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Sainsbury's Gherkins In Sweet Vinegar

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Pickles

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2010 16:17



      Lovely gherkins

      I love the odd gherkin, especially with a sandwich, and these are really great.

      They are sainsburys own brand and they cost 95p for a 675g jar.

      I would say the actual gherkins are averagely sized, you always get varied sizes in a jar, but these are all a good old size.

      The taste of these gherkins is brilliant, as they are in sweet vinegar they aren't as tangy as others, but they still have a bit of that lovely twang to them.

      The ingredients are listed as: Gherkins, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Mustard Seeds, Onion, Dill, Firming Agent: Calcium Chloride; Red Pepper, Natural Flavouring.
      I think most of the ingredients are to do with the vinegar but they don't change the taste too much.

      The best thing about these gherkins, is that no matter how long you have left them in the fridge for (as long as their not past the best before date) they stay really crunchy. I have had some gherkins that are really soggy and wet in texture and it really puts me off, but these stay really crunchy for ages.

      Another good thing is that the top of the jar is pretty wide, so its easier to get them out, sometimes with the small openings I find it a bit hard to manoeuvre a fork or my fingers, especially while trying to fish a giant gherkin out, so I find that reall handy.

      If you like crunchy gherkins I would give these a go, as they are a great price and stay crunchy for ages.


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      23.09.2009 02:42
      Very helpful



      only 13 calories per 40g serving.


      When i was younger i used to work after school, and sometimes on the weekends, at my local Fish and Chip Shop, im speaking abour the age of fourteen fifteen, to earn a little extra money for myself and my family.

      I can remember mike Read (deceased) now coming into the shop, on a trip to my area and buying two middle skates, and one portion of chips, and what i knew then as a wally, (Gherkin) and i used to get a tip every time.

      When i worked there on a friday night i would always get whatever i wanted to eat with chips, on a nice clean plate out the back i sat at a table and chairs, and i always ate a Gherkin too.

      So thats why ive always been a fan of these gherkins.

      The Ones im reviewing are Sainsbury's Gherkins and they cost £1.19p for quite a large jar full 980 grams to be exact.

      This Jar has a screw on screw off lid, and comes pretty much full to the top of Gherkins, they come in a sweet vinegar, and i think that they taste good as Gherkins go.

      The Taste **********

      Well they taste good and crunchy, and i have not had any of these that are bad, they also have in the vinegar, little mustard seeds, pieces floating in the vinegar of peppers, Red ones, and onion pieces, this only helps add to the overall flavour which is just great, if you like Dill Cucumbers then you will like to be trying these ones, if you dont like them then you wont.

      They contain Gherkins, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Firming Agents and a bit of Flavouring.

      I like Gherkins with a plate of anything and chips.
      In a sandwich.
      On the side of a plate, when eating salad.

      I also keep the vinegar thats left in the jar to use for cooking, or on my chips, yummy.

      I really liked these Gherkins, they were great, nice and crunchy and didnt have that awfull overpowering flavour of too strong vinegar like some brands have.

      I really liked them and will recommend them to you.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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