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Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce

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Brand: Levi Roots / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      01.11.2012 16:57
      Very helpful



      Levi Roots, you're a pure genius!

      Yes you can have your usual tomato ketchup, your BBQ sauce and your mayonnaise but why not try something different? Ever fancy adding a certain zing or kick to your meals? Adding that missing ingredient or taste? I know I do! I used to get bored of the usual sauces to pair with my dishes until I discovered Levi Root's Reggae Reggae sauce! Now it's a regular in my cupboard and on my dishes!

      ~ Levi Roots ~
      In 2007 Levi Roots products first hit the shelves, his sauce was an instant hit. In exchange for a 40% stake in his business, he secured the support of millionaire 'Dragons', Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh for £50,000. Peter Jones helped to get the sauce listed by Sainsbury's, turning the dream into a reality.
      Levi Roots doesn't just make Reggae Reggae table sauces, he makes cooking sauces, chilled ready meals, ready to cook meals, pizzas, frozen meals, soft drinks, crisps, nuts, pasties and wraps. He also has six Caribbean cookbooks available to buy.

      ~ Price & Availability ~
      Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce is available to buy much more widely than it used to be as It used to be just available in Sainsbury's but now you can also get it in several other major supermarkets including Tesco's and Asda. It's available in several varieties such as; Jerk BBQ, Tomato ketchup (the one I'm reviewing), extra hot, mild, fiery guava, relish and mango and chilli relish. It's quite expensive at about £1.69 a bottle but I have seen it on offer now and again - which is when I stock up!

      ~ Packaging ~
      Levi Roots Reggae Reggae tomato ketchup comes in a clear, thick glass bottle with a black screw top lid. There is a funky label around the body of the bottle striped in green, yellow and red to resemble the Caribbean flag. On the front of the label is a silhouette of levi roots and the words 'reggae reggae tomato ketchup' printed in bright red font. On the back of the label you will find an ingredients list, allergy advice, nutritional information, contact details, serving suggestions and a product description which reads; Reggae Reggae tomato ketchup. Blended from sun-ripened tomatoes and chilli, it's traditional Caribbean tomato ketchup with a kick. The bottle is very bright and fun looking and is easy to spot amongst other table sauces.

      ~ Appearance, taste, texture & smell ~
      The sauce itself is a very rich maroon colour, its kind of a like a cross of tomato ketchup and brown sauce in colour and has little speckles of black in it. The sauce is thick, but not so thick that you can't get it out of the bottle. It smells gorgeous, so rich, fruity and spicy and you can definitely pick out the tomatoes and chilli! The smell just makes my mouth water without even tasting it! The taste is amazing! Depending on how much you like spice depends how much you need, I only use a splash as I'm not a huge lover of hot things and the sauce is quite spicy as it contains red scotch bonnet chillis! But saying that, It's not too overpowering because the tomatoes and other fruity flavours mix in with the spices and balance it out perfectly. I have never tasted anything like this, It's just so unique and the flavours complement each other so, so well!

      ~ Other information ~
      Ingredients: water, sugar, tomato puree, tomatoes, barley malt vinegar, modified maize starch, salt, red scotch bonnet chilli, basil, allspice and bay leaf. So nothing too scary at all there which makes a nice change!
      Allergy advice: Contains barley gluten.

      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

      Typical values per 100g: 118 calories, 1.3g of protein, 28.0g carbs, 25.5g of sugar, 0.1g fat, 0.0g saturates, 0.7g fibre, 0.45g sodium. Yes there's a LOT of sugar and salt in it, but not many people actually have 100g of the sauce!

      ~ Overall opinion ~
      This sauce is so versatile! It can be used on anything you would use normal sauce on; burgers, mash, chicken, sandwiches, chips, tomato base for pizzas, rice, hot dogs...the list is endless! It really adds that extra something to your dish and can make a basic dish seem like it's really something! I would definitely recommend Levi roots reggae reggae sauce to anybody who wants to add a kick to their meals! Now I've started using it, I can't stop!

      I can't award Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce any less than 5 stars because I love it so much and I couldn't wish for any other addition my meals! Put some music in your food!


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        16.02.2012 18:49
        Very helpful



        I love this sauce!

        Levi Roots appeared on Dragons' Den in 2007. He has since released a range of food and drink products including cooking sauces, table sauces, ready meals and even juice drinks. The range has a Jamaican theme.

        ~Reggae Reggae Sauce~

        "Put some music in your food!"

        There are a few different flavoured Reggae Reggae table sauces available including Apple Tomato, Tomato Ketchup and Fiery Guava. Another flavour available is the Jerk/BBQ sauce.

