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Lea & Perrins 5-Minute Marinade Sun Dried Tomato Herb

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Brand: Lea & Perrins / Add flavour to your favourite meat chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, beef, pork or lamb. Simply cover the meat with sauce for 5 minutes before cooking.

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2008 10:37
      Very helpful



      A nice alternative to more traditional sauces

      I'm a totally unrepentant carnivore. Meat, in all its various varieties, forms a large part of my diet. I nearly always have bacon at breakfast, usually with some tasty pork sausages and a slab of black pudding thrown in for good measure. And steaks, chops, mince, stir fry and stew are eaten for dinner on a regular basis.

      But sometimes meat on its own can be just a wee bit bland and tasteless, which is where sauces and marinades come in useful. I've long been a fan of the very best brown sauce on the market, HP Original, and I also enjoy a dab of Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce to spice up a chop or steak.

      So when I spotted this new sauce and marinade from Lea and Perrins, 5-Minute Marinade, on the supermarket shelves, it was almost a given that I would try it out for size.

      It comes in a traditional clear glass bottle containing 290ml of sauce, and its main ingredients are tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, (including Basil, Oregano, and Garlic) and plain old vinegar. The tomatoes give it a deep red colour not dissimilar to ordinary tomato sauce, and it's easy to dispense through the plastic flip top lid on the bottle.

      The marinade is very easy to use, even for a total culinary dimwit like me whose cookery skills could easily be summarised on the back of a postage stamp!

      All you have to do is cover whatever meat or fish you are cooking in the marinade for five minutes before you begin to cook it. Even I can manage that! The result is a tasty delicacy that would be fit to serve in a five-star Michelin restaurant, whether it be chops, steaks, chicken, fish or whatever else you want to spice up just a little.

      We had pork chops prepared in the marinade for dinner last Saturday evening, and they were totally scrumptious. I even had my teenage daughter hanging over my shoulder to see if I was going to leave anything on my plate that she could scavenge, but she was out of luck on this occasion!

      If you're into chicken (which I don't like myself) then Lea and Perrins have even included a delicious sounding recipe on the back of the bottle for 'Mediterranean Chicken, Pasta and Vegetable Medley'. I'll take their word for that one, but maybe it's a recipe that lovers of white meat might like to try out. They also have a whole range of recipes you can try using their sauces out over at their website; www.leaperrins.com

      It's not just a marinade however. As it says on the front of the bottle, this is a 'Marinade and Sauce in One'. I can testify for the veracity of that statement. If all you want to do is add a little spice and extra flavour to something, then instead of cooking the dish in the marinade/sauce, then you can simply sprinkle a little on the dish straight from the bottle. It tastes delicious in a fried sausage sandwich, by the way.

      I picked it up in our local supermarket for only Euro2.79.


      © KenJ



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