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Oak Lane Tomato Ketchup

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3 Reviews

Brand: Oak Lane / Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      28.01.2010 18:36
      Very helpful




      Another try from the Oak Lake brand from Tesco. This is sold in a 730ml bottle and it cost a bargain 66p. So this is larger and cheaper than Heinz.

      I wasn't expecing this to be the same class as Heinz, but we've had a few budget Tomato Sauces in the past and some of them taste pretty good.

      This is in a plastic squeezy bottle. Easy to get all the dregs out, and although it isn't stable when on it's lid, if you prop this up in the fridge for a bit then it all flows to the bottom. Nothing exciting about the plastic bottle, just a label stuck on the front and back.

      This Sauce is a bit runny, but you can get this a bit thicker if you leave this in the fridge until it has to be served. I also find it quite nice to dip a hot Chip into a cold Sauce.

      The taste of this is nice enough. You can taste the Tomatoes in this, but there is a mixture of vinegar and a bit seasoning as well. It isn't too strong a Tomato taste, but strong enough to not be overpowering.

      I would probably stick with Heinz as it is the best, and buy the biggest one to get the best price, but this does as a cheap substitute.


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      22.01.2010 22:02
      Very helpful



      Four stars form me - Great taste at a great price!

      I bought Oak Lane Tomato Sauce from Tesco for the very reasonable price of 69 pence this was for a 730g bottle.

      The ingredients are as follows -

      Tomato Purée, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Maize Starch, Salt, Rice Flour, Milk Sugar, Tomato Powder, Dextrose, Clove Extract, Citric Acid, Colour (Beetroot Powder), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder.

      The bottle also states that the sauce has been prepared with 157g of Tomatoes per 100g of product.

      The nutritional information is per tablespoon
      Calories: 15kcal
      Sugar: 2.9g
      Fat: trace
      Salt: 0.2g

      Usually I stick to buying Heinz Tomato Sauce or Branstons but on a recent shopping trip to Tesco I noticed a bottle of Oak Lane Tomato Sauce. I instantly saw that it was so much cheaper than the other brands. So after a bit of deliberating I decided for the price I would risk it and to be honest I was so glad that I did.

      Taste wise this tomato sauce stands up to be a great substitute for Heinz and other leading brand named sauces. The bottle is made of plastic so is very squeezeable and easy to pour. I prefer the plastic bottles as the sauce is so much easier to get onto your plate. The glass bottles are so annoying as I end up having to stick a knife into the bottle to get it to pour.

      As I squeezed the bottle and the sauce went onto my plate I discovered that the colour was a lovely deep red and looked very tasty. As I tasted it I found I wasn't disappointed, the sauce has a rich and deep tomato flavour. It managed to be very flavoursome without being overly sweet or salty. I would have to say they have got it spot on with the flavour.

      My one slightly negative point is that it is a little bit more runny than the other brands of tomato sauce. However it is not that runny that it is unappealing to the eye and it didn't put me off too much. So the only improvement would be to thicken up the consistancy of the sauce.

      Overall the taste is what matters and I cannot fault this sauce, for the price it is a complete bargain. I only wish that I had bought this product sooner. The money I would have saved would have come in handy.

      So on my next visit to Tesco I will be taking a chance with Oak Lane Mayonnaise and hopefully I will have the same luck with that product.

      Sometimes it does pay to try the cheaper product and I am glad I took the risk.


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        05.11.2009 18:16
        Very helpful



        A good discount brand ketchup

        As we are budgeting at the moment we have started to notice more different brands being added in Tesco as we don't just pick up the usual. I am pleased that we have noticed and indeed started trying them out as we have come across some really good bargains n the process and this is definitely one of them.

        Oak Lane is a new brand which Tesco have introduced and they have a little yellow label stuck on the products which claim to be 'Discount Brands at Tesco'.

        ~~THE BOTTLE~~

        The ketchup comes in a plastic bottle and is exactly the same as other shaped squeeze bottles. The bottle is clear so you can easily see how much of the ketchup is left inside. The front of the bottle has a red label with a picture of some tomatoes and the product name in white lettering. At the top of the this label is the oak Lane logo. Around the neck of the bottle is the discount brand label.

        The back of the bottle has a white label which contains all the info about he product including, nutritional info, ingredients, and a bit of additional info about the ketchup.

        On the top of the bottle there is a white flip lid which enables the ketchup to be easily squeezed out and then closed to keep the remaining ketchup fresh.

        ~~USE AND TASTE~~

        The ketchup is very easy to serve as you just have to lift the flip lid and tilt the bottle and squeeze. Before your first use you will have to unscrew the lid and remove the seal which covers the bottle but this is very easy to do. I do recommend that you shake the bottle before use to make sure that there is no runny water like stuff on top of the ketchup.

        The ketchup does have a great taste and for me is one of the best cheaper brands I have had for a good few years. There is a nice and not overpowering flavour which does actually taste of tomatoes. It is quite thick unlike other cheap brands which means it will not run all over you plate and run off the food which you have dipped into it.

        There is a smell to the ketchup which is apparent when flipping the lid. It is not too strong to put you off from the ketchup but it is very pleasant and it smells just like other ketchups. I think the closest I can describe it to is the one which you get from McDonalds. I think it also has a fruity edge to the smell as well.

        One problem which I have with the squeeze bottle is being able to get the ketchup from the bottom of the bottle. I have manage to overcome this problem by storing the ketchup upside down when it gets below the ¾ mark and this makes sure I can get as much and possibly out of it.


        I did not tell anyone when I first bought this ketchup as I wanted to see if any of my boys or hubby would notice. They did actually notice when I first gave it to them and commented how nice it was. We previously used Tesco's own brand but everyone in my house does prefer this one. I have now actually had to ration the ketchup and only allow it with chip meals as my eldest would have it on everything and about 3 servings in the process!


        The nutritional information about this ketchup is listed below for those who wish to know it.

        Values are for a 15g (tablespoon) serving of the ketchup

        Energy-15 Kcal
        Protein - 0.2g
        Carbohydrates - 3.5g
        Of which sugars - 2.9g
        Fat - trace
        Of which saturates - trace
        Fibre - 0.2g
        Sodium - 0.1g
        Salt equivalent - 0.2g

        The ingredients to this ketchup are:-

        Tomato Puree, Sugar, Spirit Vinegar, Maize Starch, Salt, Rice Flour, Milk Sugar, Tomato Powder, Dextrose, Clove Extract, Citric Acid, Colour (Beetroot Powder), Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Prepared with 157g of Tomatoes per 100g of product.

        This ketchup does contain milk and it cannot guarantee that it has been made n a nut free factory so I do advise caution if you suffer allergies to these two products.

        Once the ketchup- has been opened it must be stored in a cool and dry place and preferably refrigerated. It is advised that it is eaten within 6 weeks of the initial opening.


        As I shop in Tesco then this is where I got my bottle from and I am unsure if it is sold in other supermarkets. I doubt if it is as Tesco claim that Oak Lane are their new discount brand. The bottle comes in a 730g size which for me now I have rationed it lasts about 3 weeks. The bottle costs 68p which I feel is a great price.


        I really do arte this ketchup highly as it has a really great consistency, taste and smell and it is just so much cheaper than the leading brands. I think you should try and give it a go and save yourself a few pennies which can be spent on other things.


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