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Patak's Original Tandoori Curry Paste

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Type: Sauces

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    3 Reviews
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      20.06.2012 22:09



      A waste of money

      I have been a very satisfied customer of Patak's for many years, but they failed big time with this product. I can only think the customer review panel was made up of starving dogs.

      Seriously, I like curry. A lot. Like a lot of British lads I got through a lot of the stuff then learned how to make it for myself. Then, twenty years on, I opened this jar. For the first time ever, I have been defeated by a curry. Not because of heat, but by the nasty smell, appearance and taste.

      It looks like something you trod in, and smells as bad. As for taste, it is inedible. Tonight's dinner went in the bin.

      If you have this sauce in your cupboard, just throw it away.

      I can only hope there was something wrong with the jar I had. I would hate to thinkPatak's would ever produce anything this bad ever again. I only wish I could give this review zero stars.


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      28.12.2009 22:04
      Very helpful
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      Wicked Tandoori Paste That Is So Quick And Easy To Use You'll Be Surprised!

      I'm no good at cooking curries and stuff like that so last night when my dad mentioned that he fancied tandoori chicken I went into a bit of a panic because it was my turn to cook and I didn't have a clue where to start! lol

      I went to Morrisons and found a jar of Pataks Tandoori Paste, I remember a mate recommending the Pataks range ages ago so I picked a jar up and some chicken breasts.

      It's dead easy to use, you just spread it over the chicken breasts and leave it to marinade for a few hours. On the jar it recommends you leave it overnight but I only had 3 hours to spare so left it for that long, I wish I'd been able to leave it longer though because even though the finished meal was proper tasty the flavour hadn't sunk into the chicken as much as I would have liked it to.

      I cooked it at a lower temperature for longer than it said on the jar because the breasts I was using were thicker than usual. After it had cooked for half the time I scraped some of the paste off because I was worried that it would spoil the end result. I was right to do that actually because the piece of chicken that I ate had a bit of thick paste at the end and that made that bit mega spicy.

      Over all though this is a proper nice tandoori, it's classed as having a medium heat and I reckon that's about right. It's deffo got a kick to it but that's very easy to tone down if you make a mint yogurt sauce to go with it, this paste doesn't make the chicken so hot that you can't eat it without the dip but I liked having some on my plate so that I could cool down specific pieces of chicken. If that doesn't sound too weird! lol

      I did rice to go with our tandoori chicken but I think it would go just as well with noodles and a salad. THinking about it now I think if you did a chicken breast up with this paste and cut it into slices you could have it in a tortilla with mayo and cucumber.

      I think this is a very quick way to make a nice meal, why go to all the stress of getting spices together when you can just buy a jar of this for about £1.30 and do it all in one go.


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        19.05.2008 13:49
        Very helpful



        Try it

        I absolutely love Indian food especially the creamy curry dishes - but of course these lovely creamy dishes are high in fat and calories.

        I read an article in one of the sunday supplement magazines a few weeks ago that compared calories in takeaway food. There were suggestions, for those of watching our calorie intake, of Indian And Chinese meals that contained fewer calories and g's of fat. The suggested mealin the Indian category was Tandoori chicken.

        Tandoori chicken is chicken that has been marrinated in tandoori curry sauce rates on the hotness scale as medium. It contains, amongst other spices, ginger and tamarind.

        So, that Friday I ordered Tandoori chicken from my local takeaway with some plain rice. I thoroughly enjoyed it so thought I could maybe make this at home myself.

        I am familiar with the Pataks range and had tried plenty of their sauces over the years. I looked for their tandoori variety and came across a curry paste that I thought I would try - I remember paying just under £2.00 for a 312g jar (the jar is roughly the size of a tin or beans) I also bought my chicken and rice.

        There is a recipe on the jar for tandoori chicken wraps which does sound really tasty but I just fancied plain chicken tandoori. I hadn't made anything like this before but thought "how difficult can it be?" And it wasn't! The chicken was already in strips so all I did was spread some of the paste thinly all over the chicken and fry it with the tiniest amount of olive oil just to stop in sticking. I can't remember for how long, I suppose that would be to taste, I did mine until the outside of the chicken started to go a bit crispy. This was done on a medium to high heat. (I'm no chef)

        I bought some microwave rice, but only had half the packet due to the calorie content - god I get sick of counting calories. Anyway when the chicken was ready I dished it all up, it looked and smelt amazing,I couldn't wait to to tuck in.

        I was NOT disappointed. It tasted exactly the same as the bought in one but this time no bones. It was, as described, a medium hot spicey taste. Together with the rice it was quite filling and alltogether a really enjoyable meal. I don't know in total exactly how many calories there was in the whole meal but definately a load less than a creamy curry sauce.


        Water, Tamarind, Ginger, Salt, Coriander, Cumin, Garlic Powder Spices, Acetic Acid, Colours: (E163, E122, E129) Lactic Acid

        Nutritional Information

        Fat per 100 g 1.8g
        per serving 0.5g
        Of Which Saturates per 100 g 0.2g
        per serving 0.1g

        Fibre per 100 g 2.6g
        per serving 0.8g

        Sodium per 100 g 3.7g
        per serving 1.1g

        Sodium (mg) per 100 g 3700mg
        per serving 1100mg

        Energy per 100 g 446 kJ / 110 kcal
        per serving 140 kJ / 33 kcal

        Protein per 100 g 3.1g
        per serving 0.9g

        Carbohydrate per 100 g 20.4g
        per serving 6.1g
        Of Which Sugars per 100 g 13.6
        per serving 4.1g

        I don't think I used anywhere near the serving size of 30g on my portion.

        Product may contain traces of peanut or tree nuts.


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      • Product Details

        Tamarind and ginger.

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