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Levi Roots Hot Reggae Reggae Cooking Sauce

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Brand: Levi Roots / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2010 22:20
      Very helpful



      Extremely Spicy Sauce

      *** About Levi Roots' Reggae Reggae Hot Cooking Sauce ***

      I purchased this sauce from my local Asda for only £1 for a 350g jar. This sauce usually retails for £1.67, so I would recommend that now is the best time to try it out as it is currently on special offer. This is the second time that I have tried this particular variety of sauce from the Reggae Reggae range. These cooking sauces are fairly new to the market and can be found in most major supermarkets.

      Based on the classic Reggae Reggae sauce recipe, this sauce also includes a hint of chilli, chunky tomatoes and onions. I usually serve this sauce with Quorn chicken style pieces and rice to make a veggie friendly jerk BBQ dish.

      *** Nutritional Information (Per 100g) ***

      Fat: 0.5g (trace of which saturates)
      Calories: 123
      Sugar: 25.7 g

      Therefore, this sauce is quite low in fat. Nonetheless, I do find the sugar content slightly worrying. From its sweet taste you anticipate that there will be a fair amount of sugar in the product. However, I was truly surprised by just how much of it was in this sauce. Around 76 grams per jar to be precise!! Not good!

      *** My thoughts on the Sauce ***

      I really like the labelling of the product, as it is very bright and colourful and features the colours of the Jamaican flag. I think that this makes this sauce stand out from other alternative brands available and makes it unique and quite funky. This is emphasised by the slogan on the label denoting "Put Some Music in Your Food."

      The sauce is very simple to prepare - perfect for a kitchen novice like myself. You add it to your cooked chicken/Quorn and leave it to simmer for approximately five minutes prior to serving. The bottle states that this sauce can serve around 3-4 people. However, I would say that its contents would only sufficiently serve three people at most with regular portions. In my view, if you were to stretch it to serve four it would not provide for a filling meal.

      On the label of the jar is a little spice-o-meter diagram that tells you that the product is hot with a spice rating of 3 chillies. When I first purchased this product I did not see this and was very surprised when I started to eat it to find that it was burning my tongue off almost!

      The spice rating does not lie and it is one of the few products that I have tried that actually live up to its spice hype. Often I am left disappointed by products that describe themselves as being hot and spicy, but fail to even make me reach for a glass of water when eating them.

      With this sauce I would recommend that you have a glass or two of water at the ready, as it is extremely spicy. Initially, the sauce has a sweet, barbeque taste, but this quickly turns to a very spicy tang. After a few bites I really couldn't stomach the sauce anymore, as it was just far too spicy for me and was actually stinging my tongue.

      I think this sauce would be much better if it wasn't so hot, as its sweet taste is really nice and unique. Its spicy-ness just makes it impossible to finish. After leaving the remainder of my meal, I was still peckish and had to find something else to snack on to fill me up. This isn't really a good thing considering that the purpose of the meal was to fill me up.

      I would buy this sauce again, but that is only because my fiancé loves overly spicy food and really enjoyed this sauce. However, if this were not the case then I would not be picking this up again that's for sure, as it is just to hot to handle.

      Overall, I award this sauce 3 stars, as it does have a nice, sweet taste. Nevertheless, it does lose two stars due to the fact that its hotness makes it difficult and somewhat painful to eat! I would only suggest that you give it a go if you are into spicy food and can handle the hotness.

      For more information on this particular sauce and other varieties from the Reggae Reggae range please visit: www.reggae-reggae.co.uk


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