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Napolina Tomato & Chilli Sauce

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Brand: Napolina / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      23.02.2013 01:23
      Very helpful



      A spicy little sauce that adds character to pasta and much more :~)

      ~~The Product ~ 'Enough Of Your Sauce'...what about Napolinas! :~)~~

      This product comes in a slim jar with a rather classy looking black label with two poppy red tomatoes, red and green pepper adorning the centre of the picture. The 'Napolina' title is in Bradley hand font that adds to the plush appearance of the product. The Italian flag like symbol is underneath the comments on flavour of the sauce.

      According to their heritage, the Napolini web site states, 'Napolina, with its distinctive logo based on the profile of Mount Vesuvius, has true Italian heritage. It was Naples businessman, Marino Iandiorio, who established the Napolina brand, when he bought his first tomato vines. He was so passionate about the quality of his produce that he formed Napolina - which literally translated means 'Little Naples'. Today, more than 40 years later, Napolina's famous tomatoes continue to be used as the essence of Italian cooking. Whether canned, sieved or crushed to create delicious peseta and rustica sauces, our tomato products use only the finest Italian tomatoes, picked at the peak of perfection from the sun-drenched Italian countryside. Our tomatoes are loved so much that we have grown to become the UK's number one tomato brand.' I include this statement as it involves the major ingredient in the product I am reviewing! http://www.napolina.com

      Out of those that are interested and/or have alergies the Ingredients as noted on the reverse of the label notes:

      Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice (51%) (with Firming Agent Calcium Chloride), Tomato Puree, Onions, Sugar, Cornflour, Red and Green Chillies (2%), Garlic Puree, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parsley, Salt, Lemon Juice, Spices, Colour (Paprika Extract).
      With Nutrition information as:

      Per 100g
      Energy 272kJ/ 64kcal
      Protein 1.9 g
      Carbohydrate 11.9 g
      Fat 1.0 g

      A real plus to this product is noted under the heading: 'Dietary Information', free from artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial preservatives.
      The recipe for this product is advertised as: 'NEW RECIPE. We believe the best tomatoes come from Italy. It's the perfect combination of the Mediterranean climate and fertile soil. A little patience too, so that the ripe fruit can bloom on the vine. Then, when the time is right, we take the best of the crop and add piquant chillies, garlic and parsley so that every jar is bursting with flavour'.
      Storage advice is as follows: 'Store in a cool dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated. Use within 2 days'.

      ~~My Usage Experience ~ 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers'!~~

      Well, I certainly wanted to put the company's claim to the test to see if I could really detect that they had used 'only the finest Italian tomatoes... picked at the peak of perfection'! I chose this brand as I have used countless of Napolini products before, such as the, 'pasta, olive oils, sauces, and pizzeria and... whole wheat pasta'.

      None of the aforementioned ever disappointed me, and I consider this range to be a top quality brand. But, would this particular product change that? I find prepared sauces a real practical help for those times I just don't feel like cooking or lack the time to prepare a meal from scratch. I wanted to get a meal onto plates within twenty minutes! Could I do a Nigellissima? :~D

      I boiled the kettle, popped two pots on the stove, slung. yes slung in a packet of pasta shapes, opened the screw top lid to the jar of sauce, poured it into the smaller pot, whipped some back bacon smoked rashers under a medium heated grill, grated some mature cheddar, crunched up some plain crisp, poured the boiled water onto the pasta, and I was ready to stir, 'ROCK' (as a dear member encourages!) turn and shuffle....oh, and see to the items being cooked! :~D

      When I first opened the lid to the sauce an amazing waft of spices hit my senses, predominantly paprika. I could definitely discern the garlic and rich tomato aroma. This was a very distinctive smell but a very captivating bouquet all the same. As I poured the thick gloopy ingredients into the pot, the sauce continued to emanate the delectable fragrances. Unfortunately, I had only purchased one jar, thinking this would be enough when mixed with passata and a tin of chopped tomatoes, both the latter were not to be found in the cupboard, umm no Nigella am I :~(

      I had used a whole 500gram of pasta shapes and now knew that the 350g jar was not going to cover the pasta! Anyway, undeterred, I continued preparing the remaining ingredients. I heated the sauce on low heat and stirred frequently to avoid the contents burning or sticking to the surface of the pot. It only takes moments to heat through so I only set the sauce on the heat as the pasta and bacon were almost cooked. I poured the pasta into large serving bowls, snipped the bacon into bite size pieces and stirred it into each dish. Poured over the sauce equally onto each portion of pasta, barely covering the food! Poured over the grated cheese, then sprinkled over the pieces of crisp, popped the heat proof dishes under the medium heated grill until the cheese had gently melted.

