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Knorr Ale & Mushroom Beef Tonight

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Brand: Knorr / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2009 16:00
      Very helpful



      Makes a wholehearty warming winters evening meal!

      With the winter nights drawing in so quickly it is the time of year for whole hearty wholesome food, I love this time of year as there is such a lot of fresh vegetables to choose and with all the sauces on the supermarkets shelves it is so easy to prepare a nice warming meal for when the workers get back home. One if the sauces I usually plump for is the Knorr Beef Tonight range as well as their Chicken Tonight.

      Now today I am reviewing their Ale & Mushroom, as when I was last visiting my Farmfoods they were selling these for 3 for £1, I thought that they must have a short sell by date, but much to my suprise the dates were Apr.2010 and Oct 2010, so I don't know what that was all about as these jars are usually around the £1.50- £2.00 mark, making these ones just 33p.

      So back to the sauce, now I know that you can make your own sauces and you will know eveything thats gone into it, but it works out very expensive by the time you have purchased this and that to put into it and are then left with the rest of the ingredients that are left over. So I always go for the sauces in a jar now unless I'm using my slow cooker then I prepare from scratch.

      Now we have had this sauce many times before and it is delicious, firstly you can brown some cubed beef with some diced onion and then pop into your casserole dish, add the sauce, stir, cover and simmer on the hob for 60 minutes ( while thats doing you could do a makeover to your house!!) or you could prepare it the same and then pop into an oven at 150c/Gas 2 for 90 minutes. Now I tend to do the latter one, but I usually add more mushrooms, sweetcorn, carrots and peas. This sauce is a deep brown colour with tiny flecks of mushroom and onion it has a lovely smell while cooking and the end product tastes delicious served with some mash so help soak up the sauce.

      Now while it say's you can use stewing steak ect.. I have made this with sausages, including Quorn sausages for my veggie daughter as well as her Quorn fillets which always turn out nice so she doesn't miss out on the family meal and I have also added chopped bacon as well.

      Now if you don't get to use all of the jar ( sometimes I have had to open another to make enough for the whole family) it will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. Also you can prepare your meals in advance and freeze these for another time. Handy if you know you are going to be going out one day so you can come home to a ready made meal.

      Always remember to check the lid on the top of the jar to make sure that it hasn't been tampered with by pressing down the middle of the lid, if it is hard then it is OK to use, but if it clicks in and out then I would change it for another one and tell an assistant in the store.

      The jar holds 500g and quarter of the jar contains;

      ~~~Calories 37~~~
      ~~~Sugars 3.1g~~~
      ~~~Fat 0.1g~~~
      ~~~Saturates trace~~~
      ~~~Salt 0.9g~~~

      So it is quite salty not that I have ever noticed this before, as the overall flavours are so tasty.

      There are no Artificial colours, flavours and it is low in fat. It has slight traces of celery.

      I'll give this 4 stars as if the salt content was less it would be better.
      I wonder why they haven't come out with a jungle for this Beef one as everyone know's the "I feel like chicken tonight" jingle!


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