread perfectly.
                  You can taste the mushrooms and sitting in the background is a slightly tangy spicy touch.

                  A half of the can contains 104 calories and I have just investigated the ingredients and noticed that the soup contains both yeast and spice extract, so this explains the `tang` in the background.
                  Heinz soup is free from artificial colours and preservatives.
                  The soup is fine for vegetarians though it does contain gluten, wheat and milk, I have just noticed that a half of the can contains 5.5g of fat.

                  A bowl of hot soup makes the perfect snack and Heinz have a good variety to offer.


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                    10.04.2009 17:34
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                    Grab a can next time you see them on special offer

                    Normally when we have soup in our house I make it myself, if I am having a lazy day though I do always have a couple of cans in the back of my cupboard. One of my long time favourites since I was a child is Heinz Classic Cream of Mushroom soup.

                    This soup comes in one of the smaller cans containing 290 grams. The can has the traditional red label with a bowl of mushroom soup to tempt you on the front. The can also has a ring pull top which I find really handy, the lid can be a little sharp though so make sure you through it away carefully straight away. I got this soup on special offer of 2 for £1 but they are normally 66p in tesco.

                    Each can of soup is counted as one portion, it contains 146 calories and 7.8 grams of fat. This might not seem to bad, its just a shame I like to have loads of bread and butter with it! I do find the soup too thick as it is, so just before I heat it I fill the can with cold water and pour that into the pan as well. You can heat the soup on the hob or in the microwave, I always choose the hob as I think it heats better if you stir it at the same time. It forms a skin on top if you put it in the microwave and can go a little lumpy when you stir it up.

                    The soup has a lovely aroma, and to be honest smells almost as good as my home made soup. The colour of the soup is slightly grey, the picture on the front of the can would have you believe that the soup is a creamy yellow colour. There are plenty of mushroom pieces in the soup to give it some texture. The taste of mushrooms in this soup is very strong and it has a smooth creamy texture. I think this is probably one of the best canned soups available and is a quick alternative if I don't have time to make my own.

                    Heinz mushroom soup can be used in a couple of really easy recipes that I love.

                    The first is tuna bake. I mix a full can of soup with two large cans of tuna and pour it into a casserole dish. Then just add half a centimetre of breadcrumbs to the top and cover with the lid. It goes into the oven at 200 degrees for 40-45 minutes, though this can vary with the size of the casserole dish and the oven. This will serve 4-6 people and I normally serve it with a salad.

                    The other recipe I use this soup for is as a sauce for chicken. I have a slow cooker and I just pour the soup over 4-6 raw chicken breasts. I normally leave it cooking for about 7 hours but nothing has to be that exact with the slow cooker, I haven't managed to burn anything yet. I usually have this with whatever vegetables I have in the kitchen at the time.

                    I think this soup is a must have in any kitchen as it is quick to heat up and can also be used in lots of different ways.


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                      14.11.2008 15:14
                      Very helpful


                      • "Tastes of mushrooms"
                      • "Good quality"


                      • "Too salty"
                      • "Too creamy"

                      Too salty mushy soup!

                      There's not much I love about winter time I can tell you! I'm freezing in Coventry and constantly moaning and as for slipping on my boob tube and super teeny weeny micro skirt you can forget it! I suddenly have corned beef legs and dry old skin and me well I'd rather stay in than go out for real!

                      However winter does have a couple of benefits and one of them happened last night. I'd had a bath put on my pj's and fleecy socks, dried my hair, my house was warm and I was hungry and it struck me that it was cold, wet and windy night outside and I was cosy. What would make me more cosy? Soup and toast of course!

                      Now I used to be a great believer in making my own stuff and one of the things I always made from scratch was carrot and coriander soup. I believed like most people my homemade soup was a triumph. Well I still do. However I then weighed up how much it cost me in terms of actual cost, time, effort and mess and realised that unless it's for a special occasion I'm wasting my time because so many soups are cheaper than mine to buy and of course simple to wash up afterwards and not only that if your careful you can find fresh soups that are nutritionally balanced as well. So my soup got relegated to being made for special occasions (haven't made it since last year as who do you really feed soup to nowadays for a special occasion!) and I stopped having to eat soup for days on end till I'd peed it all out!

                      Now my favourite soups happen to be Covent Garden soup though my Mum who is in charge of the shopping constantly tells me about the credit crunch and breathing in (meaning tightening our belts) and warning me I'm lucky to get a tin of Heinz rather than shops own brands and to stop testing her patience. So yep my beloved Covent Garden soup is currently out of bounds and we've welcomed a load of Heinz stuff into our home. It's fair to say I wasn't happy. I'm not used to tins really and it's rare I'll eat tinned soup but hey I'm a daredevil so why not risk it!

