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Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock Cube

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3 Reviews

Brand: Kallo / Type: Sauces / Food quality: Organic food

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    3 Reviews
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      14.08.2013 17:45
      Very helpful



      Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes my helping hand in the kitchen

      I make a lot of stews, casseroles, soups etc It has been a good year for my friends allotment and she has given me a lot of fruit and vegetables she has grown.

      Kallo - Organic Vegetable Stock Cubes:

      'We always make our Kallo stock cubes from 100% natural ingredients including organic vegetables and the finest herbs, bringing the very best taste to your home cooking. We take our time to make our stock really rich and flavoursome, for meals made with real care from the very start.'

      - www.saykallo.com

      My Findings:

      I've used a lot of different stock cubes over the years and these are one of my favourite to use.

      * No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
      * No added MSG
      * Gluten free & lactose free
      * Can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans

      I do like to choose healthy options when I can, and these seem rather good. This week I have used a whole box of these up making dishes up! My freezer is fully stocked with home made ready meals; this makes life easier for me. Being the only vegetarian in my house hold, I can grab a meal I've made and heat it up.

      In one box you get six cubes and to make this stock up you just dissolve one cube in 500ml of boiling water. It is not like an oxo cube where it is rather powdery that you can crumble in your hands. This one is like a solid block of butter, in what it looks like but full of pretty herbs.

      There isn't a huge scent to these when dissolved in water just a light herb fragrance, but it makes a huge difference to my soups, casseroles and stews. Sometimes I will make just vegetables ones or will add quorn strips either beef ones or chicken ones. It really does make tasty food!

      Nutritional Information:
      Per 100ml

      Energy 29kJ/7kcal
      Protein 0.1g
      Carbohydrates 0.6g
      of which sugars 0.3g
      Fat 0.4g
      of which saturates 0.2g
      Fibre 0.1g
      Sodium 0.4g
      Equivalent as salt 0.9g

      Price and Availability:

      These will normally cost you £1 per box which will help to make six dishes which I think it great value. Asda sometimes have this on offer for just 50p per box. Which makes for excellent value, I normally grab a few boxes when on offer.


      I'm glad I came across these, they are reasonably healthy; make my dishes have a bit more taste. I find them great value for money, they also do meat version for the meat eaters.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Sea salt, palm oil, glucose syrup, raw cane sugar, yeast extract, vegetables (7%) (onions, celery, carrots, celery leaves, parsnip), maize starch, herbs (lovage, parsley, lovage leaves), caramelised sugar, turmeric, ground black pepper.


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        25.01.2010 17:50
        Very helpful



        Perfect for a soup base

        Kallo Organic Vegetable stock cubes are excellent for making soup. This is what I buy them for. You get 6 fairly large cubes (well, they are more like slices than cubes but still bear the name 'cube') wrapper in foiled paper, inside a green card box.

        They cost about 88p to buy but it is a long time since I bought a box, so they may have gone up recently.

        Each eleven grams stock cube makes five hundred mils of stock. This makes an excellent base for cauliflower and potato soup, or even carrot. All you have to worry about is cooking and creaming the vegetables into the base with a blender.

        Better than instant packets of soup and just as easy.

        These cubes are slightly moist in texture so you can not crumble them into a mixture and they look greenish in colour. They have to be properly dissolved in very hot water.

        I believe there are different varieties of Kallo but I have only ever seen the vegetable variety in Tesco.

        These are suitable for vegetarians and are additive free, so a vegetable soup made with one of these and vegetables of your choice is both nutritious and tasty.

        There are 35 calories in one of these cubes once you add it to 500 mils of water, so if you are counting calories they are ideal. You can a great flavour for few calories.

        These could also be used for a stock to cook rice or pasta in if you like the extra flavour.

        I find traditional vegetable Oxo cubes too salty but the mixture of spice, herbs and seasoning in these is just right and I don't have to add any more seasoning. This, of course, depends on taste.

        I always buy these instead of my old brand because they give a far better flavour to stock than any other kind I have tried.


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          12.09.2009 11:32
          Very helpful



          Try them and see how good they are! :)

          Since I have started cooking for myself more in my student days I am learning the differences between little things like stock cubes...

          These 'Kallo Organic Vegetable' stock cubes are bouillon in texture rather than dry and crumbly. Pretty much all that means is that they are sticky in texture and they need dissolving a lot more than the Oxo types of cubes do.

          Kallo make a few different flavours of this product, I've seen beef, chicken and even a lo-salt version of these when we have bought this pack. The price of this six pack is 88p from Morrisons.

          Approved by the Vegetarian Society and it says naturally gluten and dairy free plus free from artificial additives and suitable for Vegans also; these are a really healthy way to pack a lot of flavour from a tiny product, believe me!

          The box is a medium green colour and the contents weigh 66g. Each 11g cube is really a bit more of a flat rectangle shape wrapped in a green and silver foil cover to keep them fresh.

          These cubes are made in Germany and are advertised as being 'the perfect way to enhance the flavours of your home prepared dishes'.

          The instructions say to dissolve one stock cube in 500ml of boiling water, and it does need to be boiling and you need to stir it very vigorously or else it won't melt properly in the bottom of the jug! The calories are 7 per 100ml of water, in other words 35 in each cube...

          Kallo advise to add a cube to your water when cooking noodles and rice or pasta for extra flavour but I add it to cous cous and it really packs a vegetable punch to a usually flavourless grain :)

          The stock cubes themselves are very sticky and look an odd light browny/green colour; they smell like Bovril and are packed full of different hers that rehydrate like red peppers, carrots, onion, etc, plus herbs like parsley, lovage, thyme and rosemary.

          The smell is lovely and it tastes really strong to say the concentrated cube starts off so small! Five stars from me even though they are more expensive you get what you pay for!


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