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Hellmans Lemon Squeezy Mayonnaise

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Brand: Hellmans / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2011 13:47
      Very helpful



      A new twist on mayonnaise

      I am not a huge fan of mayonnaise as I find it a bit too rich and creamy. However I do like to have a tuna mayo sandwich from time to time in which case I will mix the mayonnaise with some salad cream as I find that the tanginess of the salad cream cuts through the richness of the mayonnaise and lightens it. A few months ago my mum picked up a bottle of Hellmans mayonnaise from their new flavoured range. This range comes in squeezy plastic bottles and basically consists of mayonnaise with some additional flavouring added to it. There are several varieties including mayo with chilli, mustard, garlic or lemon. My mum picked up the one with lemon added to it. I was intrigued to try this and so when I next decided to make a sandwich I added this in rather than my normal salad cream/mayonnaise combo.

      The addition of the lemon really lightens the taste of the mayonnaise. As the label states, it brings a bit of zing to the taste. It is still creamy but the lemon cuts through the richness of the mayonnaise and brings a certain amount of freshness. The lemon flavour does not taste artificial or synthetic - it's like I squeezed fresh lemon juice into some normal mayonnaise. I think the combination of mayonnaise and lemon is absolutely delicious and this sauce has now become a firm favourite of mine.

      The mayonnaise comes in a squeezy bottle that stands on its base, which has a flip out lid. Each bottle contains 250ml of product. Mayonnaise can be quite thick but I have always found it easy to squeeze out of the bottle. It wasn't until I actually read the label closely for the purposes of writing the review that I realised this mayonnaise is actually a reduced fat version and contains around half the calories of original mayonnaise. This for me is an additional bonus - not only does it taste better that original mayonnaise but it's also healthier too! Having said that it is still fairly calorific with a 15ml serving containing 40 calories.

      I have found this mayonnaise to be quite versatile and have had it as a condiment with various dishes. I find it goes really well with baked fish or with chips. It is also tasty with steamed vegetables and of course in tuna mayo sandwiches. A couple of weeks ago I needed to use up a packet of new potatoes and decided to make a potato salad. I used this instead of normal mayonnaise and it was absolutely delicious - the rest of the family also commented on how fresh and zingy the salad tasted compared to normal mayonnaise. The Hellmans mayonnaise with the zing of lemon is available in all major supermarkets in the aisle with all the sauces priced at around £1.79, though they can often be found on offer. Overall I am really impressed with this mayonnaise and it has now become a regular addition to my shopping basket.


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