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Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce

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Brand: Kikkoman / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2009 23:27
      Very helpful



      Try it and see! :-P

      I love Chinese and Cantonese food but sometimes it needs a bit more flavour and so I use some 'Kikkoman Soy Sauce' that we always have in the cupboard as we eat a lot of home made stir fries and my mum uses this as moisture to cook the veggies in instead of fat...

      Our favourite soy sauce is known as a Delia Cheat ingredient so the famous cook must use it in her recipes but I don't know about that?

      It cost about £1.10 for the 150ml contents that come in a glass bottle and a plastic double sided lid that can get very messy if you don't watch what you're doing with it, lol!

      On the front of the bottle there is the fact that it is naturally brewed and I would class this as a dark soy sauce because of its colour, it is a very seep brown almost like a Black :)

      There is an awesome best before date of 2 years on ours so it must keep fresh for ages.

      The ingredients are water, soyabeans, wheat and salt which is very strong in this liquid...

      This sauce is brewed in Europe and smells a lot like Marmite, lol!

      Kikkoman is served in our favourite Cantonese restaurant in Sheffield so it must be authentic too.

      The Soy sauce is very strong and full of a dark flavour with salt the main aftertaste. It is a fantastic flavouring in my favourite chicken and Sweetcorn soup but my mum puts it in her home made soup to flavour that too.

      I can really recommend this is you like a strong tasting soy sauce; it is a lot stronger than the light soy sauce that Blue Dragon sells.

      Awesome as a flavouring, five stars from me!


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        13.07.2008 15:05
        Very helpful



        A mellow and delicious Soy Sauce that is natural in ingredients.


        'Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is manufactured according to a 300-year-old traditional Japanese recipe using just soybeans, wheat, salt and water. It develops its characteristic deep, reddish-brown colour, clarity and rich, full flavour and spicy aroma in a continuous, gentle fermentation which lasts several months. An expert soy sauce taster can detect as many as 300 different aromas resulting from the brewing process! Kikkoman believes the end result is perfect, so there is no need to add artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives'.

        I adore Thai food; I really do and am a great fan of the Thai restaurant 'Wok-Wok' which is in Duke Street near the famous 'Brighton Lanes'. I used to go there regularly and I would treat my Japanese students to a really tasty and inexpensive meal there, on their departure. One of the starters which were served up in a round wicker basket was a meat ball in batter which would be served up with sesame seeds and the most wonderful flavoured sauce. I would always order this as I really liked the sauce that was in the dish. One day I asked the waiter what the sauce was and he told me that it was quite simply, Kikkoman, which is a naturally brewed Soy Sauce. Now this sauce is nothing like the sharp and caustic flavouring of the standard household soy sauces that are widely available. Instead it has the most exquisite and unique flavouring which is beautifully and delicately piquant. -


        Kikkoman comes in an attractively shaped glass bottle with a red lid. To either side of the lid are two pourers. On the front of the bottle is a symbol which contains some Thai lettering above 'Kikkoman, Naturally brewed Soy Sauce, which is written in mustard coloured print. The bottle size is 150ml and the product is branded by Kikkoman Corporation, Japan. The sauce is dark brown in colouring and is contained in a dinky glass bottle which looks good on any table. It pours easily and a little is all that is needed to lend a lively flavour to any meal. The secret of its unique flavour is the intensive brewing process that Kikkoman is put through which ensures an amazing end result.-

        I adore the flavour of this Soy Sauce and I put it on tons of things. It is lovely on Super Noodles, or a similar noodle or pasta. It really livens up the taste of a bland meal and is delicate enough not to overpower the meal. A few splashes into your Bolognese sauce give it a seriously good rich flavour. And a small amount lends interest to your normal browning gravy. It is also lovely if you make your own salad dressing, which I do. A splash of this gives an intense and interesting taste when mixed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I love food and Kikkoman compliments a variety of foods splendidly. I probably use this product a little too much, all in all, but I cannot stress enough just how delicious the flavour of Kikkoman actually is.


        The ingredients are quite simple and consist of only: Wheat - Soybeans - Salt - Water -


        Verdict! - Well this Soy Sauce is fantastic if I haven't praised it enough. I don't like the normal household Soy Sauce and I never used to buy it. But Kikkoman is on another level. Its delicate, mellow and unique flavouring brings out delicious and aromatic flavours and aromas to a host of dishes. It is wonderful on Kebabs and all bar-b-q food, stir fries and is excellent added to the mince in Shepherd pie. Try this for yourselves and see what I mean. Kikkoman costs £1.45 for the 150ml bottle and is also available in the 'Less salt' option which is distinguishable by its green pouring lid. This great thing about Kikkoman is that it is completely natural with no artificial additives.

        'The magic of Kikkoman's secret recipe is "umami", Japanese for "savoury sensation". Umami is a fifth taste we can perceive, along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Umami gives Kikkoman's naturally brewed soy sauce its special, unique flavour'.

        'Find the dinky 150ml dispenser bottles in all major supermarkets and good food stores for around £1.45

        Find 250ml bottles in all major supermarkets and good food stores for around £1.69'.

        Thank you for reading
        July 2008*



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