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Sainsbury's Horseradish Sauce

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Sauces

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2009 00:19
      Very helpful



      An ok horseradish sauce

      Who can eat beef without horseradish sauce? Not me! If my Mum makes my favourite Sunday lunch ( roast beef and all the trimmings) and for some reason there isn't a good amount of horseradish sauce in the cupboard or on the odd occasion we have run out then I'm really gutted. It ruins my dinner but I am a saucy person so I'm lost without this!

      The Packaging...

      185g see through glass, round jar with a shiny black plastic lid you simply twist on and off to open and close it. On that the best before date is stamped on in black and there is an integrated gold button so that when you first open it that pops out to let you know it has been tampered with or used. On the front there is a beige and brown sticky label covering to the sides. On the front I'm told it's Sainsbury's Horseradish Sauce, made with fresh horseradish and there is a picture to the bottom of the label of a horseradish. There is an at a glance nutritional pie chart, I'm told it's vegetarian, the weight (as I've told you already) and where I can find the best before date is on there. I'm then told it is a 'Traditional accompaniment to Roast Beef, Cooked Meats & Smoked Fish', that it's suitable for Coeliacs, contact details for Sainsbury's are given, ingredients are listed, full nutritional information, allergy advice and information on how to store it (once opened store in the fridge and consume within a month) and finally there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough jar, I like being able to see the product through the glass so I can see when it needs replacing etc and there is enough information on there to make an informed decision as to whether is suits your needs or not.

      Eating It....

      Well as we are are told it's suitable for meats and fish and although I'm not vegetarian I'm sure if you liked it you could find stuff to bung this on to! Of course it can be used in cookery and in lots of different ways to!

      The sauce looks quite like creamed rice pudding in it's appearance and is a beige in colour. It has a rather vinegary smell to it that isn't all that pleasant but saying that to me horseradish sauce never smells that wonderful anyway! It's quite runny so if you tip the pot it would pour out easy enough but it really isn't like water either it's just not as thick as alot I have seen over the years. The horseradish within the sauce is plentiful. It's chippped into small pieces that make the overall appearance of the sauce slightly lumpy and textured but once in the mouth it's rather smooth.

      This is really highly flavoured. It isn't mild in taste and my family moan it's actually to hot for their taste buds and not blended and smooth enough for them so really I'm the only one that touches this one.

      Taste wise it's distinctly horseradish sauce. The lumps melt in the mouth quickly as they are small and not only can you taste the horseradish pieces you can feel the difference on the tongue with the turnip (which this contains too). This as suspected when looking at the list of ingredients does contain spirit vinegar and once again you can really taste that mixed with a small amount of sugar so you have a slight mix of sweet and sour on the palette.

      It's creamy tasting but has a hotness to it so in my view you don't need loads of this on food at all. Once on your dinner it doesn't smell bad like it did in the jar and for me it's a nice hot accompaniment. If you prefer a calmer horseradish sauce I'd stick with Coleman's and the likes as there is a difference in quality and flavour. This isn't so thick or well blended, it has more vinegar in it and as I have said to me, is alot hotter.

      Overall I really do like this but isn't (in my opinion) as good as some of the leading brands offerings. It's a cheaper alternative and you can taste that within it a bit but it really isn't bad and if it's all that's on offer in my house I will happily eat it rather than go without full stop!

      Only available in Sainsbury's priced at 68p a jar.


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