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Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself Mediterranean Tomato Soup

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Soups

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2010 18:08
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      I buy these because they make for a simple midday meal. Cheap, quick and easy not only do they stop any slight stomach grumblings they also get rid of continual comments about not having any dinner when I'm away from home.

      Usually I stay well away from low fat products which are supposed to be better for you. The majority of the time I've found them bland but as Sainsburys normal cup of soups are pretty disgusting I thought I'd give the 'Be good to yourself' range a go. Also the picture on the front of the box looked a lot more appetizing.

      For 62p you get 4 sachets containing 16.5g of the powdered soup. Personally I thought this was a reasonably good price especially as neighbouring it was an Ainsley Harriot brand for £1.12. The packaging tells you to pour in 200ml of water but it naturally depends on the cup size and if you really want to measure how much liquid you use.

      The taste is obviously a tomato flavour but it isn't too sweet which is what I had initially expected. You also have a combination of dried mixed herbs-oregano, basil, marjoram (unknown to me), sage, thyme and parsley-but it's really the oregano which you're getting the most of. I like the taste so it doesn't bother me but it might be too overpowering for some people. Either way it compliments the tomato flavour without killing it completely. It also includes small noodles, enough to give it a bit of a bite but not too much that they end up staying at the bottom of your cup.

      You do have to stir continually when adding the water as the pasta strands make the powder clump together. Meaning you could be left with lumps of tomato and noodle. Something which could easily spoil it. Just like quite a few powdered soups it is the inability to completely dissolve which is the only disadvantage.

      Suitable for vegetarians a 16.5g sachet has 53 calories, 1.5g protein, 10.4g carbohydrate of which sugars are 4.3g of which starch is 6.1g, 0.6g fat of which saturates are 0.2g, 1.3g fibre, 0.98g salt of which sodium is 0.39g.

      With all this in mind I think that these are the nicest cup of soups that I've tried. With less than 1g of fat and salt the taste is still there which hasn't been overpowered with sugar to compensate. Within minutes you can have it ready to eat without any fuss or mess. I couldn't say that it would fill you up but it will keep you going for a bit. For 62p from Sainsburys I don't think you can go wrong.


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