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Patak's Pasanda Cooking Sauce

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2 Reviews
  • Easy to use.
  • Creamy and mild.
  • Contains nuts.
  • A bit expensive.
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    2 Reviews
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      25.06.2014 18:10
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use."
      • "Creamy and mild."
      • "Very tasty."


      • "Contains nuts."
      • "A bit expensive."

      Patak's Pleasing Pasanda Curry Sauce.

      I do enjoy a nice curry but I do prefer it to be a pleasant experience rather than a painful one so I tend to favour the gentler sauces as opposed to the those that your tonsils feel the need to ring for a fire engine. Patak''s Pasanda caught my eye a few weeks ago as it was on special offer in Morrisons, down from 2.49 pounds to 1.00 pound. For a 450g jar this appeared good value to me. Patak''s is a very reputable brand which has introduced many of us to the joys of curry. The jar has a colourful purple and gold label with a matching screw on lid with a safety button.The sauce is an pale sort of orange, fawn colour with just a hint of speckles from the spices. The label shows a bowl of tasty curry above which is written " A rich, creamy peanut and almond sauce with hints of cardamon." It''s heat rating is mild, indicated by one chili and it serves 4 people. There is an allergy warning for those of us who are sensitive to nuts, mustard and milk. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial colours or flavouring. The nutritional content based on quarter of a jar of an adults guideline daily amount is shown clearly on the front. More nurtitional information based on 100g appears on the back as does the ingredients. One thing to bear in mind in big letters is says. "Once Jar is Opened Use Immediately" Preparing it is so simple. The directions are given on the back of the jar but basically it is choose chicken or a mix of vegetables and prawns. (I used a large turkey breast), Patak''s recommend 4 chicken breasts for four people. Heat a little vegetable oil in a pan and seal and fry the diced chicken in the oil until the meat is browned and sealed and then add the jar of sauce and simmer for 15 minutes. Mine bubbled along happily in the pan with the lid on and gave off a lovely smell. The result is a smooth creamy curry with a hint of sweetness and nuts, mild and extremely tasty. The amount of sauce is generous and does 4 hungry people and was of a good, thick consistency. I served it with rice and added some mushrooms to the sauce and every drop was gobbled up, a great success. My Opinion. Mild but not feeble, it was just what we wanted and I was happy to get it for such a good price. It can be dressed up by adding some other veg and flaked almonds. Served with bread such as naan or pappadums and some Patak''s chutney, you have a real Indian feast. A bit too expensive at full price but if it is on special offer again I shall buy a few jars as it has a long best before date. My bottle was best before November 2015.


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      29.06.2010 23:23
      Very helpful



      Yummy, yummy, yum...yum!

      Since I have moved into my new flat and moved very close to where my best friends live I always seem to have visitors. I'm not complaining I love feeding people, however with moving I'm permanently running about trying to buy new things and get them delivered etc and barely get a chance to sit down let alone to create a culinary masterpiece at short notice lol.

      I love cooking up dishes from scratch but more often than not people say they are coming and I think oh I better cook something up but don't have a whole heap of time to do it in which is why I have a cupboard dedicated at the moment to cook in sauces and this is one I purchased the other day in Asda costing £1.31 a jar and I really did fancy it as I love mild and creamy Indian curries!

      The Packaging:

      500g glass jar that has a pinky/purple metallic lid to the top of it which simply screws on/off. On the front of the jar I am told that it is Patak's Original Pasanda 'A rich, creamy peanut and almond sauce with a hint of cardamom' and that it is mild in flavour (has a one chilli rating) and that it serves 4 people and there is an at a glance nutritional chart there. On the back of the jar other information listed includes being given a recipe idea, ingredients are listed as is allergy advice, there is a full nutritional chart given, the size is stated and contact details for AB World Foods (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice easy to open jar this is and it's informative enough of course.

      The Sauce:

      The sauce is a light yellow sort of colour and thick but smooth in texture. You have to really shake the jar to get it out or dig it out but it does melt through heating rather alot though it doesn't become too runny.

      All you do with this is add it to any ingredients you wish to use after frying them off first and let it simmer for about 15 minutes on the hob.

      You can of course use chicken (like I did and I used onions as well) or you can use any meat, fish and/or vegetables you desire! (This is suitable for Vegetarians by the way).

      Once cooked through the curry looks light yellow and all ingredients get really covered by the sauce and it gives off a really nice cream and cardamom aroma.

      Taste wise I really did love this sauce! It has a creamy and yogurty light taste to it mixed with a slight taste of peanuts (though they are ground so only add flavour and not texture to the smooth sauce) and I could detect a slight taste of ginger, garlic and cardamom too. It's very creamy tasting though not oily and is slightly sweet in a very natural way.

      This makes 4 very generous portions of a pasanda curry. It's a big jar of sauce and the variations you can make are almost endless! Both myself and my friends thoroughly enjoyed this mild but very tasty curry loads! Thumbs up to Patak's for this one...it's pure and simply a quality sauce!

      Nutritional Information Per 1/4 Jar:

      Calories: 149
      Sugar: 6.8g
      Fat: 10.0g
      Saturates: 3.9g
      Salt: 0.9g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc costing about £1.31 a jar.


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