      The first thing I could smell, more characteristic than the tomatoes, as I scooped up a portion of the meal was the chilli peppers, although the mature cheddar has a strong distinctive smell, the peppers overwhelmed all other aromas! I adore chillies so I was not deterred, but the first taste had me reaching for the glass of water! The most dominant taste of the sauce are not the main ingredient of 51% tomatoes and tomato juice, it is the chillies. Of course, chillies will always be the most primary characteristic taste to a lesser strength spice, herb or vegetable or fruit, as tomatoes are, but wow, the 2% used hit my taste buds like a wasp sting! Maybe that's a little harsh, but it really is a pretty lively, spicy and tangy flavour that I didn't expect to be as sharp against the rest of the ingredients.

      Actually I almost finished my portion but along with a pint glass of water! Has this experience put me off buying the product again? No, not at all. I blame myself for the overpowering taste of the chillies. Had I included a couple of tins if chopped tomatoes, the chilli content would have been more diluted and much more palatable. As it was, the sauce was gorgeous, simply a little too intense to truly enjoy the meal to its fullness.

      ~~Would I Recommend? ~ This is getting Pasta joke! :~)~~

      Yes, but with a warning! Combine the jar of sauce with equal or more of another tomato but spice free dressing to dilute the more dominant ingredients in the Napolini sauce.

      This is a very versatile sauce and can be combined with an array of dishes. The Napolina web site has idea on recipes. But online there are many more excellent sites that provide wonderfully delicious recipes for such sauces as this one. The ingredients are wholesome and with the added bonus of this product being free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, it remains a firm favourite in my cupboard!

      The Napolina 350g Tomato & Chilli Sauce is currently priced £2.05 at Sainsbury's. But these sauces are frequently on offer and available at a wide range other grocery stores also.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this spicy little sauce :~)


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        10.06.2011 12:16
        Very helpful



        A tasty, low fat, low calories sauce

        I'm a great fan of quick and easy pasta dishes and I'm always on the look out for a reasonably priced pasta sauce. I usually buy the Tesco fresh pasta sauces and on occasion use the Lloyd Grossman range.
        However, whilst conducting my Tesco online shop approximately one month ago I spotted the Napolina pasta sauce range on special offer - buy one get one free at a cost of £2.00. This offer has now ended and the sauces have also increased in price by 5p!

        Fortunately, on my twice monthly trip to Farmfoods (one of the cheapest places to buy Quorn products), I noticed that they too sold the sauce and at the cheaper price of 99p, what a bargain! Cue another bulk buy!

        The 335g sauce is sold in a tall, clear, glass jar displaying the Napolina logo on the front with a selection of vegetables depicted below.
        The lid is easily screwed off to reveal a lovely tomatoey aroma, with the sauce itself a deep, rich, red colour.
        It is not a smooth sauce and contains lots of pulp making it quite thick in consistency it does however decant squite easily.

        There are no directions with regard to heating on the label. I generally warm the sauce through in a pan on the hob and then pour in my selected pasta, ensuring that it is thoroughly coated before serving.
        The sauce is extremely flavorsome and has a nice spicy bite. I love my foods very spicy and would say that this sauce is quite moderately spiced, it is a little too strong for my seven year old - I add chilli olive oil to my pasta adding a little more zing!

        My 60 year old mum has tried the sauce, she couldn't believe how hot it was 'My mouth was on fire',
        'I had to force myself to eat it'.
        I think that is something of a slight exaggeration although it does suggest that trying a jar before bulk buying would be a good idea.

        The sauce is relatively low in calories at 64 Kcal per 100g.
        Protein 1.9g
        Carbohydrate 11.9g
        Fat 1.09

        As well as using the sauce for pasta, I have also poured over chicken pieces and cooked in the oven for very tasty results.

        An excellent product, I will definitely be working my way through the rest of the range.


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