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Sainsbury's Carbonara Sauce

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      19.04.2010 20:40
      Very helpful
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      Handy, easy meal solution

      This is one of Sainsbury's fresh pasta sauce pots. In other words it does have a sell by date that runs into days rather than weeks. As a fresh sauce it is therefore much more tasty than something filled with too much preservatives and other chemicals, in my opinion.

      The carbonara sauce is creamy to the taste and of a nice thick consistency, it plops out of the pot in one go and more or less remains in its shape until stirred - that's how thick it is. However, when heated and stirred it does become more liquid.

      There is a nice amount of quite thick chunks of bacon inside and none of it is the fatty stuff. There is also black flecks of pepper. Sometimes I find this sauce to be a bit too peppery, but not very often. It's not cheesey in the traditional sense but definately in the Italian sense.

      The sauce comes in a 350g plastic pot. This has a peel off lid which is easy to open. A word of warning - the plastic breaks easily on dropping - I speak from experience - keep away from husbands and teenagers!

      Some of my favourite things to do with sauce are:
      1. Fry chicken chunks and bacon, add sauce, serve with tagliatelli
      2. Serve with Sainsburys fresh pasta pockets filled with cheese and ham
      3. Fry leeks, add chopped ham and sauce, serve with rice and grated cheese

      Each pot contains 458 calories and I managed to get it to serve a family of five, but if you have big eaters it will probably do less.

      The pot can be mircowaved. The sauce needs to be kept in a fridge before cooking.


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        29.01.2009 03:59
        Very helpful





        As a big fan of Pasta I like to use a variety of different combinations to use with the Pasta and of course Carbonara Sauce is one of the most common things you can add to Pasta and there are hundreds of different Pasta and Carbonara combinations you will find in your local supermarkets and you will also find Carbonara at many restaurants aswell. For anyone who does not know Carbonara, It's a sauce containing Smoked Bacon and Cheese and will go well with a variety of different Pasta.

        As you can see by the picture on this page, Sainsbury's Carbonara Sauce comes in an Orange tub with italian written to show it's part of the supermarkets Italian range. It also features the usual Sainsbury's pie chart showing the nutritional information of the sauce. It also shows all the fresh ingredients which go into making the sauce.

        **Sainsbury's Carbonara Sauce.

        As I mentioned in my Introduction Carbonara Sauce contains Smoked Bacon and Cheese and is one of the most common items to compliment Pasta. The good thing about the sauce is it is very quick and easy to use as you just need to stick it in the Microwave for a few minutes or stir it into the Pasta once your Pasta is nearly ready. Give it a good stir and mix it with the Pasta and it is ready to serve.

        The 600g tub will give you atleast four servings and will keep in the fridge for a few days after the first use. This means that you only need to heat up the amount of sauce you are actually going to use with the Pasta instead of having to throw away the tube with some sauce still in there. You can also freeze the sauce if you have not used the tub yet but I recommend using the sauce after no more than a couple of days in the fridge as then it will start to loose it's freshness and best taste in my opinion.

        **The Taste**

        So now onto the most important thing, How does it taste? and luckily this is a fine part of the Sainsbury's Carbonara Sauce As it works extremely well With a number of different varieties of Pasta and the mix of the Bacon and Creamy Cheese is up there with the best Pasta Sauce I have ever tasted. It can taste a little rich if you have too much with your Pasta but with a decent amount of the sauce you will be rewarded with a Pasta and sauce combination that you could quite easily pay £10 for in a Restaurant.

        The Sauce will give a slightly different Taste with different Pastas and is most used with Spaghetti according to Sainsburys but I have yet to use the sauce with a Pasta that didnt compliment the sauce and that the sauce didnt compliment too.

        Water; Single Cream* (16%); Whole Cows' Milk; Smoked Bacon (10%); Medium Fat Hard Cheese* (6%); Double Cream* (5%); Grana Padano Cheese* (3%) (contains egg); Cornflour; Mascarpone Cheese*; Garlic Purée; Black Pepper.Smoked Bacon contains: Pork, Water, Salt, Glucose Syrup, Stabilisers: Di-, Tri- and Polyphosphates; Preservative: Sodium Nitrite; Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate.* From Cows' Milk.

        Per 100g Per 1/4 pot % based on GDA for adult
        Energy 494kJ 741kJ -
        119kcal 178kcal 8.9%
        Protein 5.4g 8.1g 18.0%
        Carbohydrate 3.4g 5.1g 2.2%
        Sugars 1.4g 2.1g 2.3%
        Starch 2.0g 3.0g -
        Fat 9.3g 14.0g 20.0%
        Saturates 5.6g 8.4g 42.0%
        Mono unsaturates 2.9g 4.4g -
        Polyunsaturates 0.4g 0.6g -
        Fibre 0.9g 1.4g 5.8%
        Salt 0.45g 0.68g 11.3%
        Sodium 0.18g 0.27g 11.3%


        I have tried a few different Pasta Sauces and this is one that I keep coming back to as it suits a variety of different Pasta's and has a lovely rich and creamy taste. Make sure the sauce is cooked properly and you will be rewarded with a very nice sauce indeed. Another great Sainsbury's own product and in my opinion Tesco and Sainsbury's have superb Italian ranges.


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