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Pataks Korma Curry paste - Coconut and Coriander

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Brand: Pataks / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2009 15:57
      Very helpful



      Makes a bog standard home made curry something special!

      I find this an invaluable addition to my fridge (you need to refrigerate after opening) and use it weekly to make amazing curries.

      Vegetable Oil
      Desiccated Coconut (10%)
      Concentrated Tomato Puree
      Coriander (4%)
      Onion Powder
      Acetic Acid
      Maize Flour
      Spices (Contains Mustard)
      Lactic Acid
      Dried Coriander Leaf

      I have started with ingredients as I initially worried over the ingredient 'lactic acid' wondering whether it was from milk and therefore not vegan. However, research into its manufacture revealed that:

      'Although it can be fermented from lactose (milk sugar), most commercially used lactic acid is derived by using bacteria such as Bacillus acidilacti, Lactobacillus delbueckii or Lactobacillus bulgaricus to ferment carbohydrates from nondairy sources such as cornstarch, potatoes and molasses. Thus, although it is commonly known as "milk acid", products claiming to be vegan do sometimes feature lactic acid as an ingredient.'

      Lactic acid most commonly comes from beets as this is the most cost effective source.

      Thank you 'Yahoo Answers'.

      Having cleared that up and declaring the product vegan I get to the bit where I tell you how good it is.

      Better Than Gordon Ramsey's Dinner

      Oh yes it was. I watched an episode of that tv programme where he and a celebrity have a 'cook off'. He went head to head with Jo Brand both of them making a curry. She used a Pataks sauce and WON! Great cheers. She just splodged it in with some basic ingredients and the good people in the restaurant voted for her dinner.

      Used By Jamie Oliver

      Also endorsed by health campaigner Jamie Oliver - he uses this sauce in his recipe book!


      This paste is currently £1.51 at Tesco.


      The jar is distinctive with its blue and pinkish label and purple lid. The glass even has Pataks printed in it. This annoys me slightly as I can't use them for jam making once clean.

      I never use it all in one go; as a rule 1 jar lasts me for 3 curries. It stores well in the fridge. I have never seen a mouldy jar and just use it until it is gone.


      The paste is brown, thick and oily. It is quite granular and needs to be removed from the jar with a spoon. It looks like truly authentic Asian spices cooked in oil and smells like you have walked into a rather excellent Indian restaurant.

      Using The Paste (including most excellent recipe)

      The paste is added to some onions which have been cooked until translucent and heated through. At this point, you can smell the spices really starting to infuse. The coconut gives it a slightly sweet taste which I love and the coriander is hinted at here to. I write 'hinted' because corianrder is a very specific taste and smell that many people either love or loathe. The coriander in this paste is subtle. (Occasionally, I add a little extra dried coriander 1tsp, cumin half tsp, tumeric half tsp,and cinnamon quarter tsp at this point if I am feeling like I wish to customise my curry). It is then time to add garlic and other ingredients and cook unyil soft; I like to add chick peas, butternut squash and some sweet red peppers. Five minutes before serving, I add a sliced banana to increase the sweetness and give it an even thicker texture.

      This is a very delicious curry and everyone I serve it to compliments me hugely and scoffs every morsel whether they are vegans or not. I have even been eating leftovers in the Staff room and students have come in and said, "What's that lovely smell?"

      To Conclude

      The paste makes a full, rounded tasting curry. It is labelled as mild - and this is just right for my palate as I prefer taste over burning sensation on my lips and mouth. The taste is in no way wishy-washy as 'mild' might suggest. I find the 'medium' Patak pastes to be too hot for me so I think this is a good starting point to investigate the scrummy world of Pataks Pastes.


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        15.06.2009 17:54
        Very helpful



        A great store cupboard item for any korma!

        Since neither hubby nor I are huge fans of indian cuisine, I had never even glanced at the range of indian style sauces or ingredients offered in my local tesco, up until Jamie Oliver's ministry of food cook book came out, and I received it as a Christmas pressie.

        Although I don't like hot hot food, I had bought the odd curry sauce before, when dinner ideas were becoming depleted, but had only ever tried a korma whilst out for a friends birthday.

        Jamie Oliver, in his book, creates his own mild chicken korma, and uses Patak's Curry Paste - Coconut and Coriander, as a main ingredients along with 10% coconut milk. Now, I love coconut, so adding a paste with coconut appealed all the more.

        This 290g jar of korma paste comes with the statement that it is mild, and is currently selling in Tesco for £1.36, which I deem as pretty good value for money since I can usually get two night's dinners out of this single jar, and it will keep up to 6 months in a fridge.

        The major ingredients in this Korma paste are water, dessicated coconut, concentrated tomato puree, ginger, garlic, corainder, cumin, tumeric and paprika, as well as other spices.

        In terms of nutritional value, this product, per 33g serving has 100 calories, and 8.7g of fat, so not the healthiest of products, but then it is a korma after all.

        As soon as you open the lid of this product, the smell of coconut hits you as well as a general sweet korma smell. The product, as you can see from the picture, is an orange/brown colour and is quite smooth in texture. I find this paste very easy to get out of the jar, and it isn't too sticky. It glides off the spoon easily into my korma, and mixes well with the coconut milk, giving an instantly thicker Korma sauce.

        I unfortunately cannot compare this to any other korma sauce or paste since I have only ever tried the dish at a restaurant, but this paste certainly makes my meal resemble the look and flavour of the lovely one that I had out previously. Both the smell and taste are mild and sweet.

        On the jar, Patak's give their own chicken korma recipe, however I have not tried this as yet. Patak's also suggest using their range of curry pastes to create a marinate, ideal for summer barbequing.

        All in all, for the price, and for the fact that I can use this not just the once, but for a second dinner as well, I think this Patak's paste is excellent value for money. Ths taste and smell are delicious, and it certainly helps make a great creamy chicken korma, that is mild - just to my liking. Having the coconut and coriander in it gives the taste an added extra. This has become so popular in out house, that hubby who previously had never had a korma, now requests it almost every week.


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