                      Now I'm not vegetarian however I'm not delighted eating dead animals either all the time so I try to not do this regular and will select veggie options whenever possible. The only reason now I do occasionally partake in a little meat is because I had an eating disorder and my meals are as balanced as I can get now without fiddling bout with my food and as soon as I stop eating meat I lose weight which at the moment isn't allowed besides which I like mushroom soup so Mum selected this for me!

                      The Can:

                      The steel can holds 400g of the soup and it has a peel back lid/top with a ring pull on it that does pull off easy (even for a weakling like me!). Around the can is the oh so familiar dark red paper label which is securely stuck on. On the front I'm told in large gold letters that it is HEINZ and under that in white writing I'm told it's Classic Cream Of Mushroom Soup and under that there is a picture of a brimming bowl of steaming mushroom soup with cut fresh bread next to it. On the right hand side of the can I'm told it contains 104 Calories per serving (per half can), that it's low in fat and that it is suitable for vegetarians. On the back of the can I'm told a bit about the product and once again shown a picture of a bowl of soup, given cooking instructions, nutritional information is listed fully, ingredients are listed, allergy advice is given along with dietary information, info on storing it is given, contact details for Heinz is there, I'm told the best before date is stamped on the bottom of the can (it is) and made aware that the can is made of recyclable steel. Nice enough can though so similar to all the other soups in the range you really do have to peer at it to check your going to open the right flavour if you have more than one in your cupboard or are slightly short sighted in a supermarket (as is my Mother!).

                      About The Product:

                      Heinz Cream Of Mushroom Soup is a classic blend of the finest ingredients offering a delicious recipe for all the family to enjoy... delicious served with warm, crusty bread.

                      Cooking Instructions:

                      Hob: Empty contents into a saucepan and stir gently while heating.

                      Microwave: (800w)Empty contents into a microwavable container and cover. Heat on full power for 2 minutes. Stir, then heat for a further 1 minute. Check that the product is hot before serving.

                      My Experience:

                      Well I opened the can and was immediately met with a full can of creamy looking soup with lots of small jellified looking mushroom pieces floating in it. The smell was like fresh mushrooms and was a bit overwhelming and after a minute or so because of setting up my microwave and putting it in a dish and stuff the smell became ghastly and started making me think of my step dads smelly socks which really started to put me off coupled with it not looking appetising I did contemplating chucking it down the sink to honest!

                      I cooked it in the microwave (mine is 800W) and heated it according to the instructions. I had to get it out of the microwave with oven mitts as it was roasting and I almost dropped my bowl. I was surprised when I tasted the middle bit of my soup which looked as thick and not at all cooked as when I emptied it until my bowl and it wasn't one bit heated through and the outside of the soup had gone thinner and was warm so I stirred it (as I'd done already) and heated it for a further minute. I had a red hot bowl, red hot product and struggled to put it in a dish I wanted to eat it out of.

                      It didn't look exciting or one bit tempting to me t all. The consistency was a bit more runny than before it had been cooked, the smell had calmed down and my kitchen never stunk and the colour was as before, a creamy colour and the mushrooms had blended into the soup quite well.

                      The taste was ok but I can't rave about it. Consistency wise it was good, unpowdery and rather creamy and had body although not too thick so I needed a knife and fork to cut it or anything! Each mouthful contained alot of mushroom pieces that although small in size was very tasty and you could tell they were juicy mushrooms.

                      The only complaint I had was that the soup was very creamy and rich and that it was too highly salted for my taste buds. I'd rather be able to choose to add salt to my food if I feel that I need it and with this it was overpowered with it and the more I ate the saltier my mouth became and I felt it was all to much and had to stop eating it (though I did have a whole can lol) and dispose of some if it.


                      If you like mushrooms in a thick rich sauce this is great. I'd also say taste wise you'd have to be a salt fan (as my Mum is)to really appreciate this as I just felt that Heinz added far too much to bring out flavours in this and went overboard in doing so. It is filling, quick and full of flavour this though for me along with the saltiness is a bit boring and I felt that the cream became a bit too soured for me the more I ate of his soup. As I said I gave up eating it due to feeling a bit overpowered by the flavour and quite frankly got bored fast. This is a high quality product but me, well if I have it again I sharn't be a fat pig and really will limit myself to half a can per serving!

                      Nutritional Information:

                      Per 1/2 Can:

                      Energy 104kcal
                      Protein 3.2g
                      Carbohydrate 10.3g
                      of which is sugars 4.2g
                      Fat: 5.5g
                      of which is saturates: 0.8g
                      Fibre: 0.2g
                      Sodium: 0.6g
                      salt equivalent: 1.4g

                      Sold in all good supermarkets at about 89p a can.

                      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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