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Napolina Tomato And Basil Sauce

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Brand: Napolina / Type: Sauce

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2013 20:55
      Very helpful



      Good tomato sauce

      I usually only ever eat store brand versions of tomato sauces as mentioned in previous reviews however recently I decided to try something with a bit more substance and a bit more 'taste' and so I bought a jar of Napolina Tomato and Basil Sauce. I have used their chopped tomato tins and often buy them if they are the product on offer that day, and have also tried their pastas too (although I tend to go for the cheapest store brand as pasta, is pasta to me). Having enjoyed them in the past I expected this to be of an equal quality to the ones I'd tried and I wasn't let down, it was indeed very good.

      The taste is very tomato-y and rich. It has a thick consistency so that you have to use more than with a more water-based product if you want to really cover whatever you're pouring it onto. Having been using a cheaper version for years now it was a nice surprise to actually eat a sauce with a more complex texture, the chopped basil is very obvious within the sauce, although at times I did feel like I was eating only this when I was near to finishing my meals. Unlike with the pasta sauce I usually try, which is the Morrison's brand version, there aren't large chunks of vegetables thrown in the mix which means that it has a more grainy than chunky texture. The aroma is very appealing and strong without being overpowering. It has quite a Mediterranean taste and smell. The name "Napolina" basically translates as Little Naples so it does feel quite authentically Italian particularly as the ingredients are very typically Italian.

      I pour this sauce straight over plain pasta as a quick and easy meal to have when I'm on the go. It makes the meal feel very hearty and filling. I must say that the taste is not at all plain or boring despite what some might expect from a jarred tomato sauce. Speaking of which the jar itself is very good at keeping in the flavour and smell. Its a lot more rigid than other products I've used and is also quite a bit thicker so that there is less chance of leaking. There is 335g which is plenty for just me and would also just about do for a large batch for the entire family. Like I said before however it does all come out quite quickly so its best to be a bit cautious with this as you can pour out too much in a big clump, and it doesn't go 'as far' as more watery products.

      I bought this for £2.00 which is only about 90p more than my usual 'cheap' version and so I thought this was very reasonable. The product was a lot less basic than the one I'm used to and I liked the varied and aromatic texture. Its available in most well named stores and so easy for me to buy as I don't frequent one store only.

      I would recommend this as it is a very tasty and filling sauce. While the consitency is a bit thick and paste like if you mix it in well enough this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The price is pretty good and you get a good amount with it, although again its not great if having to go a big way. The smell is really delicious and it has quite an authentic Italian feel to it. It makes a nice change.


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    • Product Details

      Napolina Tomato and Basil Sauce 350 g (Pack of 6)

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