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New Covent Garden Pea & Ham Soup

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Type: Soups

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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2010 12:05
      Very helpful



      Well worth trying

      New Covent Garden Pea & Ham Soup

      Description: Food / Made with all natural ingredients.


      Anyone reading any of my earlier reviews will know by now that I am trying to lose a few pounds (well 5 to be exact) which I put on over the festive season. Because I work shifts, I often find myself snacking on the wrong things at the wrong times, so am trying to avoid this by eating sensible meals which fill me up and help me prevent snacking.

      I love to make my own soups, but often just don't have the time and so resort to buying ready made ones instead. The quality of these varies considerably, and I have always found that buying these New Covent Garden fresh soups is probably the best way to go. You can really taste the difference between these and tinned soups, making them feel more like a home made meal.

      I really like the New Covent Garden soup range and have tried lots of different varieties, though unfortunately, they are a little expensive at around £1.80 for a 600g carton. Supermarkets often have them on offer though and I managed to pick up a few recently for just £1 each. They usually have a decent shelf life (check carton for dates) and can usually be frozen so they are worth stocking up on while you can.

      The soups come in cardboard cartons which are designed so they can stand up in the fridge and can be heated on a hob or warmed in the microwave for around two minutes (stir halfway through heating)

      As you would expect, this soup is green and very substantial looking with loads of peas and chunks of ham floating around in there. It smells delicious too, and definitely makes you want to dig your spoon in and start eating.

      The taste and texture of the soup is really good, it is thick and filled with plenty of tender ham which complements the peas perfectly. It is also well seasoned so that I didn't need to add salt or pepper.

      If you are a fan of pea and ham soup then this is probably the best that you are going to get from a carton, it does a very good impression of being home made, and if it were served to me in a restaurant, I probably wouldn't know the difference!

      Ingredients are as follows:

      Water, potatoes, peas (21%), leeks, onions, ham (4%), smoked bacon, butter, salt

      Nutritional information per serving as follows;

      FAT - 4.8g

      SAT FAT - 2.1g

      SUGAR - 4.2g

      SALT - 1.5g

      CALORIES - 175


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      07.10.2009 22:18
      Very helpful




      I'm not really a big lover of soup, I much prefer something a bit more substantial. I don't usually find soups particularly filling and end up filling up on bread instead which isn't great when you're trying to diet, so for that reason I don't usually buy it. I only bought this because it was on offer in Sainsbury's; it's usually £1.99 per carton and they were only £1 (I think the current offer is 2 for £3).

      The soups come in cardboard cartons, which handily are microwaveable (and recyclable!). The cartons look similar to milk cartons and inform us that these soups are made from 100% natural ingredients, which makes me feel quite virtuous! Because it isn't filled to the brim with preservatives these soups are kept in the chiller rather than in tins with the traditional soup brands. The only negative about this is that the shelf life isn't as long, but that's not really a biggie. You can buy it in 600g or 300g cartons but the 600 ones work out more cost effective.

      As soon as you open these cartons you can smell the peas, which reassuringly smell like fresh peas, not the disgusting tinned version. The instructions recommend to stir the soup before bunging it in the microwave and already you can tell how thick it is. It's not like those watery tinned ones, it's really thick and full of bits.

      After it's been heated and you pour it into your bowl you can actually see whole peas and pieces of ham. The colour of soup is, as you'd expect, green and actually looks a lot more appetising than many pea and ham soups I've seen.

      As soon as you taste it you can tell the difference between this fresh soup and the preservative filled tinned versions. It actually tastes so fresh and yummy it could be homemade (although admittedly I'd struggle to make a soup that tastes this nice!) I personally don't find the need to season the soup, it's flavoursome enough. The taste of peas almost overwhelms the taste of the ham, but the meat adds a nice "bite" to the soups. The pieces of ham are quite large and thick and aren't chewy and revolting like in cheaper versions.

      £1.99 may seem a lot for a soup, it certainly did to me, but as soon as you taste it you can tell the difference in quality. As I said before, usually soups don't satisfy me but this one is completely satisfying and really feels like you have eaten a "proper meal". We get two large bowls out of one carton, so £1 each for a meal really isn't too bad for something of that quality.

      Covent Garden also do pasta sauces and risottos so they've also been added to my shopping list!

      Advantages -

      - Recyclable packaging
      - Tasty
      - All natural ingredients

      Disadvantages -

      - not the cheapest


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    • Product Details

      Made with all natural ingredients.

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