        The Jerk/BBQ sauce contains a blend of BBQ sauce, Scotch bonnet chillies and Caribbean herbs. This sauce can be used as a table, dipping or cooking sauce. This sauce is suitable for vegetarians and is vegan friendly.


        This sauce can be bought in either a glass bottle with a screw top or a squeezy plastic bottle with a flip cap. I have the glass bottle which is very much like any other table sauce bottle. A brightly coloured label (showing the colours of the Jamaican flag) is wrapped around the bottle and various cooking and preparation ideas are noted on this label. Once opened, this sauce should be used up within 4 weeks.

        ~Ingredients and Nutrition~

        The ingredients list includes sugar, vinegar, tomato puree, various spices and herbs.

        100g of sauce has 132 calories, 27.6g of sugar and no saturated fat.

        ~Availability and Price~

        Reggae Reggae Jerk/BBQ Sauce is stocked in major supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. Expect to pay around £1.50 for a 310g glass bottle or £2.30 for a 490g squeeze bottle. I have spotted this sauce in B&Ms at around 99p.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Both myself and my fiance are fans of the Reggae Reggae range of products. I would say we have sampled around 90% of the range and have been impressed by how much more exciting we can make home cooked meals! That might sound pretty sad but when you aren't a very confident cook, it is nice to have something with a bit of flavour. We started off buying the cooking sauce in this particular flavour and fried it up with chicken before serving with rice. My fiance actually found this sauce to simply be too spicy. I could handle it though so I decided to buy the table sauce in this flavour and also the tomato flavour.

        The sauce has a very pourable yet substantial consistency. It has yet to clog in the bottle. The sauce looks like any other BBQ sauce but with flecks of chilli scattered throughout. Opening the bottle, I am treated to an extremely, spicy BBQ scent - very nose tingling and full of aromatic flavouring. I have used this sauce in various ways over the past few weeks but I would recommend only pouring a small amount out as this is stronger than any BBQ sauce I have ever used before.

        ~A Sauce For Many Meals~

        I usually have a dollop of tomato ketchup on my plate when I have chips, chicken etc. I alternate my ketchup with this BBQ sauce. This sauce makes the perfect dipping sauce and unlike ketchup, I don't feel the need to smother my chips in it. I keep leave a small blob at the side of my plate and simply smear a small amount onto my food - absolutely delicious but very overpowering if too much is used. The Jerk/BBQ sauce has an intense flavouring and is very, very hot. The chillies break up the smoothness of the sauce and the sauce is full of flavour. It is definitely more of a spicy BBQ flavouring than a smokey BBQ flavouring. It offers a sweet after taste which compliments the spiciness perfectly.

        I also use this sauce in place of relish on my burgers and it goes well with beef or chicken burgers. It is moist and goes down a treat but burns my mouth off - even in small doses. This sauce is simply perfect for topping chicken. I usually cook up a Birds Eye chicken breast and put some of this on top and a sprinkle of cheese - much more flavoursome than a Wetherspoons meal. It's amazing how much more appealing a meal can be with some sauce like this.

        I was surprised that this can be used as a cooking sauce. I fry up some chicken and pour just enough to coat the chicken and it tastes just as nice as the actual jar of sauce - lovely and sticky when cooked and even more aromatic. Nice with rice and potatoes as well.


        Whilst a little bit more expensive than Heinz sauces, my bottle of Reggae Reggae lasts longer as I only use a small amount each time. It keeps fresh if chilled in the fridge and has been a big hit with me. My fiance still finds this sauce too hot but I love really hot foods and have been impressed by the quality and flavour of this Jerk/BBQ sauce. It won't be to everyone's tastes but if you appreciate a hot BBQ sauce, this is for you.

        Overall 5 stars!

        Thanks for reading x


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          07.06.2010 21:17
          1 Comment



          I recommend everyone try this atleast once.

          Reggae Reggae sauce: BBQ Jerk and Apple table sauce.

          Reggae Reggae sauce is the invention of Levi Roots' grandmother. A blend of Jamaican ingredients including the famous scotch bonnet pepper made into a stunning table sauce designed to "put some soul back in to your food".
          For those who dont know who Levi Roots is, he is a celebrity chef and ambassador to caribbean food in the Uk. Made famous by appearing on the BBC hit show Dragons den, he has achieved great success in selling his sauce world wide.

          The Jerk table sauce is a favourite of mine and my younger brothers and sisters. It leaves a nice little spice in your mouth, but not to much.
          You can use it with almost anything including chips, rice, stir fry, spaghetti bolognese, pizza, salad, its great as a marinade or just a table sauce and of course use it with many meats, especially chicken.

          I like to cover chicken wings with the sauce and pop them in the oven or on the BBQ. It makes them lovely and sticky whilst giving a stunning spicey bbq taste.


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