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Oak Lane Silverskin Pickled Onions

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Brand: Oak Lane / Type: Pickles

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    2 Reviews
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      19.05.2009 13:52
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      Having never heard of Oak lane before, I took a gamble on these onions. I usually buy own brand or Haywards, but the 69p price tag looked reasonable and the packaging was subtle.
      The amount of onions that I could see in the jar was also quite appealing and al the onions lookedgood, with vinegar right up to the to of the jar, keeping them fresh.
      The seal on the jar was nice and tight, with a tamper proof seal button.
      Upon opening the jar I could see that the vinegar was nice and clear and there were onions right up to the top of the jar. They were packed in tightly, so I knew I was getting good value.
      The onions themselves were crisp and tangy with a delicious underlying sweetness. They had a succulent bite and the vnegar had penetrated them well, giving them a tang all the way through.

      There was not too much onion debris at the bottom of the jar, and the vineagar was so good that I kept hold of some for my chips.

      A good price, a sweet onion and a delicious vienegar


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        19.05.2009 11:18
        Very helpful



        Delicious pickled onions for just 69p.

        In Tesco last week I was after a jar of pickled onions but I was in one of the smaller stores and all the big name onions were out of stock, all that was left was various different types of Tesco picked onions and this jar from Oak Lane.

        Oak Lane is one of the Discounter Brands that Tesco have begun stocking and as I know from experience that I don't like any Tesco pickled onions I decided to squander my 69p on a total unknown.

        I'm impressed, so impressed that these will be the pickled onions I buy from now on. I didn't actually imagine these would be terribly good although I do like Silverskin onions so I was sure that at worse these 'would do'.

        They are very, very tasty though. The onions themselves are the same size as most Silverskin onions, with cheaper brands you sometimes get small sour onions or larger tasteless ones but Oak Lane have gotten the balance about right in relation to Heinz or Haywards.

        Biting one I was surprised at how crunchy these pickled onions are, they are not soft and soggy like many cheaper onions although I have noticed that several have opened a little which makes them seem a little softer than the rest in the jar.

        The vinegar that the onions have been soaked in is excellent in my opinion, the onions are not marketed as sweet but they do have a lovely sweetness which is neither too subtle nor too strong. I love the fact that I can actually taste a real onion flavour in this jar, something that doesn't always happen, and this indicates to me that the pickling vinegar used is of a good quality and while it has infused the small onions completely it allows the natural tartness of the onion itself to come through.

        Overall these pickled onions are delicious and well worth the 69p I paid for this 440g jar (drained weight is 225g), they have just the right level of tanginess which isn't enough to make my eyes water but just right for making my mouth water!

        Excellent and thoroughly recommended.


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