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Sainsbury's Fresh Mint Sauce

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Sauces

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 02:11
      Very helpful



      a little goes a long long way.

      Sainsbury's Fresh mint sauce.

      This comes in a glass jar and costs just under 70pence, it is in an easy to open jar and has a button on the top to show you that it has not been tampered with.

      It has a green label and contains 300grams of Mint sauce.

      I do like this sauce because it tastes sweet, minty and slightly vinegary too.

      The contents inside are easy to spooon out, i do add a little extra vinegar to mine as thats just the way that I like it to be. Its a really versatile sauce and you can use with a lot of different meat, although the preferred meat to serve this with is with lamb, I brought some lamb chops the other day and they had a moroccon coating on them, served with mash potatoes and also vegtables green beans and corn on the cob, and i added a dollop of this sauce on the side of the plate too, its really nice.

      Ingredients : water, acetic acid, glucose-fructose syrup mint, salt, stablisers, and some artificial colour.

      The taste of this mint sauce is great and I also like to have this when eating sasages just what i like, and it is a great sauce to have when cooking a roast leg of lamb and serving this in a little glass dish with a silver spoon like i do at the dining table makes for a nice little extra.

      I also love the taste of this mint when i have cooked fresh new potatoes, it helps to enhance the taste of the potatoes, and it is great with anything really if you like mint sauce this is the one I would recommend to you.

      Available at Sainsbury's in their pickles and sauces isle, it is a great addition to any lamb meal.

      It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians too.

      I really like this sauce and it is always an extra sauce that you can afford because a little goes a long long way.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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        20.03.2010 19:12
        Very helpful




        I love mint sauce. I love it on lamb of course but also love a bit splattered on my new potatoes and even use the stuff when I'm making a curry to make a minty yogurt dressing. Versatile? I find that with mint sauce for sure!

        The Packaging:

        Glass jar with a screw on/off black lid to the top of it which has a gold button type thing to the top of making it tamper proof as, as soon as it gets open that button pops up slightly and on that the best before date is clearly shown. Around the jar it has a dark and light green label and on the front of that label I'm told that it is Sainsbury's Mint Sauce, that it is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown, the size is stated (which in this case is 300g) and there is picture of some mint leaves on there. Other information stated on the jar includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed as are storage details and a full nutritional value chart and contact details for Sainsbury's are listed too. Nice enough jar and it's informative enough and once opened the product, if kept refrigerated will stay fresh for about 6 Weeks so it lasts for ages too!

        The Mint Sauce Itself:

        Open the jar and you get a real waft of slightly sweet mint. This of course is dried mint which is you'd expect a dark green in colour and blended with malt vinegar and sugar. It isn't too thick a sauce so you can see the 'juice' so to speak though of and you can gently take out the mint on a spoon or whatever and drain that eccess liquid away if you desire.

        You can of course mix this with more vinegar and sugar if you want to but I find I have no need to do that with this at all. There is loads of mint packed into this which tastes rather fresh considering it is dried, it is sweet enough in a natural way and tangy and slightly sour due to the generous amount of malt vinegar it possesses.

        This is really nice and tangy and I actually really like this one. I find the balance between sweet and sour to be really pleasing and I like the way I can have this as a slightly runny sauce or more stodgy if I prefer. It's really lovely this one and a bargain at only 69p for my sized jar (300g) or £1.49 for a 275g jar size.

        Nutritional Information Per 10g Serving:

        Calories: 10
        Fat: Trace
        Saturated Fat: Trace
        Salt: 0.1g
        Totals sugars: 2.1g

        Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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