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New Covent Garden Vegetable Balti

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Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2009 16:11
      Very helpful



      A great ready made food which is good for you!

      One of the things I admire about The New Covent Garden Soup Company is the fact that they brought home made soup to the chiller cabinets before anyone else in 1987. Growing up in the 60s my gran, who lived with us, would always have a bowl of hot soup bubbling away in the kitchen, often ladened with pulses and containing little islands, the dumplings, around which would sail lovely boats of carrots, leeks and turnips.

      Nothing says home like a steaming bowl of warming soup but sometimes it is difficult to fit in the time to create it.
      I still make my own soup today, it doesn't take long and it's cheap and nutritious, but sometimes it's great to be able to buy the same home made taste when you are in a hurry. I think New Convent Garden Soups are perfect for these occasions, and are available in many chiller cabinets in good 2 portion size cartons.

      The ingredients in their soups are first class, and they always have a guest appearance soup to try which changes over the months. This month sees the arrival of Vegetable Balti, a spicy and chunky soup which is hearty and contains delicious vegetables with long grain rice and flavoured with coriander. This soup is suitable for vegetarians, and I bought mine from Somerfield where it is currently on offer at half price, so for £1.17 I enjoyed a great product for a very good value outlay.

      The origins of the word balti are very varied. Some say it refers to the geographical origins of the dish and others to the name of the thick bottomed pot it is made from. Either way the result is a lovely thick soup which provides a tasty and delicious meal with no bother at all!

      The soup can either be gently heated on the hob for 5 minutes or in the microwave (see carton for timings) and the result is a steaming bowl of soup, very reminiscent of minestrone in texture. It is crammed full of carrots, onions, and tomatoes, and the result is very tasty indeed. It was very filling, and I only needed a small slice of French bread to produce a substantial lunch. It is a mild to medium curry flavour, and certainly replicates the flavours of a balti perfectly, and the aromatic spices and flavours are perfectly combined to produce a really high quality soup that I really enjoyed.

      I suggested this to my dad who is mum's full time carer since she suffered a stroke, and he finds the soups really handy to serve to himself and mum when he is pushed for time and wants to make a nutritious and satisfying lunch. Being of the more mature generation he needed time to accept the possibility that these would be delicious, and he was actually easily convinced after he tried them, and now depends on these heavily for easy and tasty meals.

      It is possible to freeze the soups for up to a month so if you enjoy them you can certainly make use of this- especially good for the guest soups like this balti, which you could then enjoy for double the time.

      What I love about this balti soup is that it is only 1.3g fat per 100g and also half the carton only contains 126 calories, so it is really filling and good for the waistline too! The balti has been made with individual spices such as cumin, paprika, garam masala, cardamom etc, so that exactly the right taste has been created rather than just using curry powder, so it is a high quality product which has been put together with a lot of thought.

      Only around for a short time and soon to be replaced by the next one so try it now and I don't think it will disappoint.


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